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Trialtech Sport Disc Brake Pads (To fit several styles of brake)

Product code: 12957

From £10.83 to £19.17

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Trialtech Sport Disc Brake Pads (To fit several styles of brake)

Avid BB5
Avid BB7 / Juicy
Avid Elixir / SRAM DB5
Hope / Echo
Magura MT5 / MT7
Magura MT7 (Individual Pads)
Shimano Saint / Zee

Sold out

  • Fits: Avid BB5, BB7 / Juicy, Elixir / Sram DB5, Hope / Echo, Magura MT5 / MT7 & Shimano Saint / Zee.
- Super powerful disc brake pads from Trialtech.
- Trials-specific compound gives these pads a lot more bite than standard pads, whilst also having loads of hold in all weather conditions.
- Available in 6 styles to suit various brakes: Hope / Echo*, Avid BB7 / Juicy, Avid BB5, Avid Elixir / Sram DB5, Magura MT5 / MT7 and Shimano Saint / Zee. Some pads may also fit other models of brake - please enquire if unsure.
- *Hope / Echo model fits Hope Mono Trial / Tech Trial / Trial Zone / V2 and Echo TR hydraulic disc brakes.
- Does not come with any retention pins, you must re-use your original one.
- Copper backing is softer than normal, ensuring the pads 'stick' to the pistons in the caliper and don't clunk around.
- Please note that dragging the brake at high speed for a period of time will wear off the top surface of the pads, and performance will decrease until the brake has been used 'normally' again a few times.



Hi guy do you know if any of these pads would fit shimano M395 calipers?

Posted by Scott on 16/08/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/08/2015

Hi Scott - thanks for your question. Unfortunately they wouldn't. The only pads we have in stock to fit those calipers are the Clarks Organics (here: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/disc_brake_pads/clarks_organic_disc_pads/c83p11670.html ). Thanks, Flipp.


Hi. Would any of these pads fit shimano slx M675? Cheers

Posted by Geir on 26/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/05/2016

Hi Geir - Unfortunately not, sorry. The SLX pads are fairly unique so none of these would quite work I'm afraid. Thanks, Mark

jack heard

hi, do you know when the mt7 pads will be back in stock? and will these stop pad wobble? thanks, jack

Posted by jack heard on 27/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/05/2016

Hi Jack - We have the MT7 pads in stock currently (listed as "MT7 (Individual Pads)") They should reduce the pad rock compared to the standard pads, and will also have improved braking performance thanks to the pad compound used too. Thanks, Mark


Would the Sram DB5 pads fit Magura MT2 brakes calipers? They seem really similar

Posted by Felix on 28/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/05/2016

Hi Felix - We don't have the exact dimensions to check, but the MT2 pads are a reasonably different size to the DB5 pads so I don't think they'd work unfortunately. Sorry!


Hey, is this compound closer to the metalic, semi-metalic or to the resin one? I'm a bit skeptical if it is going to improve my braking power. Thanks!

Posted by Bruno on 15/05/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/05/2018

Hi Bruno - These pads are sintered rather than organic. If you're using the standard pads supplied with your brakes then these pads will almost undoubtedly help boost braking performance. I have used standard Shimano, Hope and Magura pads before switching to these and in all those scenarios across three different brakes they improved performance. The only thing to note is that they do glaze a little more easily on long descents than standard mountain bike pads would do, but they do clean up quite quickly (just by riding along slowly pulsing your brakes on and off). Thanks, Mark

callum gladman

Will the avid BB5 pads fit in my avid SD7 caliper?

Posted by callum gladman on 21/06/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/06/2015

Hi Callum - thanks for your question. The SD7 would refer to the lever you are likely using. The caliper will be either a BB5 or BB7, which use different style pads but both are available. The BB5 only features one pad adjuster found on the inside pad, where the BB7 has adjusters on both sides. If you are unsure which caliper you have, please email a picture of it to us and we will be able to tell you. Thanks, Flipp.


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