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Stan Titanium M6 Bolt

Product code: 11936

From £3.33 to £4.58

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Stan Titanium M6 Bolt

M6 x 15 (Countersunk Head with Torx fitting)
M6 x 18 (V1 Cap Head)
M6 x 18 (V2 Cap Head)
M6 x 20 (V1 Cap Head)
M6 x 20 (V2 Cap Head)
M6 x 25 (Cap Head)
M6 x 30 (Cap Head)
M6 x 35 (Cap Head)
M6 x 35 (Countersunk Head, Torx Fitting)

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Pimp titanium M6 bolts from Stan!

- Superlight titanium upgrade M6 bolts from Stan, constructed from 6Al-4V titanium alloy.
- These are cap head bolts (not taper head as in the photos - Stan have now changed the spec) which require a 5mm allen key, except where stated.
- Great quality ensures a good allen key fit.
- Anodised rainbow finish looks great! Please note: Due to the way rainbow parts are anodised, their precise colour patterns may vary slightly.
- Sold individually, in a range of sizes. For potential applications, please see 'Additional Information' box.
- Weight: M6 x 18 - 3.0g. M6 x 20 - 3.2g. M6 x 25 - 3.6g. M6 x 30 - 4.6g. M6 x 35 Countersunk - 4.0g.

Please note that titanium anodising is different to aluminium, in that it is a surface coating rather than a dyeing process. Due to this, it is less durable and can fade / wear off after repeated rubbing.

Always use a good quality allen key when fitting this item and apply copper grease to the threads before installation. Do not overtighten.

Potential Application

M6 x 15
- Bashplates, due to countersunk head. Please note these require Torx key to fit.

M6 x 18
- Stem clamp bolts (both handlebar and steerer tube) for stems including Echo, Trialtech Race and Onza - please enquire if you are unsure if they will fit
- Disc brake caliper bolts
- V-Brake pivot bolts

M6 x 20
- Stem clamp bolts (both handlebar and steerer tube) for stems including Echo, Trialtech Race and Onza - please enquire if you are unsure if they will fit
- Axle bolts for most sealed bearing, front hubs.
- Disc brake caliper bolts

M6 x 25
- Axle bolts for most sealed bearing, fixed rear hubs.
- Disc brake caliper bolts for frames with extra wide disc tabs

M6 x 30
- Axle bolts for most sealed bearing, fixed rear hubs.
- Top cap bolts for headsets.

M6 x 35 Countersunk
- Top cap bolts for headsets using countersunk bored top caps.
- Bashplate bolts (when cut down).

Additional Information

All bolt heads are V1 style head unless specified. V2 simply has extra machining to remove weight.


Gavin Watt

What length do I need for holding a Magura mt6 caliper to a Hope adaptor? I have 18's but they are slightly too long and would rather not use washers and be able to use the 18's for the mtb. Would the M6 X 10 be too short?

Posted by Gavin Watt

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Gavin - Either M6x16 or M6x18 tend to be best, depending on the frame/fork mount. We would always recommend having too much thread rather than too little - M6x10 would be quite risky in that sense as you'll be getting relatively little thread contact. If you don't want to use spacers you can just trim the bolts down slightly. Screw a nut onto the bolt before cutting it down, then you can then unscrew the nut off the bolt and it should clean up the threads again once you've cut it down. You can also file the tip a little to help make it easier to start the bolt off in the adaptor too, by removing any little burrs or similar. Thanks, Mark


Hi Guys ! I want to change the wheel-bolts on my 2014 Inspired Element. I would like to know if the M6 x 25 are the correct once to get. Also, does it make any difference whether I get the Taper Head or the Cap Head ? Thanks in advance, Patrick.

Posted by Patrick

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Patrick - Yes, M6 x 25 will be perfect. You can use either head type, it's just a cosmetic difference. Thanks.

Sam Song

Could you let me know what size bolts do I need for Trialtech 26 Sport Forged 120 x 17 stem? Thanks.

Posted by Sam Song

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sam - thanks for your question. For the handlebar clamp, you would require M5 x 16mm, and M6 x 20mm for the steerer clamp. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi I have an inspired fourplay pro 2012, I want to change the bolts on my front and rear wheels and trialtech stem clamps and top cap to Stan titanium, which ones do I need to order? Thanks Karl

Posted by karl

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Karl - thanks for your question. For the wheel axle bolts, you will need M6x25. The top cap bolt would need an M6x30, though you shouldn't need one as the forks that come with that particular bike utilize a threaded top-cap. Finally, the stem requires two different lengths of bolt. The handlebar clamp bolts are M6x18, and the steerer clamp bolts are M6x20. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello! I'm wondering if the m6 x 18 would work ok as the bleed screw in the slave cylinder? If not what would you recommend doing as I've seen a few riders using stan ti bolts as bleed screws in the slaves. Thanks a lot!

Posted by Derek

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Derek - the M6 x 18 bolts are the closest we have, though they are still considerably longer than the length of thread inside the cylinder so you would need to cut them down. We don't stock shorter ones as people tend to go for aluminium bolts since they're both lighter and cheaper, though if you want to use a Stan bolt then cutting one down will work just as well. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello, when the description says "disc brake caliper bolts", which ones would I need to fit Hope Trial Zone brakes on a 2013 Inspired Fourplay with a 180mm rotor? Also, since the brake doesn't need adapters when used on the Fourplay frame and fork, would any of these bolts be the correct size to put on the frame/forks?

Posted by charles

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Charles - thanks for your question. I'm not too sure where you heard that, but you DO need adapters to use a the Trial Zone caliper on Fourplay frame and forks. For a 180mm rotor on the front you need Hope Adapter F, and for a 180mm rear you need Hope Adapter B. The bolts you need are M6 x 18. Thanks, Flipp.

neil gillies

Hi guys. I won't some stan bolts for my bike but I don't know what size I need :( if you could tell me the sizes for these parts that would be great :) first of all I need 2 bolts to hold my hope tech calliper onto my forks and 2 bolts to hold my hope tech evo 2 calliper down onto my sky 2 frame. I also won't stan bolts for my try all 2 bolt stem which takes 4 bolts and I also need one to hold my top cap ontop of it and the last bolts I need is for the brake levers which clamp onto the Handlebars. Thanks

Posted by neil gillies

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Neil - For your brake bolts, M6x18 bolts should do the trick. You'll need to add a couple of thin spacers under the heads of the bolts, but if you've got Hope brakes they will usually have been supplied with a few extra to use. In terms of your Try-All stem, M5x18 bolts all round would be best. Your top cap bolt would need to be an M6x30 usually, although for this bolt you can get away with the ProBolt Alloy bolts - they take less strain so the alloy bolts should be fine, and they're also lighter than Ti. Similarly, the Tech levers use M5x16 bolts for their clamps - you can use the ProBolt Alloy M5x16 bolts for those too as they're a little lighter than the Ti bolts but are still up to the job. If you'd like to have a matching bolt kit though, the Stan Ti M5x16 bolts would be fine for that application. Thanks, Mark

Calum barbour

Hi what bolt would I need for a giant tcr advanced seatpost clamp bolt?ive rounded my other one! Calum

Posted by Calum barbour

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Calum - I'm not entirely sure, sorry! If you're able to work out whether you need an M5 or an M6 bolt, virtually any length of bolt should be fine as you can just trim them down to suit. Alternatively, if you can get your old bolt out and measure the length of it that should give you an idea of the correct length too. Thanks, Mark


hi does it come in a pack or is it just one.

Posted by matty

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Matty - These are sold individually. Thanks, Mark


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great bolt

Posted by chris

Hi, I wanted some coloured titanium bolts so I went for the Stan ones. Very light and great colours. Will be getting some more soon. Cheers guys :)

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Chris - I'm glad you like your new bolts! The Stan Titanium parts all look great. Thanks for the review!

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