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Trialtech Sport 26"

Product code: 10548


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Trialtech Sport 26"

4-Bolt Only
Disc Only (+20 Mount)

Sold out

- Super stiff and super strong 26" fork from trials brand Trialtech.
- Curved fork blades increase contact/weld area.
- Ultra thick one-piece CNC machined aluminium steerer tube (6mm wall thickness), this fork overcomes many issues previously seen when using a bonded 2 piece steerer.
- Steerer is extra thick at the bottom, more so than other forks which appear to be the same, ensuring maximum stiffness and strength.
- The steerer tube has a radius at the bottom to prevent cracking, therefore some models of crown race may not appear to seat fully. This is normal and does not cause any problems.
- Custom designed and manufactured disc brake mount is extra long to prevent cracking at the top where it joins the leg.
- On the 4-Bolt version, the mounts are welded separately onto the legs (instead of one piece) again to prevent cracking as seen on other forks.
- Advanced one piece top-cap/nut replaces the standard press-fit star fangled nut, top-cap and bolt featured on other forks (thread depth 45mm).
- Super tough black anodised finish with laser etched Trialtech logo down the front of the left fork leg.
- Available for 26" bikes in Disc Only or 4-Bolt Only braking options.
- Plus 20mm disc mount means a 20mm larger rotor than normal is required. For example, if your current brake is a Hope Mono Trial 160mm, you need to fit a 180mm brake rotor with these forks. This ensures maximum braking power, without the need for cumbersome adaptors.
- Dropout size 9.5mm to fit all standard 9mm axles (Hope, Try-All, Shimano, Chris King, V!Z, Onza, etc.). Echo hubs use a 10mm axle and will need modification.
- Please note: Dropouts are now solid, rather than drilled out as shown in the product images.
- Weight: 896g (Disc), 900g (4-Bolt).
- Weights include top bolt (replaces top-cap, bolt and star fangled nut) and un-cut 200mm steerer.

Fork Dimensions

- Axle to Crown length: 410mm
- Axle Offset: 40mm
- Steerer tube length: 200mm

Additional Information

Please note: These forks no longer have a cable guide on the back of the left hand leg. They also use an industry standard 9mm dropout, so some hubs like Echo TR may need a small modification to fit into the fork as they have a 10mm axle.

Please note that due to the design limitations of 4-Bolt forks, they are always less durable than the same model without the 4-Bolt mount fitted. The stiff section where the mount is located causes a stress riser, and this makes the fork more likely to break. We therefore advise that forks fitted with a 4-Bolt brake mount will always fail earlier than the same fork without this mount attached.



Can the try all 3D stem be used with these forks, as the threaded top cap that comes with the forks is different to the try all top cap?

Posted by Chris on 20/12/2010

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/12/2010

Yes, you just need to fit a Small Star Nut to the fork. Thanks, Adam


I have a doubt, what is the distance between the shaft where the wheel is fixed and the area where it mounts the steering box (that fits into the frame area)

Posted by Pedro on 28/04/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/04/2012

Hello Pedro - That distance is 410mm. Thanks, Mark


Can I fit a 24'' wheel with this fork?

Posted by Jack on 09/08/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/08/2015

Hi Jack - yes, you can use a 24" wheel with this fork perfectly. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello, could you tell me when this fork will be available approximately (4 bolt version)?

Posted by konstantin on 15/04/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/04/2016

Hi Konstantin - These forks have been discontinued so we are unable to get any more. Sorry! Thanks, Mark


Hi there, I have recently bought this Trialtech Sport Disc fork from you and have got an older edition Hope Mono hydraulic front brake with 180mm disc rotor which is not fit directly to this fork. My question is which adapter should I buy from your webshop? Many thanks: Louis

Posted by Louis on 29/10/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/10/2014

Hi Louis - thanks for your question. If you used to bolt the brake directly to your old forks and use it with a 180mm rotor then for these forks you will need to use a 200mm rotor. These forks feature a +20mm mount meaning a larger rotor can be used without the use of adaptors, as mentioned in the product description. Thanks, Flipp.

Andrew Jack

Would these forks be suitable for an Inspired Fourplay frame?

Posted by Andrew Jack on 16/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/08/2011

Yes. Thanks, Adam

Marco Patrizi

This fork can be mounted on a 231 Kamel? the length of the boat has to be changed?

Posted by Marco Patrizi on 12/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/01/2011

Hi Marco - These forks would fit fine on a 231 Kamel. If you use the Disc fork, you will need to change your rotor size up 20mm as the forks use a +20mm mount. Thanks, Mark

Christopher Ryan

Is everything needed to fit these come with the fork or will I need a special bolt and topcap. Thanks

Posted by Christopher Ryan on 25/03/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/03/2012

Hi Christopher - If you have a conventional stem (one without a sloping top cap like the Try-All, RockMan or Monty stems) then the top cap supplied with these forks should fit fine. All you'd need to do would be to remove your crown race from your old forks, then install that on the new Trialtech forks. It's worth noting that the disc model has a +20mm adaptor built-in, so if you're currently using a disc brake you may need to get either a 20mm larger rotor, or a different adaptor. Thanks, Mark

Alan sharp

Will these forks work on my neon bow frame and echo sl headset thanks

Posted by Alan sharp on 13/07/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 13/07/2016

Hi Alan - These should work fine as long as you take the Echo SL crown race from your current forks and put them on your new ones. Thanks, Mark


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Based on 5 customer ratings


Great quality forks

Posted by Dave on 18/03/2011

I swapped to some trialtechs from echo urbans and the difference is phenominal. Straight out of the box you can feel the quality of these forks, they look great and perform brilliantly. Whats an extra few grams when your getting such an excellent quality product?!


Quality and innovation

Posted by Kirill on 24/01/2012

So my Zoo! fork is broken. Was hard decision to take this one or the carbon one from TryAll. Then i saw that pic of a TryAll fork, broken by Vincent Hermance. Then i was told that previously announced 3 months warranty is reduced to 0! Then they went out of stock and the new video of TRA was so good that i took this shiny Trialtech fork, f*ck those 500g. i could've lost. Didnt ride yet, but while and after mounting it i was so impressed by the quality, compared to all Zoo and Echo forks i used before! "Advanced one piece top-cap/nut" is awesome and i replaced mango colored ChrisKIng one almost without any regret, cause the idea is so simple and brilliant! Curved fork blades look really sexy. Gonna add more to this review after i actually test the fork in battle!



Posted by David on 26/03/2012

Haven't rode on these yet, but pictures do not do these justice! I was worried the curved leg would not look good, I couldn't be wrong! Cheers Tartybikes! Super fast postage too.

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/03/2012

Hi David - I'm glad you like the forks. They're top quality, and when you see them 'in person' that definitely shines through - hopefully you'll enjoy using them as much as looking at them! Thanks for the review.


The best forks

Posted by Paul on 06/04/2012

Really nice forks and great build quality. Top strength to weigh ratio, would be nice however if the disk mounts came faced on a ridged fork costing over £120

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/04/2012

Hi Paul - I'm glad you like the forks - they're definitely top quality! Regarding the facing, the Trialtech forks are actually faced at the factory before anodising. Thanks for the review.


quality forks

Posted by Michael on 01/01/2014

I am really impressed with the quality and durability of these forks, they are stiff and have had one hell of a battering over the last year with no signs of weakness, I would definitely buy these again.

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/01/2014

Hi Michael - thanks for your review. These forks really are incredibly good, we have to agree with you there! Hopefully your period of no-fork-issues will continue for a good while yet! Thanks, Flipp.

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