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TNN Engineering LGM Green Pads (Pair)

Product code: 10892


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TNN Engineering LGM Green Pads (Pair)

  • Work best with: Medium or light grind.
- Green pads feature a high performance compound designed for more harshly ground rims and wet weather, mounted in a super pimp CNC machined aluminium alloy backing manufactured by TNN Engineering of Australia.
- The compound has been developed and tweaked with the help of a diverse range of riders (including Lewis Greenhalgh, Kenny Belaey, Stan Shaw and Ali C) to provide awesome braking on all types of ground rim.
- Great sound, with sharp bite and tremendous hold, but still with a superb wear life.
- Aluminium backing provides extra braking force and lever feedback since it is much stiffer than standard plastic backings.
- Fitted to the brake cylinder using an O ring, this ensures a snug fit.
- Unique hand-assembled gluing method is more advanced than other alloy-backed pads.

Recommended Use

Sharp light or medium grind, dry weather, slightly deeper grind for wet weather. A harsh grind in dry weather will wear the pads quickly.


Due to the very stiff backings, it is imperative that these pads are set up perfectly squarely.

Additional Information

Always ensure that the O-ring is lubricated before fitting the pads, this will allow it to fit over the pin on your brake cylinder more easily.

Supplied as one pair (2 pads) as shown.

Please note that the use of tar, brake spray or other substances can have adverse effects on the life of brake pads and we are unable to accept responsibility for this.


There are currently no questions relating to this product.


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Based on 14 customer ratings


LGM pads

Posted by Jordan

Wow! Very pleased indeed! Works like a dream and makes no noise when I use them. Now I can concentrate better! Thanks for great service once again :)

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jordan - thanks for the review. Glad to hear you're happy with your purchase! Thanks, Flipp.



Posted by Dave

Awesome, its not credible how good these pads are. I think they're made in Australia which is also incredible because we don't make much any more. AWESOME. Thanks TB :)

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dave - It's good to hear that the pads are working well for you! They're hand-made in Australia too which is probably even less commonplace. Thanks for the review!


Awesome pads

Posted by Chris

I needed some better pads so I went for the Green `LGM` pads. So easy to setup. I love the sound of the pads when you move or hop on the back wheel. One of the most powerful pads I've used. Great service guys, turned up quick. Thanks, C.T :)

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Chris - Thanks for the feedback about the pads! It's good to hear they've got to you quickly too.


LGM is the boss

Posted by Ling

5 out 5 without doubt. Been using it for couple month so far and still got sooo much pads left. Super great feeling, hard, steady and powerful. The sound are so loud even with a light grind, i tried it with some coca cola on my rims with the LGM, and DAMN!! My whole bike still shaking when i brake, the LGM are so powerful it felt like my frames are going to brake. Don't ever try it with Coca Cola, my brake clamps cracked because the LGM are so powerful. My friend told me to get some Rockman blues, but let me tell you this, get the LGM, all other pads are nothing compare to the LGM. Love it so much, bought even some more and that will for at least 3 years.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ling - I'm glad you like the pads! I got great results with my brake with LGMs and a light grind too, so I can definitely back that up. Thanks for the detailed review!


The best pads bar none

Posted by Paul

Really good pads, have used these and heatsink yellows mainly and these are my favorite hands down. Only downside is price.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Paul - The LGMs are pretty popular for all of our team riders who use Maguras, so they definitely seem to agree with you about performance! Thanks for the review.


Awesome hold

Posted by Joris

After a few hours of riding these pads start to become amazing, although my grind ist not that fresh. Compared to the Trialtech Pads and Phatpads i used before the bite is on about the same high level, but they hold much better. They also look like a high-quality produkt. Would be interesting to see weather Trialtech Pads peform the same in CNC Backings. Thanks to the Tartybikes Team for fast delivery. 3 Days from UK to Germany. Great buy.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joris - It's good to hear you're getting on well with the pads! We've found they work well too. Stan used the Trialtech pads with the TNN CNC Backings and they work very well too. The stiffer backings help increase their hold, so they work well overall. Thanks for the review!


Awesome performing pads!!

Posted by Duncano

I have been running these pads for about a year now, my phat pads were a bit tired so i plonked these in nice and square on the same set up and the brake found a new lease of life. They really improved the brake in terms of both hold and bite, and for people who like it the noise increased significantly. They just did the job with no questions asked. A decent fresh grind really brings out the best of these pads but if they are really well bed in the it isn't totally essential as they tend to just keep working. I switched from a tr rim to a trialtech sl rim and once bedded in to the angled sidewalls they performed just as well again, but a bit quieter which i preffered. I highly reccomend these pads and i will be using them until they aren't made no more due to out performing every other pad i have used. (y)

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Duncan - It's good to hear you're getting on well with the LGMs - they're my brake pad of choice too. Thanks for the review! Cheers, Mark


Lgm pads

Posted by paul

Well what can i say these pads are pretty good , the cnc backing does seem to increse the preformance. As some one has said if you arent willing to spend time setting them up these pads are not for you. With a like grind they hold and bite great and sound unbelievably good. Best 30 quid ive spent



Posted by ewen

right first off if you can't set up pads perfectly or don't want to spend time caring for them these aren't for you . the construction of the pads is very high quality using great materials , once fitted the brake will instantly show to be much better than any other pad on the market , they have great bite and hold even on my smooth rim! . The sound actually scares my neighbors cat which i hate ( ate my pet rabbit and bit me ) which is always fun . The pads work so well today when i was testing them in the wet i tried a to a pedal up a bunch of pallets and they fell over ... anyway beast pads , beast service from tarty you guys are the best wouldn't buy anywhere else :)


Awesome Pads

Posted by Ross

Best pads I've ever used by far, although I have yet to try any other pads with CNC backings. Best with a harsher grind. The only pads that come close to these that I've used are Coust pads. They do tend to wear a little unevenly when set up not exactly square with the rim, as do all metal-backed pads.


Awesome. :)

Posted by Dann2707

I scare my flatmates with the sound these produce when I hold my bike up, pedal and pull the back brake. They bite instantly. They hold perfectly too. On a few occasions they have slipped backwards but I think that's because I know I'm not going to make a hop up so let go of my back brake ever so slightly. Can't fault these pads, I haven't noticed much wear in them either. They work exactly the same in the wet. Its actually annoying that they do in a way because sometimes my riding friends wana call it a day when the rain comes but I want to stay out with my bike as they still perform the same! Another upside is like with any other cnc pad, you can get the cheaper refill rather than buying new pad backings over and over. This one retailing at £15 is perfectly priced. I'm not going to say I won't try any other pad, because I like change and like to compare others but at the moment these are performing AMAZINGLY well!

Reply from TartyBikes

Thanks for your detailed review!

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