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Trialtech Sport Disc Brake Pads (To fit several styles of brake)

Product code: 12957

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Trialtech Sport Disc Brake Pads (To fit several styles of brake)

Avid BB5
Avid BB7 / Juicy
Avid Elixir / SRAM DB5
Hope / Echo
Magura MT5 / MT7
MT Sport / MT2 / MT4 / MT6 / MT8
Shimano Saint / Zee

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  • Fits: Avid BB5, BB7 / Juicy, Elixir / Sram DB5, Hope / Echo, Magura MT Series & Shimano Saint / Zee.
- Super powerful disc brake pads from Trialtech.
- Trials-specific compound gives these pads a lot more bite than standard pads, whilst also having loads of hold in all weather conditions.
- Available in 8 styles to suit various brakes: Hope / Echo*, Avid BB7 / Juicy, Avid BB5, Avid Elixir / Sram DB5, Magura MT Sport, MT2, MT4, MT6, MT8, MT5 / MT7 and Shimano Saint / Zee. Some pads may also fit other models of brake - please enquire if unsure.
- *Hope / Echo model fits Hope Mono Trial / Tech Trial / Trial Zone / V2 and Echo TR hydraulic disc brakes.
- Does not come with any retention pins, you must re-use your original one.
- Copper backing is softer than normal, ensuring the pads 'stick' to the pistons in the caliper and don't clunk around.
- Please note that dragging the brake at high speed for a period of time will wear off the top surface of the pads, and performance will decrease until the brake has been used 'normally' again a few times.



Hi, I'm running Magura Trail Sport brakes. Would these fit as well? Thanks!

Posted by Mark

Reply from TartyBikes

HI Mark!
If you're running the Trail Sport brakes, you'll need to order one pair of the "Magura MT2 / MT4, etc..." pads and one pair of the "Magura MT5 / MT7" pads.
The Trail Sport calipers are the same as those found on the MT4 and MT5 brakes so any parts for those brakes should fit your Trail Sports too.
If you have any more questions, please ask!


Is there 4 in a pack for a 4 piston brake?

Posted by James

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James!
The number of pads supplied is generally a pair. As an example, the MT5/7 brake pads - despite being for a 4-piston brake - are supplied as a large pair of pads rather than four smaller individual pads.
Similarly, the Saint/Zee pads are also a pair of pads rather than four smaller individual pads.
Whichever brake type you use, if you buy 1 quantity of whichever pad you need, you'll receive the right amount to replace the pads for one complete caliper.
Hopefully this makes sense - if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


Would Avid BB7's with these pads be powerful enough for comp use? Thanks

Posted by Dave

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dave!
The BB7s are nice and powerful so you shouldn't have any issues using them in comps, although that will come down to your wheel size and the rotor size you choose.
A 160mm rotor would be fine for a 20" wheel, but would be underpowered for a 24" or 26" wheel, for example.
As long as you have a suitably sized rotor for your wheel size you shouldn't have any problems.


Hi, do you have individual mt7 pads in stock?

Posted by Bart

Reply from TartyBikes

These aren't available unfortunately. Thanks.


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