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Inspired Team 24" Drilled

Product code: 11220

£37.49RRP: £41.67(Save 10%)

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Inspired Team 24" Drilled

- Lightweight, 24" specific 'Team' rim.
- Double wall construction for increased strength and stiffness.
- Un-eyeletted construction saves over 50g when compared with eyeletted rims.
- 20mm holes drilled in the rim help to reduce weight.
- 35mm wide profile gives good anti-roll performance even at low tyre pressures.
- White painted rim has water transfer logos.
- Has a painted sidewall and can also be used with disc or rim brakes, but please note the paint can wear off just like any other painted rim.
- Parallel sidewalls make setting up the brake easier, especially when using washerless models of brake clamp.
- Available in White, 32h spoke drilling only.
- Please note: Some of the White rims have very minor scuffs on, hence the discount. These are barely visible!
- Weight: 583g
- ERD: 488mm.

Hole Diameter: 20mm



Trials rims are un-eyelleted because they generally go through less revolutions compared to ones on a mountain bike. Street trials involve a lot more rolling around compared to tradition trials will un eyelleted rims hold up? Problems with the spokes pulling through? Thanks, Mike

Posted by Mike on 03/07/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/07/2011

Hi Mike - The main reason that trials rims tend to be uneyeletted is that it helps reduce costs and saves weight. There aren't really that many issues with spokes pulling through/cracking rims (which is the main reason for eyeletting rims), so it's not really seen as being necessary especially bearing in mind a lot of riders are aiming more for light-weight setups now. For street trials in particular they seem to hold up fine - almost all 24" trials/street-trials rims are uneyeletted and I haven't heard of many/any issues. I've run the Inspired Team rims as well as Spank Stiffy AL40 rims - both of which are uneyeletted - and the lack of eyelets have never been a problem. Thanks, Mark


Hi, Do i need to still buy rim tape with the inspired team 2011 rim? Thanks

Posted by Tom on 24/08/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 25/08/2011

Hi Tom - The Team rims (like the majority of our rims) are sold without rim tape, so you would need to purchase that separately. Thanks, Mark


Do these work as both front and rear rim?

Posted by Simon on 05/04/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/04/2014

Hi Simon - yes, these rims are perfectly at home on either end of the bike. Thanks, Flipp.


What's the difference between this drilled rim and the Inspired non-drilled rim in terms of strength?

Posted by Dave on 30/01/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/02/2015

Hi Dave - thanks for your question. The drilled rims will not be as strong as the undrilled rims, and as a percentage, the difference in strength will be larger than the difference in weight. Having said that, the drilled rims will still be fine for most people. If you have had trouble with damaging rims through your riding then the undrilled option would be more suited to you. Thanks, Flipp.


when will you get the undrilled version of these rims back in to stock, or next years rims in stock? also, do you recon next years rims will come in a matte/satin black option? thanks, Joshua also, an answer to another customer mentioned spank rims coming in to stock in November, will these be undrilled and how will they measure up to the inspired drilled rim? thanks again, Joshua

Posted by joshua on 04/09/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/09/2015

Hi Joshua - We don't know when undrilled Inspired rims will be back in stock, sorry. We also haven't been given any info about any replacements so I couldn't say, sorry! In terms of the Spank rims, they're very good. They're the rims that you may have noticed Ali C using in his past few videos, and I've been running various models of Spank rims over the past 4-5 years and have found them to be nice and strong. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I was planning on picking up some of these rims for both my front and rear wheel, and was wondering if you could recommend an appropriate rip tape to use with them. Thanks

Posted by Gavin on 04/10/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/10/2016

Hi Gavin - The 24" Trialtech rim tape (Quick find code: 010284) should do the job nicely. If you find you have problems seating your tyre you may need to trim a little off the sides, but if you do that isn't a big job to do. Thanks, Mark

gavin gilbert

few questions is it worth have a rim grind on the black rim as it says its cnc machined so is there no point. does the inspired logos come of the black rim if used with a rim brake?. are these rims pinned with the steel pin or do they have a welded seam. this will help me with my decision to buy thanks

Posted by gavin gilbert on 03/05/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/05/2012

Hi Gavin - Thanks to the CNC machined rims, with a good set of pads you should be able to get away without a grind. If you want outright performance then a grind might be a good idea just for peace of mind, but most softer pads designed to work with a smooth rim should perform well. The Inspired logos are laser etched onto the rim so they should be very durable - they're effectively a part of the rim, so they can't really wear off as such. These rims are pinned rather than welded. Thanks, Mark

Jonathan Chilton

Will you be getting atom lab pimplite rims back in stock? Or the new spank 24" rims Ali C and the drop and roll team have been using? Thanks

Posted by Jonathan Chilton on 12/08/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/08/2015

Hi Jonathan - thanks for your question. Unfortunately it looks as if we won't be getting any more of the Pimp Lite rims. We are expecting to stock the Spank rims from November onwards, but can't get any before then. Thanks, Flipp.


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team rim

Posted by David on 01/12/2010

Light and strong, but use a plastic tyre lever though or the sidewalls mark.



Posted by gavin on 19/05/2012

Very light. Look good I was surprised at the brake performance on the CNC sidewall. The Inspired logo will probably not come off. Been braking quite a lot and no sign of wear yet. Thanks Tartybikes, awesome product from Inspired.

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/05/2012

Hi Gavin - They are great looking rims and seem to work well too! Thanks for the review - I'm glad you're happy with them.

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