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TartyBikes RD V-Brake Adaptors

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TartyBikes RD V-Brake Adaptors

New to the RD product range, the hotly anticipated RD V-Brake Adaptors!

- Adaptors to allow you to fit v-brake arms to your existing HS brakes mounts!
- Designed by Adam Read, with laser cut components made a short distance from Tarty Bikes, and assembled in house by us, these are truly a UK made product.
- Unique 3 point adjustment allows you to set the distance of the RD V-Brake Adaptor stud from the rim in 4mm increments for each side (a total of 8mm for both studs for each 'adjustment'), making the RD V-Brake Adaptors compatible with a wide range of frames, rim, and brake arm combinations.
- 'U' shaped top mount allows for minor discrepancies in HS mount bolt spacing, and allows the adaptor to 'self adjust' when setting the brake arm distance. Even if your HS mount bolt spacing is not exactly 46mm, these adaptors will fit!
- Main adaptor arms are laser cut from tough SAE 304 Stainless steel, right here in Bamber Bridge. 3mm thick plates have a similar stiffness to 9mm thick aluminium of the same design, making these arms super strong.
- Supplied with grade 10.9 steel bolts within a tensile strength of 1040MPa. A 3mm hex key fitting for both bolts makes installation and removal easy, with this common size hex key found on most good quality bicycle multi tools!
- Steel, nickel plated v-brake studs are modified by us, and precisely press fitted, then bolted in place. This unique design means there are no threads to strip holding the brake stud in place, and the mouting bolt adds extra stength to the brake stud. You can easily adjust the brake stud position relative to the rim using a simple 4mm hex key. The brake stud and top plate are replaceable if damaged.
- Can be used without a brake booster, but if you need one, our RD 'Wideboy' V-Brake Booster is perfect for wider rear brake mounts. Our standard RD V-Brake Booster is ideal for narrow front brake mounts, or older bikes with narrower rear brake mount spacing.
- Supplied as a pair of v-brake mounts for a single brake, with mounting bolts.
- Weight: 85.9g (pair, including mounting bolts).

How to fit the RD V-Brake Adaptors

- One some bikes, the HS mounts may not have adequate clearance for the brake stud bolt on the v-brake adaptors. To check this, follow the steps below.

1 - Measure from the centre of the lower HS mounting hole to the bottom edge of the mount tab below it. If this measurement is less than 8mm, the Rd V-Brake Adaptors will fit directly onto the HS mount.
2 - If the measurement is more than 8mm, you will need some RD V-Brake Spacer Plates to lift the adaptors clear of the HS mount. Instructions on how to fit these with the RD V-Brake Adaptors are on the RD V-Brake Spacer Plates product page.

- Important: Adaptors are supplied with the bolt on the underside of the stud slightly loose, to allow you to adjust the brake stud distance from the rim following the steps below. You MUST make sure this bolt is tightened to 10Nm once the brake stud position is set, and the adaptors are installed.

3 - Fit the v-brake adaptor to the HS brake mount on each side of the bike using the bolts supplied. Fit the countersunk bolt first and tighten fully to 5Nm. Fit the dome head top bolt and tight enough to hold the adaptor in place.
4 - Fit the v-brake calipers to the adaptors. You do not have to tighten them in place yet. Make sure the brake arm spring 'prong' sits inside the 'V' shaped cut away on the inside of the brake stud.
5 - Adjust the brake pad so it hits the rim squarely on both sides. The brake caliper arm should be parallel to the rim when the brake pad makes contact. If it is not, follow the next steps.
6 - To adjust the brake stud position, remove the brake arms, and remove the counter sunk bolt on the v-brake adaptor. If your brake arm was angled in towards the rim when the pad makes contact, rotate the stud away from the rim. This will position the brake arm closer to the rim. If your brake was angled away from the rim, rotate the brake stud in towards the rim, this will position the brake arm further away from the rim.
7 - Once the stud position has been adjusted, reinstall the counter sunk bolt, and the brake arms, then check the brake arm position again with the pad fully contacting the rim. It should be parallel to the rim. If it is not, repeat step 4, and try another brake stud position.
8 - Once the stud position is fully set, remove the brake arms, and adaptors, and tighten the bolt on the under side of the stud to 10Nm. You MUST do this before re-installing the v-brake adaptors fully.
9 - Re-fit the v-brake adaptors by tightening the countersunk bolt first to 6 to 8Nm, then the top dome head bolt to 6 to 8Nm. Make sure to use a small amount of grease on the threads.
10 - With the v-brake adaptors fitted, you can now install the v-brake caliper arms fully. Make sure to use a small amount of grease on the brake stud.
11 - Adjust the v-brake as normal.

- For instructions on how to fit the RD V-Brake Adaptors, and a general guide on setting up RD V-Brake Adaptors with the RD V-Brake Spacer Plates, Adam Read has made a comprehensive video guide!

Additional Information

Please note: All RD parts feature surface imperfections, and discolouration on the edges of one side of the part. This is a by-product of the laser cut process, and in no way affects fit or function. Each part is QC checked by us to make sure tolerances are correct for its designed function. The small well on RD parts, visible as a small 'U' shaped cut in one of the edges of the part, is the start / stop point of the laser. We purposely designed this feature on all RD parts to ensure a clean start and finish during the laser cutting process. Tarty Bikes logos are laser etched in, and will vary in definition and finish depending on the part.


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