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Trialtech SL Forged ISIS

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Trialtech SL Forged ISIS


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Free Trialtech bashring with any pair of SL Cranks!

Free Trialtech Sport Lite Bashring available! To get this free item, you must add it at checkout, it is not an automatic process.

- New for 2013 after several years of testing and development, the Trialtech SL Forged ISIS cranks!
- Developed with Trialtech's full team (including riders as diverse as Kenny Belaey, TRA and Neil Tunnicliffe), as well as our own team riders Stan Shaw, Cap and Flipp.
- Forged from high quality 7050 aluminium alloy to give great strength and stiffness.
- Unique crank profile is custom designed to make the cranks as strong as possible, with recesses in the rear of the arm to help reduce weight.
- A deeper BB interface on the crank arm allows the cranks to have a reduced Q-factor, whilst still providing a good amount of offset - this reduces flex compared to other cranks on the market. The non-drive crank arm is also shaped to match the Trialtech SL BB axle spacer perfectly!
- 1.37" threaded section for freewheels or screw-on sprockets is nice and wide, allowing the use of a bashring without compromising thread contact.
- Tough matte anodised silver finish is complimented nicely by black 'SL' graphics (which match the graphics used on the rest of the SL range).
- Available in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths.
- Weight: 438.8g (165mm), 451.7g (170mm), 458.5g (175mm)

- Offset: Left - 31.5mm, Right - 32.5mm

Additional Information

Ensure that your pedals are tightened to at least 310 in-lbs (35 Nm) every 5 minutes for the first few rides. Before fitting, it's also a good idea to make sure your pedal axles are clean (a wire brush works well) then greased before installation.
Similarly, always check crank bolt torque is at least 310 in-lbs (35 Nm) every 5 minutes for the first few rides, then each and every ride after that.
Failure to keep your pedals or crank bolts tight as described above is likely damage your cranks and this will not be covered under warranty.

Please note that the minimum required thread contact between crank arm and sprocket/freewheel is 7mm, and a 1.37" sprocket/freewheel with maximum internal thread diameter 33.80mm (NOT 1.375") must be used. Failure to adhere to this instruction will damage the cranks threads and this is not covered under warranty.



Hi, I have recently bought one of these but found out that I might need to buy a bb from here aswell as the cranks may hav an error with the frame ? I hav an echo zoo Lynx frame. What are your thoughts on this?

Posted by Tommy on 18/12/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/12/2015

Hi Tommy - Clearance can be a little tight on the ZOO!/Echo frames, especially with the Trialtech cranks. Trialtech make a BB called the Sport Spanish BB (Quick find code: 013090) which is 8mm longer than the standard BB in your frame so should give you the extra clearance you need. I have heard of riders filing/grinding the back of the crank arms to give them the extra clearance they need, but the longer BB might be a better bet in the long term. Thanks, Mark

Sergey Priven

Hi guys Is there any warranty for those cranks or any cranks at all. Thanks

Posted by Sergey Priven on 11/08/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/08/2013

Hi Sergey - these, and all our other cranks come with our standard six month warranty. Thanks, Flipp.

Alex Clare

Just had a word with some lads on Trials Forum and one noted that these cranks on a GU 26" are known for catching the brake cylinders? Is this correct?

Posted by Alex Clare on 13/06/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/06/2014

Hi Alex - thanks for your question. It is very dependant upon lots of things. Rim width, and brake pad depth being the main ones, but the cranks can sometimes end up clipping due to the bottom bracket being 124mm rather than 128mm. We would recommend Echo cranks for use on that bike as they have the larger offset and will remove the issue, though these will happily work on many setups. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


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