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RockMan 72 Click

Product code: 10690


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RockMan 72 Click

- Six high quality heat treated steel pawls are offset into groups of three into a tough 36 tooth ratchet, giving 72 engagement points per revolution.
- Springs have now updated for much stiffer ones which gives a more direct, secure feeling engagement!
- The bearing locking is also situated against the crank arm to keep it from coming loose - a nifty little feature!
- 4 large removal pockets are also set into the other side of the freewheel: these do not stick out like tabs, which allows shorter bottom brackets to be run, and therefore better chain lines and increased chain life.
- 1.37" x 24tpi thread fits almost all hubs and cranks.
- Also compatible with the SKF Bottom Brackets.
- 18T size only.
- Weight: 179g

Overall Thickness: 17.17mm

This freewheel must be bedded in before trials use, to ensure any excess grease used when assembling the freewheel works away from the mechanism. You can do this by riding the freewheel around 'normally' for a few hours, both freewheeling and engaging the mechanism gently. If the freewheel is subjected to trials use without having been bedded in, the pawls will not engage correctly and this causes the freewheel to skip, damaging the pawls and ratchet. If you wish to speed up this process, you can thin the grease down with light oil like GT85 or WD40, by spraying it between the centre and outer teeth of the freewheel and rotating it. Failure to bed the freewheel in correctly will void the warranty.

Additional Information

Also compatible with SKF bottom brackets, however you may not be able to run a bashring with this setup - please contact us if you are unsure.

Can be used on the rear as long as you have a hub with standard 1.37" x 24 tpi thread.

Always ensure the lockring is kept tight, failure to do so may limit chances of any warranty replacement being issued. If you need help with how to do this then just give us a call!

Freewheel sound level:

All freewheels tested under similar conditions. Please note that the sound level of a freewheel may change after bedding in. A 10 dB increase in sound level is approximately equivalent to double the perceived volume.


Matty Anderson

I have a 20" GU will it fit?

Posted by Matty Anderson

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Matty - If your GU currently uses a screw-on 18t freewheel on the crank arm then this freewheel should fit fine as a replacement. Thanks, Mark

Axel Fors

so im using the bike builder to build my first trials bike and i saw that there is both a free wheel that is optional and there is also a rear sprocket wich is a must. Can you please clearify what these two parts roles are and which one i should choose if i want to be able to roll without the cranks spinning(if that has anything to do with this) Thanks- Axel

Posted by Axel Fors

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Axel - you will definitely need a freewheel or a freehub at one end of the drivetrain, and a fixed sprocket at the other. Where to put it depends on your preferences and the type of bike you want. Given that you want a streety bike, we'd recommend going for either a freehub (Hope Pro II) which has the clicking mechanism built in, or a fixed 135mm rear hub with a freewheel. If you use a freehub, you will also need a splined sprocket, and with both of these setups you will need a fixed front sprocket - which type depends on the cranks you use. Gear ratio is also important - the Inspired complete builds come with a 22 tooth sprocket on the cranks, and a 16 on the rear wheel. Some people prefer a heavier ratio, but again, this depends on how you want to ride. If you are not sure, sticking with the 22:16 ratio is a safe bet. This means you would need a 22 tooth front sprocket (most likely a screw-on type, if you are buying separate cranks from us), and either a 16t splined sprocket for a freehub,or a 16t freewheel and fixed (threaded) rear hub. With a front freewheel, the chain is ALWAYS moving, which means your trousers can get caught in the chain very easily when coasting. With a rear freewheel the chain only moves when you pedal. Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.

luke stanger

Hi, was just wondering if this would fit on the zoo lynx crankset?

Posted by luke stanger

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Luke - thanks for your question. This freewheel would fit those cranks absolutely fine. Thanks, Flipp.


hi can i put this on a onza ska or can u recommend a free wheel hub? many thanks in advance

Posted by aaran

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Aaran - This freewheel should fit on your Ska absolutely fine. Thanks, Mark

andres molleda

hi, this freewheel can be used in any standard hub?

Posted by andres molleda

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Andres - As long as it's threaded for a standard thread sprocket/freewheel (NOT a BMX hub with micro freewheel threads) then this freewheel should work fine. Thanks, Mark


i have a 20" onza rip would this free wheel fit?

Posted by jay

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jay - This should fit your Rip fine. Thanks, Mark

aaron french

is it worth the money / how long does it last thanks from aaron

Posted by aaron french

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Aaron - These freewheels are fairly reliable from our experience. They don't quite offer the same level of performance as 108-click freewheels, but they are obviously a little cheaper. The length of time they last depends very much on your riding style - some riders tend to use more pedal pressure or have different technique to other riders, and this will impact on it's life. For the majority of people they should last a reasonable length of time. Thanks, Mark

luke townsend

I have got a Onza T-Pro freewheel would that freewheel fit my bike?

Posted by luke townsend

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Luke - Whether the freewheel will fit depends on your current setup. The RockMan freewheel is relatively thin so it shouldn't cause any clearance issues (which is the main issue with freewheels - they all use a standard thread so should fit on to any trials crank/hub). If you want us to double check, e-mail us and let us know your setup and we can try and help. Thanks, Mark


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Posted by ant

A good freewheel for the price but soon started to go a bit down hill, makes a few scary clunks but still for the money its not bad.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ant - If your freewheel's gone quieter and seems to be skipping from time to time it might be worth giving it a quick flush out with GT-85 or something similar. If you spray some lube into the gap between the drive shell of the freewheel and the core of the freewheel, by gently spinning the cranks you can get it to work into the freewheel mechanism and move out and dirt that might be in there. It can often help resurrect freewheels that are feeling a little rough.


Not very reliable

Posted by David

The freewheel has done me well but it hasn't been incredibly reliabloe. Some days it skips loads and others it's fine. I think now, there is something wrong with it as it creaks loads every time I pedal, and the cranks don't tend to spin when i push the bike forward. Like it's not engaging properly. But overall, it has done me fine, and I've had no bad incidents with it.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi David - Generally freewheels don't 'creak' as there isn't really any way they can do so. It might be worth double checking the tightness of your BB and cranks and re-greasing them if necessary as they're much more likely to be making a creaking noise. Thanks, Mark


Good to start with...

Posted by Popey

When i first purchased this freewheel it worked great. But after 6 months use it has started to skip occasionally, slowly getting worse.. Great item but just didnt wear quite as well as i had hoped! Still worth 3.5/5 though!

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