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Customer Feedback

To view our customer comments collected by 3rd party review company Review Centre, please click here. We also have a review section on TrustPilot. We pride ourselves in offering the best service possible, and hopefully you will find the same as our other customers!

It was suggested in May 2008 by one of our Australian customers that we should add a 'Testimonials' section to our site, so here are comments customers have sent to us by email about our service (without being prompted to do so). We have sent orders to over 80 countries so far (June 2018) and our customer base is still growing!

Danny, Australia:

27/02/19: "Hey lads, just a quick thank you for the setup work you did on the bike prior to sending ... brakes are perfect - calipers centred and levers set evenly left and right - amazing performance out of the box and it doesnt go unnoticed. Thank you.

The rest of the bike was perfect as always and I must mention the level of finish and build quality on this vs the early Hex frames is superb. It was never bad by any means, but this bike is just incredible. Pedals are grippy as too.

Very Happy long time customer here - Thanks Team!"

Tobias, Austria:

14/11/18: "Hi Tartybikes,
I want to say a big thanks to you, for the great service, fast answeres, friendly people and the fast shipping. I got my bike 2 weeks ago and I had great fun riding it, it was a great idea to buy the bike at Tartybikes."

Dmitry, Russia:

24/10/18: "I want to say one more time that Iím very happy with your service. That you worry about your costumers. You answer every question being asked. This is my first order from your store, but Iíve asked many questions before, and you helped me so much. Much appreciated. Now I will just wait for a bike."

Manfred, Austria:

20/03/18: "My Sun is very enjoyed about your accurate delivery from the bike!!! He sayed its very cool. The fitting is great the bike is absolutely the Hammer" My best Wishes to the Team and Thank you!!!!!"

Paul, Australia:

02/05/17: "Gentlemen, the Onza I ordered from you last Thursday has arrived.
I would like to thank you and Fedex for the prompt delivery. 4 days from you to me in Australia is amazing. Thank you also because it has been a pleasure dealing with you and I have not had any of the often found stress dealing with internet purchases.
Keep up the good work and feel free to use this as a review.

Gustavo, Brazil:

16/11/16: "Hello!

I just want to thank you guys for the very good work. The parts are incredible!

You guys really have the best shop of trials bike in the world! I'll defenely will do my next purchase with you guys.

Thank you."

Pete, UK:

06/09/16: "Dear Adam,

Just a quick note to say that the cranks have arrived safely and we are very pleased with the result. I will try and do the reassembly this week.

Thank you so much for all the 'fixing' you have done. We are most grateful. I can think of a number of big companies with whom we are forced to deal who could learn a lesson or two from Tarty Bikes!

Best wishes

Ronnie, USA:

14/01/16: "Mark,
I received the Inspired Skye Pro today.
Wow! Everything made it safe and sound without a scratch.
It's awesome!
Thanks for taking the time to assemble/grease everything properly. The bike is built really well and I can't wait to try my hand at trials. This is my first trials bike, as I have only ridden trails and downhill. All late in life (it's really never too late).
The shoes are even a perfect fit and comfortable right out of the box.
If I can't learn trials with this setup, than its my fault.
All the great reviews I've read about Tarty Bikes holds true.
I'll be getting back with you soon for more parts and accessories.
Hope your business prospers,

Tal, Israel:

07/12/15: "Hi Adam,

Sorry it took me so long to give you my very first impressions of my new bike. I had the busiest two weeks ever! (Mental note: getting a new bike while having to study around 18 hrs a day is a very challenging experience...:-)) Anyway, what can I say...you did it again! :-)) The bike is absolutely perfect! The way you packed it inside the box was nothing short of remarkable :-) thank all those responsible for assembly and packing for me, they did an outstanding job. I had no problem putting the bike together once out of the box , like you've promised ,and immediately I noticed how light it is! It is actually lighter than my 20" bikes. Amazing. As for riding impressions, initially I thought that there would be some sort of an accommodation period for the longer reach , different head angle etc, and I do feel the differences ,but ,the bike just feels so comfortable to ride . It felt "just right" from the very first minute , hence, I didn't have to accommodate myself to anything, just enjoy myself immensely:-) So , thank you ever so much! Now ,my main goal is to practice and practice so as to become good enough to allow myself sometime in the future the pleasure of sending you an email with my thoughts regarding a new bike :-) in the meantime I am going to have so much fun! Also, the shoes are fantastic. Very very comfortable ,so that was a good recommendation as well . Many thanks.


P.S. Your tips for getting the chain on and off were of great help. It's actually so logical ,since you use your thumb very much like a cage of a front derailleur but I would have never thought of that myself. Brilliant!:-) Thanks."

Karen, UK:

12/11/15: "Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the order we received from you . The order was placed on Friday and arrived with us on Tuesday. The bike has now been assembled and tested by my very happy son! Thanks for adding in the extra item to my order and for sorting out the query about the delivery charge. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Thanks for a great service."

Gary, UAE:

14/10/15: "Dude,

I am the happiest man on earth. Longer bolts did the job a treat. Chain tensioner is back on and sturdy as. Well chuffed. Again thanks for your time, support and advice. You rule. Will be placing an order soon for new grips, a drop and roll top and some other bits and bobs. Again Tartybikes is by far the best shop and customer service I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

Cheers and keep up the good work.


Marius, South Africa:

5/7/15: "Dear Adam,

I received my bike Monday the 29th of June. I am very pleased the quality of the bike and spent some time during the week to assemble it and went for my first ride on Saturday.

I can only say wow! The bike is awesome and the brakes are really sharp. All that needs to happen now is for me to practice and practice some more!!

Thank you so much for the quick despatch of the bike and the excellent courier service that you also used for your deliveries.

Thank you, you guys rock!!!

Best Regards


Nick, Ireland:

27/06/15: "Hi guys,

I received my order yesterday and fitted last night. I don't know who answered the phone on Monday morning but with my request for a headset bearing for a Saracen Bikes Flea2 they knew exactly what I needed and were very helpful.

You guys never cease to warm me with your helpful and enthusiastic service.

Thanks again,


Richard, UK:

28/04/15: "Hi,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how impressed I am with your service. Items arrived next day, was fully kept up to date with the progress of my delivery. When I made an error on my order I called to change it and the change was made without hassle and the difference in cost not asked for even though I offered.

Really can't praise you enough and will be 100% using you from now on for all my parts.

Ps can't wait to put the parts on my inspired :)

Thanks once again.

Kind Regards


Jamie, USA:

16/12/14: "I just received my order! Once again, I am blown away by how fast you guys ship orders. Iíve ordered things only a few states away from where I live before that took an average of 8-10 days, and you guys had my stuff at my door in less than 4 days, and 2 of those days were the weekend! You guys ROCK! The TartyBikes hoodie looks and fits great! Thanks for the extra deal on that. As soon as I try the parts out, I will write a review on everything, but I donít foresee any issues with them. I canít wait until I need something else. Thanks TartyBikes!"

Reno, Switzerland:

02/12/14: "Hi Adam,

I have ordered a lot of different things online but your service is second to none. Fast, friendly and very competent. Many thanks and everything I've read about how good tartybikes is is absolutely true.

The bike looks great but I haven't had time to ride it yet.

I will definitely only order on your website from now on.

Best regards,

Andreas, Austria:

12/11/14: "Hi guys,

Thanks for your quick answers and especially for the sensational fast delivery!

I ordered yesterday noon and did my first ride with the new parts already this late morning - unbelievable!!

thanks a million


Seonaid, UK:

23/10/14: "Dear TartyBikes,

I ordered handle bar grips from you last week and just wanted to say thank you very much for the excellent service, we received them the next day and my two sons were delighted with them - they were excellent quality and very easy to fit, we will certainly be ordering from you again very soon.

Many thanks again,


Tom, UK:

26/10/14: "Alright, Adam,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with the crank arm. It arrived first thing Saturday morning, so I was very impressed with the turnaround time from placing the order. Thanks for chucking in the gratis copper grease and stickers, too!

I've now put the crank arm on and everything is awesome. Enjoyed some good riding today. Not sure how you worked it out from the picture, but I noticed (after the fact) that the drive side of the crank says "Onza Orbita", so you're guess was spot on.

Thanks again and I will be shopping again soon!


Laurent, France:

09/09/14: "Hi TartyBikes,

Just a few words to tell the world how great are your services!
In my opinion you are the best Trials online shop.

Prices are quite good, shipping for international is reasonable, but the most important thing is that you are really really professional. By that I mean that you give great advice in a very honest way, you spend time explaining solutions to explore, this is really appreciable and rare. And you handle problems with a lot of diplomacy and intelligence, this always leading to great solutions.
Moreover it is always a pleasure to have a little chat with a rider who have a good knowledge of how trials stuffs work!

To make it simple, you have a very good sense of customer service.
And i think this can apply to all Tarty's Staff!
So, thanks everyone.


Paul, Australia:

24/07/14: "Hi TartyBikes,

Thanks for the great service and quick delivery. You are a benchmark for online suppliers to follow.

Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,
Paul O'Halloran."

Julian, New Zealand:

05/04/14: "Hi Adam,

Iím utterly gobsmacked at how rapidly you and your amazing team raced into action to packaged and dispatched my order!! :) Thank you so much for getting it processed and onto the freight agent so late on a Friday Ė I hope you all managed to hook a beer that evening :)

Thanks again for your expedient (and sound) advise and service. Please give my personal thanks to Stan he appears to be the dude how does the dispatch (and maybe package) part and if so his work rocks!!

Kind regards,


New Zealand."

Paul, USA:

14/03/14: "Hey there guys,

Thank you so much for sending those parts so fast! again, I am amazed at the speed of delivery. I ordered an effects pedal from NYC the same day as the parts from you, and got your parts a full 5 days before the pedal!

Just amazing.

Thank you!! Paul Smith."

Neil, UK:

24/01/14: "All involved in this order. After weeks of trawling the internet trying to find someone to build some wheels and a distinct lack interest from pretty much every BMX lead shop I emailed.... I think the responses and communication from Tarty Bikes and the ridiculously fast turnaround on a set of custom built wheels has been outstanding, 41 hours from ordering to delivery is fantastic. "

Richard, USA:

04/01/14: "I went into your company with very high expectations, and you more than delivered. I put a note with my order and you changed it accordingly. I am 100% satisfied and just wanted to say thank you. I absolutely love the look of my bike. Your customer service is fabulous and helped me out before I placed my order.

Thank you very much, keep up the good work. Cheers!"

Gary, Dubai, UAE:

12/12/13: "I just wanted to write and say what an absolute pleasure it has been dealing with you guys. From the professional, rapid and courteous service (major thanks to Adam for his polite and prompt replies to my requests and inquiries, you rool!) To the expert mechanics who have done such a sweet job on the set up. Everthing was dialled in so well and the wheels are freakin bomb proof! To the superb and rapid P&P (I still cant believe you ship to Dubai...I have had problems even gettin tyres before and have been after a quick release for my Onza for over a year!...I sure as hell know who to come to now!) Even the way you packed the bike was tremendous. If ever anyone wants anything for trials from now on I will be heartily recommending you guys.

Please pass on my thanks to the whole team...again you guys rool. The world's leading trials specialists by far. Finally I gotta day what a sweet ride the bike is. Man I had trouble gettin her off the back wheel! So easy to ride. It even Inspired (no pun intended!) me to do my 1st ever selfie proudly wearing my now drippin with sweat T-shirt (see attached and try not to laugh too hard!)

Merry Christmas guys, you have certainly made mine a freakin awesome one.

Cheers, Gary."

Adriŗ, Spain:

15/11/13: "Hi,

Just wanted to thank you so much to yourself and all the tartybikes team! For the great service you have offered to me since I started with trials.

Thanks and keep pushing


Jorge, Portugal:

15/11/13: "Hi,

Every time I made an order for Portugal the Tartybikes service was excellent. The delivery was also very quick and effective from FedEx.



Dmitriy, Ukraine:

30/08/13: "Hi,

Just wanted to say thank you for a great service. Received the package yesterday. It arrived really soon, the items were packed very well, and I can't wait to install them. I'll buy from you again, should I need anything else.

Keep it up!


Omar, USA:

17/07/13: "You guys are amazing, can't believe I received my order already. Thank you so much. I will always order from you guys. I've ordered from a few places but no one has gotten my order to me in such a timely fashion. You're the best.

Thanks a mil,

Omar Castro."

Francesco, Italy:

22/05/13: "Hi Stan!

I want to congratulate for your service!!
I sent my order in the afternoon Monday, and today the pack is arrived!
I think the best service if i have tryed!

In saturday, i will have an important exibithion, and now i can use the new brakes!
In the past i had work in collaboration with another Italian shop, because is an Italian brand, but i think your service is more faster than the italian shops!

Great, now you have a new Customer!

Thank you for all,


Rich, UK:

07/02/13: "Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with, well, just about everything from Tarty Bikes. Iím not a trials rider, but I ride singlespeed XC. Iím always trying to find ways to make my bike lighter or more reliable, and I was delighted to stumble upon the Tarty site and itís amazing array of singlespeed products, many of which Iíd never seen before. Not only are the products great, but when Iíve had problems, it turns out Iím dealing with real riders, real mecanics with real advice and a willingness to help which can be a rare thing. Five stars fresh!

All the best,


Mike, USA:

17/01/13: "Amazing service!!!!!!!!!

I placed the order on the 14th Monday A.M. and the bike was delivered Wed. the 16th 2:00 P.M. to Colorado USA. This was just going with the next step-up in shipping. I assembled the bike after watching the helpful little video and was riding by 7:00pm on our deck as to much snow & ice elsewhere. Very nice bike!!!!! "I LOVE A PLAY TOOL THAT PUTS A SMILE ON MY FACE!!!!!!!!!

Thank You,

Kaptain Mikey, Colorado, USA."

Ewan, Oman:

15/01/13: "To all the team at Tarty Bikes,

I would like to thank you all for your excellent customer service, you can tell the team are all passionate about bikes. I am from the UK but had the bike sent over to Oman, there was a slight problem on delivery (which was ALL down to Fedex in Oman) and without me even asking Adam and the team did their upmost and helped resolve the issue. I would recommend Tarty Bikes to anyone, thanks again.



Susan, UK:

06/12/12: "To everyone at Tarty Bikes,

Thank you for all my bits and pieces I have ordered for my Grandson for Christmas. He will be absolutely delighted with it all. Also thank you for sending the stickers with the parcels. I am sure this won't be the last time you will be hearing from me. My Grandson loves Tarty Bikes!

Merry Christmas to you all.

Susan White."

Joel, USA:

19/10/12: "Hi Adam, Mark, and Stan,

Thank you for your great service. I am very satisfied with the way you guys conduct business as my order was received without a flaw. I am usually hesitant with online orders, let alone online orders overseas, but Tartybikes has restored my faith. I would refer anyone to do business with you guys and hope that someday I could convince you to expand your shops into the North America area.


Cormac, Ireland:

28/09/12: "I recently bought a custom specced 24" Neon Bow from Tartybikes. I've bought 2 custom spec trials bikes from Tarty over the past 5 years, and each one has ridden better than anything I'd ever tried before. Over the course of a couple of weeks and 20+ emails, I was able to discuss the frame options, choose a bike to meet my needs and tie down the details for each component in the build.

The depth of knowledge and experience (And patience :-D) shown in the answers to my questions, as well as the speed with which the final order was built and shipped (In the region of 5 working days) are unmatched by any company I've dealt with, whether bike related or not. I can't praise the team at Tartybikes enough.



Jayne, UK:

29/08/12: "Hi guys,

My son's Onza Bird trial bike has arrived - thank you very much for the prompt delivery of his bike - he is over the moon. Excellent service we will definitely use you guys again.

The instructions that came with the bike regarding maintenance were excellent.

Kindest regards,

Jayne Tyrtania."

Richard, UK:

02/07/12: "Hi Adam,

Many thanks for your help it worked a treat and the tensioner is awesome!

It's customer service like what you and the rest of your team make TartyBikes the best people in the industry to deal with.

I shall always continue to purchase items from you purely because I know that good knowledgable friendly and reliable advice and amazing customer service is always there when I need it.

Keep on riding guys and keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Richard Coleman."

Liam, Canada:

13/06/12: "Hey guys i just received my order today and I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the top notch service! I snapped my middle burn crank on the sunday night and needed to get a replacement in time for a demo this Saturday. As usual you guys came through and saved the day. Keep up the good work!


Max, Latvia:

30/05/12: "Thanks a lot from Latvia. Got the Inspired brake pads veryfast. It was a pleasure to deal with you guys!

Best regards,

Daniel, Denmark:

23/04/12: "Howdy guys,

Just received my order, and thought I'd send a quick thank you email! The ordering process was great, and delivery a lot quicker than certain other UK based online cycle stores (not naming names!)

Looking forward to mounting the MT2 on a new disc brake 29er unicycle wheel which is arriving later in the week. The new helmet was way overdue, as my old one is falling to bits!

Plus the bonus T-shirt is a welcome replacement, as my old tarty bikes t-shirt from about 3 years ago is full of holes and can now go in the rag bin.

Thanks again, will definately order more from your store in the future!


Ben, UK:

19/03/12: "Hi Tartybikes staff,

Just want to say thanks for the excellent customer service you guys provide. Can't believe how fast all my orders are despatched and delivered! Look forward to ordering more from you.


Josh, USA:

15/12/11: "Hi Adam,

I got my bike yesterday at 9am and it is awesome!!
I was impressed durring assembly when I lifted the handlebar stem group to find it weighed almost nothing fully dressed. The bike is much more impressive in person. It reminded me of my intrest of Formula1 engineering, So many fine points in such a small volume. Hopefully I'll be riding this bike respectably soon.

Thanks (Team) for the indiviulaized service!
I'll spread the good word :)

Jason, Australia:

01/12/11: "I just wanted to say a big thankyou! the bike i ordered arrived very promptly, well packed, and was exactly as described! i am very grateful for your honesty with the partial refund i received from you due to the shipping costs ending up cheaper than what i was originally charged.
Excellent service!


Seth, USA:

03/11/11: "Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a proper thanks for the parts and the quick dispatch. Everything is satisfactory and thanks for the chainstay protector/stickers.. I did a demo a few weeks back and handed a few out to some interested spectators. Hope it brings you some bizz.

Best regards, Seth"

Nick, France:

10/10/11: "Hi Adam

Just a quick mail to say thanks for taking the time to give me your advice on my rather odd queries re recumbent forks and brakes this morning. It is sufficiently unusual these days to come across such great service given in a friendly manner that I feel it's worth commenting when it happens. Really appreciated you taking the time to answer all my questions, and your obvious wealth of useful knowledge.

I must also repeat that your web site is one of the best I've come across, and all your goodies just look so appetising that it even makes me want to take up trials biking!

Thanks again. Nick"

Erik, Denmark:

05/10/11: "Hi TartyBikes

I ordered my pads and other small things Sunday night, next day I saw that it was sent, I have to say that is quality, it's amazing. Simple and easy.

Thank You! Erik"

Frank, USA:

08/09/11: "Thank you Adam and crew, received my fork and brake pads today and on time too! Beefy looking fork. Thank you also for the bonus chain stay protector and cool stickers. P.S. watched some videos of you and the guys riding, a boat load of talent for sure! awesome sums up your parts and service.

Thanks again, Frank Rod"

Patrick, New Zealand:

29/07/11: "Hey Guys,

Just thought I should let you know how impressed I was with your service once again. This time I am on holiday in America and thought I may aswell order some bits seeing as the shipping is a lot cheaper. Got the parts within 24 hours of you receiving the order. Amazing! My bike is now under 7.8 so I'm happy! Thanks again


Emanuele, Italy:

30/06/11: "Hi Stan,

I have received the brake today and i want to say thank you for the very quickly answers and delivery.

You are really the best trialbike shop in Europe !

Regards, Emanuele."

Matthew, Australia:

01/06/11: "Thank you all the guys at tarty bike for getting my new Onza all the way over in aus in one piece and working order and thanks for the freebies. I hope to do more ordering off you because there is no where in aus that has as good of range and price of parts.

Thanks, Matt"

Steve, England:

02/04/11: "Hi all at tartybikes,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line saying how impressed i am with the professional and prompt service i received from you guys last week, plus the advice ;-) the parts i ordered were here the next morning. your telephone Q & A's were second to none, i shall be ordering again this week. i shall also have no problem recommending your shop to everyone i know.

Thanks again guys & gal for your efficient service keep up the good work,


Chris, Germany:

02/04/11: "Morning Adam,

Just wanted to let you know that I have received the bike. It arrived on Monday, so delivery time was superb - but unfortunately I have been working away all week and didn't get to open it until I returned late last night. It is in perfect condition, very well packaged and the video on the website was useful in helping me put it together.

It is going to be 25 degrees here in Germany today so I am looking forward to BBQ, beer and playing about on the bike all day.

Your service has been simply outstanding and I will definitely be recommending TartyBikes to all.

Thanks again,


Marcus, Sweden:

09/03/11: "Hi, I just want to say thanks for the fast and supply delivery. Iīm ordered on Thursday and got my things on Tuesday(today). 4 days from U.K to Gothenburg in Sweden with no problems is really good!

Thanks again :)



Jeanette, USA:

22/02/11: "Just a quick thanks!! to you all. The bike arrived safely early Monday morning and the boy popped out of bed and got it built right away! Very cold here so as soon he got dressed he was out the door with it! It's a very pretty bike! thanks for everything including the shirt and chain guard.


Jeanette and 'the boy'!"


Juan, Argentina:

04/01/11: "I'd like to thank you for service. My friends and I have ordered spares to tarty several times and there has never been a problem.


Juan Manuel"


Ron, USA:

04/01/11: "I just thought I would tell you what excellent service you guys offer. I had heard how good you guys were on OTN which prompted me to buy from you versus the stores here in the US. You had everything in-stock I was looking for and it arrived quickly. I will be ordering from you again.


Ron Gleason"


Josh, England:

03/12/10: "Dear Stan,

I am extremelly happy with the customer service i have been provided with over the past few days! I will be sure to reccomend to all of my friends, and will definatly be shopping here in the future!

Thank you very much! Josh"


Marius, Norway:

04/11/10: "Hey. Got my new bike yesterday.. I just want to thank tartybikes for verry good service... Im really happy for everything. I will recommend you for other who are interested in trialbikes...

Regards Marius"


Dan, Denmark:

16/09/10: "Hi Tartybikes.

thanks for letting me know..!! i am looking forward to resive the bike..
and thanks for great service and keep up the great work..!
this is not the last time i have purchased from you guys..!!!

best regards,
Dan Lilliendal"

Mitch, Australia:

23/08/10: "Hey Adam and the boys,

I ordered Monday and the parts arrived today (Thursday) 9am AUS time. Your choice of delivery methods is always the best, everything well packed and great ordering from you, as always.
I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said. Keep up the good work and in Mr Schwarzenegger's famous words, "I'll be back"

Mitch Ho".

Dom, England:

13/08/10: "Hi Tarty team,

Just wanted to say how please i am with the customer service. The frame was packed very securely and the delivery was super-quick. I also would like to thank the team for the pre-ordering email support.

Very helpful and I can safely say that you have the best customer service of any shop I have dealt with. Keep it up! :-)

Thanks. Dom."

Brian, United States:

16/07/10: "To the Tarty Bikes Team:

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome service and fast delivery at a reasonable price. The parts were here in 2 days. I’m lucky to get parts out of California which is one state away in 2 days. I will forward some pictures of the kids bike I’m working on as soon as its done. Although its not a trials bike I think you will like it.

Thanks again"

Jan, England:

09/07/10: "Hi

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with your service - I have ordered several items from your website at different times for my son and you have always delivered on time and quickly (which is very important for an impatient 17 yr old!!)
Not only that - you are extremely helpful on the phone.
You deserve the business and my son thinks you are just great and wears his free t-shirts more than any other and with pride!!! Good advertising!
I think it's important to let people know when they are doing a great job - not to just complain when they are not.
Thank you and keep up the good work!!

Jan Deaves
(A very happy customer)"

Gary, United States:

28/06/10: "Adam,

Thanks! I knew you guys would know what was best for the build.
Thanks again for your great courtesy, service and parts availability.
Dealing with you and Tarty is, as always, an awesome experience.


Nick, Canada:

24/06/10: "Hey guys at Tarty Bikes,

I received my bike yesterday, put it all together in no time thanks to your video guide and took it out for a spin and I must say, riding the Fourplay is the most fun I have ever had on a bike. I just wanted to say thanks for the speedy service and all the effort you put in to building my bike.

Many thanks!"

Angelina, United States:

03/06/10: "Dearest TartyBikes,

I have never received an order so promptly! When my our new bike parts (and fabulous free t-shirt) arrived in the mail we jumped around like a two year old who just got their first puppy. Your customer service and prompt shipment has stolen our hearts forever.

Your new customers for life,
Brandon and Angelina Maynard"

Danny, Australia:

01/06/10: "Hey Mark,

Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you, working 6 days a week will do that, but I doubt I need to tell you about it.

Just wanted to say thanks soo much for the free upgrade of postage and once again for looking after me. Once again Tartys service is beyond that of your nearest rivals and keeps me coming back time and time again. Big thanks to you and all the boys there. Expecting package later today ... :)

Cheers mate!

Vadym, United States:

06/04/10: "Hello Adam:

I just wanted to thank you. I have received the parts within one business day and it was quite shocking to me that the package may come from England to New York that fast !!

It was good shopping experience, I look forward to buying parts from your store in the future.

Thank you again,


Vadym Rogov"

Jason, Netherlands:

31/03/10: "Hi Adam,

I'm so glad to hear that!!! :)
I love the damn amazing service that you have , it isn't normal :) (response in 10 minutes is the best I ever had!!)
I will send you a few pics when my bike is ready to ride :)

Like you so much!! :)

Jason Maarsseveen"

Bill, USA:

30/03/10: "Dear Adam and all at TartyBikes,

Thank you for the tremendous service! I recently ordered a GU LE frame and a few components from you, and I couldn't believe the reasonable prices and the incredible velocity of the delivery. I saved money and time by ordering from you rather than from a US shop.


Bill Ducas"

01/04/10: "Adam,

PLEASE include my email in your testimonials!

I forgot to mention in my message that at the trials competition held in Richmond, Virginia, every year, several riders have bikes and components provided by TartyBikes. EVERYONE sings your praises!

Thanks again!


Hide, Japan:

04/03/10: "We just receved your goods on Sunday, Mar 7th, and appreciate your quick & accurate arrangement.
What a quick delivery, it was just 3 days from firm order for you! We feel Tarty is located in Japan, because 3 days is not so much different from shops in Japan.
I love the frame, it's so cool.
We may make next order to you near future, again.

All the best,

Pablo, Argentina:

04/03/10: "As this is my second order i think i should say, tanks!! for the great attention, service and products. i recieved today my parts and they are awesome, better than expected, really THANK YOU!

be sure that you will have more orders from me..

saludos desde argentina

pablo :)"

Georg, Norway:

04/03/10: "just have to say that the inspired i bought from you is awesome! . everything looks dialed!. arriwed at my door just days after i added the order, Great service as allways. keepitup!
looking forward to purchase parts from you very soon!. "

Joe, United States:

19/2/10: "Hey guys, just wanted to drop you a line and say the package arrived today (Thursday) safe and sound. Thanks for your help and your time. (As well as the insanely fast shipping, Wow!) I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.


Emilie;, England:

2/2/10: "Hey guys.
I ordered a hope hub and some other ti bits and pieces from you last week (Thursday).
Just wanted to say that you for the amazingly quick delivery time.



Kristian, Denmark:

7/1/10: "Hi Tarty,

Just wanted to thank you for the shocking fast delivery!, ordered my parts last saturday and they got packed monday this week, 2 days later they are at my door!.
Keep the good working and service, i'm never in doubt that it is quality that comes from TartyBikes... every time!.

Kristian Antonsen"

Chris, Scotland:

9/12/09: "already?! thanks...if you guys are allowed to accept tips, could you possibly take an extra 20 off my card and have a drink/coffee on me! the service has been fantastic, feel free to use the testimonial below on your site;

after seeing danny macaskill's video in my home city, i knew it was time to get a trials specific bike!

luckily i found 'tarty bikes' and gave them a call...the service was great from the beginning, even for as fussy a customer as myself! in no time at all, even before starting a build, i received pictures of my potential custom bike with comparisons to help my decide which i liked best. Even after ordering, i received advice on my spec and how it could be improved with no cost to myself, and was kept updated by email and phone throughout the whole build. In literally no time at all, my bike was built and delivered to me, much quicker than i could have expected!

I look forward to getting in touch again with orders for all the inevitable repairs, and will highly recommend this site to anyone. Thanks again for all the advice, and great customer service!


Leanne, England:

05/11/09: "Hi Adam,

Called this morning and added to my order!

Would just like to say thanks for all the brilliant service I have received from Tarty Bikes, it's always been a faultless service whenever I have ordered through you guys!

Thanks again,


Steve, England:

30/10/09: "Good Afternoon,

I placed an order yesterday for a stem and onza single speed kit which arrived at 11am this morning.

I just wanted to drop an email to say many thanks for amazing service and all the advice on the phone.

It was a great help with the bits I needed and I look forward to purchasing more parts etc in the future!!

Once again many thanks

Steve White"

Marco, Italy:

11/09/09: "Hi Tartybikes,

I'm Marco Sartor from Italy; I just receive the Yaabaa 1499 I ordered only a few days ago.

I'm absolutely amazed by your courtesy, patience and dedication. And by speed and precision of delivery, of course.

You just gained a trusty customer!!! Keep on this way!

Thank you very much,

Marco Sartor"

Jason, United States:

01/09/09: "I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help and the OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! I received my package in three days. That was a shock to me, but I am eternally grateful. I am extremely pleased with the bike and look forward to doing more business with TartyBikes in the very near future.

Once again, many many thanks.

Jason Love"

Marek, Czech Republic:

29/08/09: "Hi Adam and all Tartybikes, I would like just tell you THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! That's amazing I ordered lever and sprocket at 25th of August. Yesterday I received my order in my house in the Czech Republic! THAT'S FASTER THAT IF I ORDER ANYTHING FROM THE CZECH REPUBLIC!

Thank you again!

Marek from CZ. "

Kristian, Denmark:

27/08/09: "Hi Adam and Tarty crew!

Got the bike this morning and have been out all day to ride it, i have just one thing more to say: Brilliant! the work and delivery was perfect and fast too, the bike is working correct and was fun to build some of the parts on :). And many thanks for both the chainstay protector and t-shirt!

Awesome work!.

Ride Hard!

Kristian Antonsen"

Ruben, Singapore:

31/07/09: "Hey guys,

I've received my orders just like the stated date as promised, smooth and clean, would like to thank ADAM and all tarty crews for the SUPERB service! Looking forward to shop @ TARTYBIKES again!




Chris, England:

23/06/09: "Hey,

Just thought I'd send you guys a thanks for the recent help you have given me.

I had recently bought an Onza blade from you and had an issue with the rear sprocket.

I phoned you Tuesday and had excellent service over the phone (unfortunately cant remember the name of the guy), and was all sorted with fixed wheel received and back on bike Friday afternoon.

I really appreciate the help I was given and was amazed how good your customer service is (had seen many praise of you guys in many trials forums).

Anyway Cheers and look forward to shopping with TartyBikes again,


Connor, United States:

22/06/09: "TartyBikes went above and beyond all my expectations, which were already very high due to the excellent feedback I had received from previous customers. They have the best customer service out of all the companies I have ever ordered from, which includes a 46 letter email thread in which Tarty Adam answered all my questions (which were exceedingly numerous and probably would have had any other salesman in fits), and finally helped me to pick out a Fourplay. The bike was then quickly assembled, and once they shipped it out i received the bike the NEXT DAY (from the UK to the USA). When it came it was in phenomenal condition, assembly was very easy, and the bike exceeded all my expectations. I want to thank everyone at TartyBikes for their excellent service, and you be sure that all my future trials orders will be from them.

Thanks again for the great service and bike.

Connor. "

Stefan, Austria:

18/06/09: "hi adam!

I got the parts today :-)

I just wanted to thank you and your team for your excellent service, for the nice price and that everything was working so fast! I mean three days for a parcel from great britain to austria is worldclass... ;-)

the bike feels fine and I think it is even better than the old one...



Ps: and thanks for the t-shirt! "

Igor, Slovakia:

08/06/09: "Well, I just wanted to thank you.

About a month ago, I ordered some components from Koxx via local dealer, but until the last Friday nothing happened (they didn't even send them!). So I cancelled the order and ordered the components from you. Now, 3 days later, I'm looking at new components delivered directly to my house. Everything is precisely what I ordered, nothing messed up or broken. Even the T-Shirt fits :). And the speed of dispatching and delivery is unbelievable.

So I would like to thank you very much for your services, I'm very pleased with it. Keep up the good work.

Igor from Slovakia"

Darren Hill, England:

31/05/09: "As a Retail Area Manager, I know and understand the importance of continual outstanding customer service, and how vital it is keep your customers coming back. I have shopped with Tarty now for many years, and have always been impressed, but my recent purchase set them apart from the competition.

From my initial enquiry, through to product discussions and finishing with the purchase, nothing was too difficult for Tarty Bikes, and the expert advice and friendly manner always ensured pleasant dealings. Fellow retailers need to take a lesson from the team at Tarty Bikes, and I have no hesitations in recommending them to beginner and advanced riders.

Please accept my warmest thanks, and I will continue to shop with you for as many years as I am riding.


Darren Hill"

Mitch, Australia:

22/4/09: "Tartybikes have gone from strength to strength over the years that I have been dealing with them, it was very difficult to think of where to begin commending their efforts!
The ever-growing, wide range of products?
Speedy response to tech questions (even if not related to an order)?
Knowledge base and honest opinions of staff?
Easy to use website and efficient order system?
Flexibility in ordering and attention to detail?
The little things, like adding my "Sort by Weight" idea? (haha)

It is clear that Tarty is a fine example of a great business, one which many others will never be able to replicate. Helmets off to the boys on becoming the best and most comprehensive trials shop that the world has ever known.

Best wishes for the future.. no doubt I'll purchase something [again] soon!
Once again, thank you for all your time and advice.

Mitchell Ho
Trials is Dead"

Michele, Italy:

23/1/09: " Hi Adam,

My Ozonys XR20 is just arrived! It' amazing, exactly as I dream it! I want to thank all your staff for the excellent service but mostly you for helping me every time I need it... It's fantastic dealing with people who loves their job.

So...perfect comunication and fast response, great help for choosing the specifications, my bike was build before leaving so when it comes was ready to ride, very fast shipment...GUYS YOU ARE THE BEST SELLERS I' EVER FOUND

In the future I will call tartybikes for all my parts/bikes...

Many thanks,


Ps: You are right, the short one fits perfectly!"

Benny, Indonesia:

21/1/09: "Thank you to all of your team for the cooperation and hard work..and I am really proud to have one of this excellent frame that I can't find it everywhere in Jakarta..."

22/1/09: "This is the first time I buy a bicycle frame from abroad.

And I really impressed of your service and remarkable fast delivery process into my place although it gets through 4 countries...

Once again thanks to all of your great team and of course this experience I will tell to my friends...

I'm looking forward to make another order to you."

George, Australia:

30/12/08: "I swear this bike is an absolute beast! This bike has turned out waaaay better than I expected. Every bit on this thing is just quality, and you guys over there are just awesome in what u do. Adam your service has just been overkill (if there is such a thing), I don't think I've ever experienced quality, pro feedback & guidance and all that stuff with anyone before, let alone online and over the phone! All my next bits n pieces (and next bike) will no doubt be through TartyBikes, there ain't any need to go anywhere else because u got everything! Passed on the word to a few people too :)
Now go whack that in your testimonials section, lol. On a serious note though, big thank you mate. It's just sooo good dealing with people who sell product having a sincere passion for the sport. Rubs off on everyone you deal with and definitely got me a lot more pumped being quite new to trials :)"

Heath, R2W Trials:

22/12/08: "All our R2W Trials collective riders have used Tarty Bikes for items this last 6 months and we all have nothing but the highest praise for the service, advice and prices. Even when we have been unsure what to order, being fairly new back into biketrials, they have given great advice and this resulted in us even saving some money over what items we thought we needed. Everything has turned up next day with no wrong parts or incorrect pricing... and the odd free sticker has helped cover up a scratch or two on our bikes!! Thanks for your service and have a great Christmas and new year..."

Peter, Kenilworth:

24/11/08: "Many thanks for your extremely fast delivery and subsequent communications."

Alvin, Hong Kong:

25/11/08: "This is totally unexpected. It is so kind and honest of you. Trust me, you will see more of my purchase pretty soon.
Many thanks!"

27/11/08: "I am informed by my family member that my order has been delivered. Thank you very much for the excellent service and also the extremely fast shipping. I just can't wait to go back to HK to check on the bike kit."

Rob, Essex:

28/11/08: "You guys are great, honestly.. Exactly why I keep coming back.. Just excellent service as always! :)
Thanks again to yourself and the others..."

08/12/08: "I really thought I had emailed you to say thanks for everything, but I must have been so excited I forgot.. Sorry about that..
It's a brilliant bike and I'm loving it :)
So thank you for everything, to yourself and the other guys aswell! As I've said before; you're a great service/company.. Keep up the great work.."

Kleat, Australia:

11/11/08: "The reason I keep getting my gear off Tarty is because of your product range (IN stock) and your service can not be beat."

14/11/08: "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! got my Frame and Parts today, only two and a half days after ordering them. Looks like it will be a good weekend of riding. Thanks for the spokes, Thanks again "

Heath, Somerset:

20/10/08: "Just a quick message to say thanks for the service today via the phone... gear, BB and chain... very much appreciate the call back with advice on the chain run.
I have put a thanks and a link on my website homepage etc... and if you managed to pop in any of the small Tarty stickers they will appear in many photos of me riding crap soon!!:-)
Cheers... Heath

Darren, Canada:

12/09/08: "Big props for standing behind your company... you set a great service standard...I appreciate it! Thanks again."

Tim, Hampshire:

10/09/08: "Thanks for all your help with the spec, and also thanks to the guy who took my original call at about 4:50pm one evening, but was still extremely helpful and took the time to explain things clearly even though he was about to go home for the night. I unfortunately didn't get his name, but I really appreciated his assistance, and all the help I received from Tartybikes. It was this level of service that made me happy to place the order with Tartybikes, (and not with another shop, who didn't even answer the phone over the course of two days, which wasn't a good sign, and potentially lost them the order)."

Maarten, Belgium:

21/08/08: "I just wanted to let you know I received my order from you by air mail and it only took roughly 36 hours, that is astonishingly fast :-0

Thanks for the great service!!"

Kenneth, Norway:

21/08/08: "Thanks again, for GREAT service! If every shop were as serious as you...!

I`ll keep my eyes open when making the next order, to make sure you get those few £ ;) You deserve much more...

Looking forward to make another order."

Dave, United States:

12/06/08: "Thanks, I can't wait. Thanks again for the great customer service!"

17/06/08: "I received the Inspired today, couldn't be happier. It rides so sweet, Thanks for the help getting it together. Thanks Again, Dave"

Mads, Denmark:

03/05/08: "Awesome! I've got everything now! Thanks alot for the superb service!"

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