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Stan Titanium M5 Bolt

Product code: 11937

From £2.71 to £4.17

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Stan Titanium M5 Bolt

M5 x 12 (V1 Cap Head)
M5 x 12 (V2 Cap Head)
M5 x 16 (V1 Cap Head)
M5 x 16 (V2 Cap Head)
M5 x 18 (V1 Cap Head, Allen Key Head)
M5 x 18 (V1 Cap Head, Torx T25 Head)
M5 x 18 (V2 Cap Head, Allen Key Head)
M5 x 20 (V1 Cap Head)
M5 x 20 (V2 Cap Head)
M5 x 25 (Cap Head)
M5 x 30 (Cap Head, Half Thread)
M5 x 35 (Cap Head, Half Thread)
M5 x 40 (Cap Head, Half Thread)
M5 x 45 (Cap Head, Half Thread)

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Pimp titanium M5 bolts from Stan!

  • Adds a splash of colour!
  • Titanium bike jewellery!
  • Available in lots of different lengths!
- Superlight titanium upgrade M5 bolts from Stan, constructed from 6Al-4V titanium alloy.
- Cap head bolts that require a 4mm allen key to use.
- Available with two style of head, V1 & V2. Please see pictures.
- Great quality ensures a good allen key fit.
- Anodised rainbow finish looks great! Please note: Due to the way rainbow parts are anodised, their precise colour patterns may vary slightly.
- Sold individually, in a range of sizes. For potential applications, please see 'Additional Information' box.
- Weight: M5 x 12 - 1.3g. M5 x 16 - 1.6g. M5 x 18 - 1.8g. M5 x 20 - 2.0g. M5 x 25 - 2.7g.

Additional Information

Please note that titanium anodising is different to aluminium, in that it is a surface coating rather than a dyeing process. Due to this, it is less durable and can fade / wear off after repeated rubbing.

Always use a good quality allen key when fitting this item and apply copper grease to the threads before installation. Do not overtighten.

Potential Application

M5 x 12
- Hope lever clamp bolts

M5 x 16
- Trialtech 26" Sport Forged Stem Front Clamp
- Hope CNC Stem bolts
- Monty 221PR 20" Stem Front Clamp

M5 x 18
- Stem clamp bolts (both handlebar and steerer tube) for stems including Try-All/RockMan 3D Forged, Trialtech and more - please enquire if you are unsure if they will fit

M5 x 20
- Stem clamps bolts (both handlebar and steerer tube) for stems including System-Ex/BBB Forged and more - please enquire if you are unsure if they will fit
- 4-Bolt brake clamp bolts for washerless design brake clamps - Handlebar clamp bolt for Magura HS33 brake lever

M5 x 25
- 4-Bolt brake clamp bolts for brake clamps using cylinder washers.



Which of, if any of these Ti bolts will fit my Fox 40 pinch bolts please? Also my rear wheel pinch bolts for GT Fury World cup, 2014 model. Many thanks, Sean.

Posted by Sean on 04/04/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/04/2015

Hi Sean - thanks for your question. We specialize in trials bikes so are not overly familiar with details like that, but from what we can tell the pinch bolts need to be M5 x 14mm. We don't have any M5 bolts shorter than a 16mm, though if you wanted to fit these you could trim the ends down a little. As for the rear axle pinch bolts, we cannot find information on what size bolts they take, so you might well be best off taking them out and measuring them yourself. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, I have steel inserts in my post brake mounts so just wondering if it will be ok to use this bolts with those

Posted by Vladyslav on 12/04/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 13/04/2015

Hi Vladyslav - yes, that is no problem at all. These will work fine with your thread inserts. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello! I have the Trial Tech Sport, Forged, 90mm x 35˚Stem! What size would be a comfortable fit for my clamp? Cheers !

Posted by Ruaridh on 04/08/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/08/2016

Hi Ruaridh - For your Trialtech stem, you would need M6x18 bolts (not M5) for both the bar clamp and the steerer clamp. Thanks, Mark

Jakob Flans

What's the diameter of the bolt head? I'd be using them on a MTB stem which has bolt heads smaller than standard. Thanks!

Posted by Jakob Flans on 07/10/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/10/2017

Hi Jakob - The bolt heads are between 7.92mm and 7.98mm depending on the bolt length (they have slightly different heads for each length). Thanks, Mark

Sam Song

Hello, what size should I get for v brake adapter on 4 bolt mounts? Thanks

Posted by Sam Song on 04/05/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/05/2014

Hi Sam - thanks for your question. The bolts supplied with 4bolt to v-brake adaptors are M5 x 12mm. We do not stock Stan Titanium bolts in that length, though if you wanted them you could buy some M5 x 16mm and trim them down to the appropriate length. Thanks, Flipp.

octavio diaz

M5 mean the allen key ? , and the 16mm.18mm ,23mm mean the long of the bolt ? cheers and take care.

Posted by octavio diaz on 20/06/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/06/2013

Hi Octavio, The 16mm, 18mm, and 23mm refer to the length of the threaded section, yes, but the M5 refers to the diameter of the threaded section. These M5 bolts use a 4mm allen key. An M6x25 bolt would have a 25mm long, 6mm diameter threaded section, and uses a 5mm allen key. Thanks, Flipp.


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Great bolt

Posted by Chris on 09/01/2013

I got a HS33 and wanted some more colour to it. Looks mint and easy to fit. Thanks guys.

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/01/2013

Hi Chris - They do add a nice splash of colour to your bike. Thanks for the review!

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