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#Hashtagg 2-Piece Crankset V2.0

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#Hashtagg 2-Piece Crankset V2.0


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- The updated model of #Hashtagg's 2-Piece Crankset.
- Features a through-axle system which sees the right hand crank arm and BB axle constructed as one piece, reducing weight whilst increasing stiffness.
- Unique axle system also allows for an oversized bottom bracket axle, improving strength.
- New forged crank arms are CNC machined to remove excess material, whilst still being stronger than the previous generation.
- Splined freewheel interface eradicate the often difficult task of removing threaded freewheels.
- 18 tooth freewheel features three sets of three pawls engaging into a 40 tooth ratchet, resulting in 120 engagement points!
- Revised freewheel design sees an increase in thickness of material over the ratchet section, providing greater strength and durability for the driveshell.
- The assembly is pre-loaded by the large black 5mm allen key bolt, and then held in place with a pinch bolt in the non-drive side crank.
- Please note that the pre-load bolt requires little torque. This is used only to pre-load the bearings, and so should only be "nipped" in place. Damage caused by over-tightening this is not covered by warranty. The black, M6 pinch bolt should be tightened to 10Nm maximum to keep the crank in place, and this should be checked regularly.
- Chunky, fully sealed cartridge bottom bracket bearings sit in external style bottom bracket cups with standard 1.37" x 24tpi threads to fit most modern trials frames. Cups require a Hollowtech2 style tool for fitting and removal. Please note: The cups are very slightly oversized so some tools do not quite fit. We recommend using the Park Tool BBT-19 tool which fits perfectly.
- Only marginally heavier than the lightest existing 'standard' crankset, yet much stiffer!
- Notched bashring design ensures it will not slip around the crank when hit (170/175mm option).
- 163mm spacing from rear of left crank to rear of right crank gives equivalent clearance to some 33mm offset cranks on a 128mm ISIS BB.
- The V2.0 cranks now have a polished silver finish, matched with a black axle and topped off with laser etched #Hashtagg logos which match the new Open Space frame.

- Freewheel: 168.1g
- Cranks and axle: 525.6g (170mm)
- Bashring: 18.8g (170mm only)
- Cups (steel drive side, alloy non drive side), bearings, bolts and spacers: 122.4g
- Total: 834.9g (170mm)

Additional Information

Ensure that your pedals are tightened to at least 310 in-lbs (35 Nm) every 5 minutes for the first few rides. Before fitting, it's also a good idea to make sure your pedal axles are clean (a wire brush works well) then greased before installation.
Similarly, always check the black, M6 pinch bolt torque is at least 88 in-lbs (10 Nm) every 5 minutes for the first few rides, then each and every ride after that.
Failure to keep your pedals or crank bolts tight as described above is likely damage your cranks and this will not be covered under warranty.
The red, aluminium pre-load bolt featured on these cranks should not be used to tighten them on. This is used only to pull the cranks together and pre-load the bearings. It requires only "nipping" into place, and damage caused by over-tightening is not coverable by warranty.


Peter Norman

What kind of spline pattern does the freewheel use?

Posted by Peter Norman on 26/04/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/04/2017

Hi Peter - The Hashtagg cranks use their own proprietary spline type, so no other freewheels will fit. Sorry!


Is it possible to install this system on frame Echo 24 2011?

Posted by Oleg on 05/05/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/05/2017

Hi Oleg - If your Echo has a Spanish BB then it is not possible to fit these, sorry!

Graeme P

For clarification, these cranks will fit a standard 68/73 threaded style shell? I have a Because Color and checking fit. Thank you!

Posted by Graeme P on 26/11/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/11/2017

Hi Graeme - These cranks are designed for a traditional 68/73mm shell so should work fine on your Color. Thanks, Mark


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