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Inspired Hex Team 2018

Product code: 11952


On order

Inspired Hex Team 2018

Dispatch time 2-3 days - this bike is assembled in our workshop before dispatch. Minor assembly required on arrival, details supplied with bike.

1 upgrade available

Magura MT7 with HC3 Blade Upgrade - Can Be Added At Checkout

  • All-new frame kit!
  • Top spec list including Hope Pro 4 Hubs.
  • Updated geometry to improve performance.
- Based around the latest generation Fourplay and Skye bikes, the Hex brings the best of the 24" market to the 26"!
- New features include a tapered head tube, 15mm front through axle, one-piece drop out/rear disc mount, hollow BB yoke (as found on the Skye V3) and lighter, upgraded tubeset.
- The specification of the bikes has also been freshened up to make it even better than ever.

Frame and Forks
- Frame: Inspired Hex 2018
- Forks: Inspired Hex Tapered, 15mm Through Axle

- Front hub: Hope Pro 4, Black, 32h, 15mm Through Axle
- Rear hub: Hope Pro 4 Trials, Black, 32h
- Chain tensioner: Trialtech Sport Single Sided Sprung, Black
- Front rim: Inspired 26" Team V2
- Rear rim: Inspired 26" Team V2
- Spokes: Sapim Race DB
- Rim tape: Trialtech, Black
- Inner tubes: Maxxis
- Tyres: Maxxis Holy Roller, 26 x 2.4"

- Front brake: Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone, 180mm
- Rear brake: Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone, 180mm
- Now also available Magura MT7 brakes (180mm) with either standard or HC3 lever blades as an additional upgrade if you wish - these options are added at the Checkout.

- Cranks: Truvativ Descendant 7K, 175mm, Black
- Chain: KMC Z610
- Rear Sprocket: Trialtech Sport HD Splined 18T
- Pedals: Inspired Team V2 Platform
- Bottom bracket: Truvitiv GXP
- Bashring: Inspired 22t Truvativ Integrated Bashring

- Saddle: Inspired Tripod Kevlar, Medium
- Seatpost: Inspired Tripod
- Seat Clamp: Inspired

- Headset: FSA 1 1/8" Internal Upper, 1.5" External Lower
- Stem: Trialtech Sport. 90mm x 35˚
- Grips: Inspired Lock-On V2
- Handlebars: Inspired Arcade, Black

- 10.92kg including pedals.

- Wheelbase: 1023mm
- Chainstay: 380mm
- BB Rise: +20mm
- Head Angle: 73.5
- Reach: 685mm

This bike is supplied with a 6 month warranty covering manufacturing and materials defects. The warranty does not cover mistreatment or poor maintenance. Please ensure all the details on the warranty sheet supplied with the bike are adhered to. Certain circumstances (such as stripped threads or rounded crank arm tapers) only occur due to a lack of correct maintenance and all manufacturers are aware of these situations, so any claims due to incorrect maintenance procedures are much less likely to be successful.

We build this bike to a 100% complete state in our workshop before dispatch to ensure all items are manufactured correctly and nothing is missing, but we do have to remove some parts to ensure there is no damage during transit. You will need some basic tools (usually 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen keys and a 15mm spanner) for final assembly upon arrival. We have a video guide here to help, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

Please note that the specification on the bike may occasionally vary slightly from the photos and description. If this happens then the overall effect will be an upgrade and it will not affect the cosmetic appearance of the bike drastically.



What colour would your recommend for this bike and TELL ME THE UPS AND DOWN

Posted by Marik on 07/06/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/06/2014

Hi Marik - unfortunately we can't recommend a colour as it is entirely down to your personal preference. The benefits of a bigger bike is that they roll smoother than smaller bikes, and they have more room for taller riders, though they can feel a little difficult to manoeuvre if you're accustomed to smaller bikes and often work out being a little heavier. The majority of the decision lies with your preferences on how a bike should handle. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


What is the lightest bike in the inspired range and what are some of the most popular colours

Posted by Marik on 07/06/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/06/2014

Hi Marik - the lightest Inspired bike is the 20" Flow due to it's small size. The lightest Inspired designed for fully grown riders is the Flow 24", and the most popular colours depend on the type of bike you buy. Inspired make two new colours available at a time which change with each model, so it is a little difficult to compare. Thanks, Flipp.

Frank Hutton

I have an inspired element as well as an echo pure sl pro (custom build). I had the element first and really struggled to learn the basics. I found that when I first hopped on the Echo, I was easily able to do many more basic skills (hopping on back wheel etc.) instantly. Would the hex be more similar to the echo or the element? Would my newfound skills on the Echo translate onto the Hex better? I am starting to think that the main issues I had with the element were that I couldn't get the rear brake to grab at all. What are your thoughts? I would love to get a hex at some stage to replace both bikes. The more detail the merrier! Thanks heaps, Frank

Posted by Frank Hutton on 08/08/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/08/2018

Hi Frank - The more trials-focused bikes out there like the Echo will make learning the basics of trials a little easier due to the geometry of the bikes. They're designed specifically for that style of riding, whereas the Inspired range are a designed to allow you to do a broader range of riding. To look at it another way, learning to do spins and BMX-inspired moves on an Echo would be harder than learning the basics of trials on an Inspired.

Comparing the Element to the Hex, the Hex would be much easier/better to ride than the Element. It sounds like you may have had a rim brake on the Element - if this is the case, the disc brake on the rear of the Hex will help out a great deal on its own! The geometry on the Hex is an improvement from the Element too. The rear triangle is more compact which makes it better on the rear wheel, and better for bunnyhops and spins too. It is the same length as the Echo, whereas depending on the year the Element would be between 5-15mm longer. The BB is a little higher than the Element which again makes it better for trials moves. The tapered head tube and front through axle mean that it's a little stiffer so more responsive. It will also be a little lighter which will help trials moves to an extent.

Now you have built up skills from riding your Echo, they will translate onto the Hex fairly easily. Initially the Hex will be harder to do the same scale of moves as you can on your Echo, but they will be easier than they would have been on the Element. Once you're used to it, you'll be able to build the size of moves back up. While you're doing that, you'll also being able to incorporate more street style moves into your riding too.

We find that many riders who have an out-and-out trials bike and something like an Inspired tend to spend more time on their Inspired, and that was certainly the case for me too! I was in a similar position, and I found that the Inspired being a much more versatile bike meant that although I couldn't go quite as big on it as I could some moves on my trials bike, it allowed me to do a lot more in general. As a result, it became my go-to bike and in the end I sold my trials bike as it wasn't being used.

If you're hoping to primarily concentrate on competition-style trials then the Echo will be the better tool for the job. If you're hoping to blend that style of trials in with some more flowing moves, riding alternative setups like skateparks or pump tracks and so on then the Inspired would be better suited to it.

Hopefully that helps! If you've got any more questions, feel free to ask.

enkhshsgai chuluunhuu

Hi tarty ican i get the hex in selver or crome thanks sorry if i my speling is bad thanks shagai

Posted by enkhshsgai chuluunhuu on 20/10/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/10/2018

The Hex is only available in the colour shown. At present, that's Metallic Orange.


Hi, I've been riding downhill MTB for a few years now and I would like to get into trials as many of my friend have started recently. Would you say this bike would be suitable for a guy like myself? (6ft6", 190lbs and used to riding a full suspension DH bike.)

Posted by charliecar on 09/03/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/03/2014

Hi Charlie - thanks for your question. This bike sounds very well suited to you. It has a much more "normal bike" feel than more competition oriented trials bikes, whilst still being more than capable of the more specialist types of riding. You will likely be most comfortable on this as it is closer to what you are familiar with. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Marik Trajkovski

What age would you recommend these bikes for and can you tell me if the bikes are any good what are the ups and downs of this bike and is the inspired hex the best out of or the other types

Posted by Marik Trajkovski on 06/06/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/06/2014

Hi Marik - thanks for your question. These bikes are great for most people aged around 16 and over. It is less of an age consideration and more to do with height. If you are less than 5' tall you will find these bikes quite big, and potentially difficult to manoeuvre. These are very good bikes and are the best you can buy for 26" street-trials riding. I hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


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