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Trialtech ISIS Crank Bolts

Product code: 2116


In stock

Trialtech ISIS Crank Bolts

M12 (Pair)
M15 (Pair)

Sold out

- Pair of replacement crank bolts to fit ISIS bottom brackets, including the SKF BFR series.
- High quality steel construction, then chrome plated for weather resistance.
- 8mm allen key fitting.
- Available in M12 or M15 sizes.
- Weight: M12 - 38.8g (Pair), M15 - 46.2g (Pair)



Hi, what size would I need to fit a Truvativ ISIS bottom bracket? Dan

Posted by Dan on 11/05/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/05/2011

Hi Dan - It's tricky to say for sure without knowing exactly which model it is, but if it's something like a GigaPipe then it'd be M12. If you're unsure, then to double check you can simply measure the threaded hole in the end of your spindle - if it's around 12mm you'll need an M12, and if it's 15mm you'll need an M15. Thanks, Mark


I got a new set of crank arms but need to replace the ISIS cranks bolts on my Onza Blade 20" what one would i need M12 or M15 bolt size? Thanks Brenden

Posted by Brenden on 10/11/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/11/2013

Hi Brenden - thanks for your question. We cannot say for 100% certain as we do not have any of those bikes here at the warehouse to check and suppliers often change their products without informing us, but we are fairly confident you will need M12 bolts. You can find out for yourself by simply measuring the hole your crank bolts fit in to. If it's 12mm in diameter, you need M12 bolts - if it's 15mm, you need M15. Feel free to email us a picture of your bottom bracket if you want us to check before ordering! Thanks, Flipp.


hi guys, i was wandering if i need an M12 or M15 crank bolt for my 24'' onza zoot?

Posted by Billy on 05/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/08/2014

Hi Billy - you'd need the M12option. Thanks, Flipp.

Roberto Papalia

Hi guys, I recently bought from Tartybikes a number of accessories for the Monty Kamel 221, including ISIS crank bolts. I fit them on a new Monty bottom bracket with new Monty cranks. Now my problem ia that the bolts get lose in a few minutes of use. At first, I screwed the bolts tightly with some grease on the thread (like in your video). Then I cleaned the thread and I put some Loctite (medium) to stop the bolts, with no result (even if a big torque was applied!). It seems so strange to me... What do you suggest? Thanks very much. Roberto Papalia (Italy)

Posted by Roberto Papalia on 25/01/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/01/2015

Hi Roberto - thanks for your question. This is not the bolts coming loose, it is the cranks pressing on to the bottom bracket. When cranks are new, they are a very tight fit. When you use them a bit, they press further and further on. You will need to keep tightening them regularly for the first few rides, but then they will stay tight. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about! Thanks, Flipp.

John Dey

Hi, can you tell me if you will be getting the M12 crank bolts in stock again. regards john

Posted by John Dey on 02/02/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/02/2015

Hi John - thanks for your question. We should have more of these back in stock at the start of next week. Thanks, Flipp.

Ross La Trobe

Hi, what size will I need for my onza bird 2012? Thanks, Ross

Posted by Ross La Trobe on 10/08/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/08/2014

Hi Ross - neither of these will fit as your bike uses a square taper system, and these are for ISIS. You would require these bolts, which we are unfortunately currently out of stock of: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/steel_bolts/tartybikes_square_taper_crank_bolts_pair/c523p348.html Thanks, Flipp.


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Decent bolts

Posted by Jordan on 30/11/2012

Bought these as one of mine had become lost, not only are they slighter lighter than my old crank bolts but look a lot neater too. They hold well, only time will tell if they are durable but being made from steel and only costing ~£6 you definitely can't fault them! 4.5*

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/11/2012

Hi Jordan - I'm glad you like the bolts. Thanks for the review!

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