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Try-All 3D Forged (No top cap)

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Try-All 3D Forged (No top cap)

Silver 127 x 30° (No top cap)
Silver 150 x 30° (No top cap)

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- Lightweight and strong forged stem for use with 20", 24" and 26" wheeled trials bikes!
- Forged construction method uses 6061 aluminium and allows for great weight saving without reducing the strength and stiffness.
- Available in 127mm or 150mm with 30 degree rise, with 44mm tall steerer clamp (measured to the top of the slope).
- 150mm version features different graphics (as seen in last picture).
- Compatible with 31.8mm handlebars only.
- 2-bolt bar clamp design helps save weight and gives improved chest clearance - as requested by top K-124 World riders such as Benito Ros!
- Features a sloping steerer clamp (Try-All Top Cap sold separately) that gives more clearance and a cleaner look.
- Tough matt black or silver anodised finish with laser etched Try-all graphics.
- Weight (Incl. bolts): 182.4g (127mm), 199.8g (150mm version).
- Clamp height: 30mm (R), 44mm (F)

Suggested uses:

127mm - Kids trials bikes, or 0-50mm BB rise 26" bikes.
150mm - 20" bikes or 50+mm BB rise 26" bikes.

Additional Information

Please ensure when fitting your new stem that there is a gap of 2-4mm between the top of your steerer tube and the top of your stem's clamping area. This will ensure that your headset can tighten correctly and give your stem good support from your forks.

Please note that the Monty Top Caps are not compatible with this stem.

To help with fitting of riser bars please refer to the additional picture to help split the clamp. You can screw the bolts in backwards and place an object in there such as a ruler or a 2p coin.



Hi there, I am a 5'2 rider so I have quite a problem with reach on standard trial bikes. I'm looking for something that would help me get more comfy on my bike and not overly stretched out due to my reach. Will this stem fit me? Also what is the difference between the current ECHO TR 150x30 stem vs this? Can this stem be fitted on a 20" 2012 Echo lite with ECHO TR fork? Thank you so much!

Posted by JT on 18/10/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/10/2013

Hi JT - thanks for your question. This would be a fairly good option in this case - you just need to bear in mind that losing 23mm of length will make quite a lot of difference. If you only want to make the bike a little bit shorter, you could just try rolling your handlebars back a little, though if you feel very stretched out then this is probably the sort of size you're after. This stem will fit to that bike just fine. Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


I am 5'2 (157cm), can I use this stem on my 2012 Echo MK II 20" or would it be better to stick to my 150 x30 Echo stem. My bike comes with an echo urban 20" fork. How many mm spacers should I use if I buy this stem? Thank You!

Posted by JT on 20/10/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/10/2013

Hi JT - I just replied to your other question which covers the first part of this one. As for stackers, you should just use as many or as few as makes the bike feel comfortable for you. Some people use none, and I've met a few people with more than 60mm! Since this bike has a sloping top-cap, your main consideration should be getting the position of the top of the steerer correct. If you want to use less stackers, you will need to cut the steerer down accordingly. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi there, can this stem be run with a standard steerer tube or does it need to be cut to an angle ? Thanks

Posted by Darren on 28/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 29/08/2014

Hi Darren - the steerer tube will need to be cut on a slope to match the stem. Thanks, Flipp.

Minjun Kim

"Sloping Top Cap" Does not include bolt? I ordered goods are not included in the bolt

Posted by Minjun Kim on 01/06/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/06/2012

Hello - The bolt is not included with the Stem and Sloping Top Cap. Most riders re-use their old bolt as any M6 bolt will work well with it. Thanks, Mark

Reece Jones

if i order one of theese and some tryall bars could you fit them onto the bar? or even if i could send some extra money to pay for it fitting ?

Posted by Reece Jones on 09/01/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/01/2013

Hi Reece - If you'd like us to do this it should be possible, although due to size of the bar/stem combo when it's assembled it wouldn't fit into our normal fork/bar box. As a result there may be a little postage surcharge due to the increase in size. They're fairly easy to fit though - if you follow our stem tip ( you should be able to fit them with no problem. If you just open the clamp up gradually you won't risk damaging it, and you'll also avoid scuffing/scratching your bars too. Thanks, Mark


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well thought out product

Posted by martin on 05/01/2012

I'm liking the geometry of this stem, it works well with the try-all carbon bars. The sloping top cap has helped in me not hitting it in tight moves close to the stem, and the same with the two bolt clamp system.

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/01/2012

Hi Martin - Thanks for the detailed review!


Top notch.

Posted by Brad. on 05/01/2013

I'm running this stem on my Echo 24", with TrialTech High Rise Bars and 10mm worth of stem stackers. The geo of the stem seems to suit the bike perfectly. Previously I was running a 165 x 35 onza master stem, and it rode nicely, but now with the TryAll stem, the bike sits effortless on the rear wheel, which has aided me to gap and sidehop bigger, aswell as tap and upto front. Excellent product.

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/01/2013

Hi Brad - I'm glad to hear your stem has improved the feel of your bike. We've heard plenty of good reports of this stem with the newer generation of 24" bikes, so it's good to hear it's worked well for you too. Thanks for the review!

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