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TartyBikes RD V-Brake Adaptor Spacer Plates

Product code: 14323


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TartyBikes RD V-Brake Adaptor Spacer Plates

3mm stainless steel spacer plates for use with the RD V-Brake Adaptors!

  • Chunky HS brake mounts? These spacer plates will give you the extra clearance to fit RD V-Brake Adaptors!
  • Supplied with longer mounting bolts for use with the RD V-Brake Adaptors.
- One some bikes, the HS brake mounts may be larger than normal. This can cause the stud bolt on the RD V-Brake Adaptors to foul the brake mount. These neat spacer plates lift the RD V-Brake adaptors by 3mm when fitted to the HS brake mount on a frame or fork, ensuring enough clearance.
- Designed by Adam Read, with laser cut components made a short distance from Tarty Bikes, these are truly a UK made product.
- Laser cut from tough SAE 304 Stainless steel, right here in Bamber Bridge, these 3mm thick plates have a similar stiffness to 9mm thick aluminium of the same design, making them super strong.
- Oval mount holes on the spacer plates allow them to 'self adjust' when used with the RD V-Brake Adaptors, giving them a wide range of compbatability with most frames and forks!
- Supplied with longer grade 10.9 steel bolts within a tensile strength of 1040MPa. These bolts are used instead of those supplied with the RD V-Brake Adaptors when using the RD V-Brake Adaptor Spacer Plates.
- T25 tool fitting for the lower, countersunk bolt, and 3mm hex key fitting for the upper, dome head bolt. Tools for both fittings are widely available, and found most good quality bicycle multi tools!
- Weight: 23.3g (pair, including mounting bolts) How to check if you need the RD V-Brake Spacer Plates

1 - 1 - Measure from the centre of the lower HS mounting hole to the bottom edge of the mount tab below it. If this measurement is less than 8mm, the Rd V-Brake Adaptors will fit directly onto the HS mount. You do not need the RD V-Brake Spacer Plates.
2 - If the measurement is more than 8mm, you will need some RD V-Brake Spacer Plates to lift the adaptors clear of the HS mount.

- For instructions on how to fit these spacer plates, and a general guide on setting up RD V-Brake Adaptors with these spacer plates, Adam Read has made a comprehensive video guide!

Additional Information

Please note: All RD parts feature surface imperfections, and discolouration on the edges of one side of the part. This is a by-product of the laser cut process, and in no way affects fit or function. Each part is QC checked by us to make sure tolerances are correct for its designed function. The small well on RD parts, visible as a small 'U' shaped cut in one of the edges of the part, is the start / stop point of the laser. We purposely designed this feature on all RD parts to ensure a clean start and finish during the laser cutting process. Tarty Bikes logos are laser etched in, and will vary in definition and finish depending on the part.


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Product code: 14322




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