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4-Jeri Tensioner

Product code: 10179


In stock

4-Jeri Tensioner

- Great value coil sprung single speed tensioner from 4-Jeri products.
- CNC machined main supporting arm offers excellent strength against knocks but keeps the weight low.
- Coiled spring offers high tensioner and is more durable than normal springs.
- Infinitely adjustable and secure chain alignment is catered for by the steel wheel-support arm and locking bolt.
- Generously sized (removable) aluminium cages surrounding the jockey wheel ensure the chain stays where it should no matter how rough the terrain.
- Plastic jockey wheel runs on smooth bushings and is nice and quiet.
- Available in black anodised finish.
- 110g in total.

Additional Information

Please note that we recommend double wheel tensioners for 15T and smaller rear sprockets. This is to ensure a healthy amount of chain wrap and help to eliminate the chance of the chain skipping.


brad johnson

Is this compatible with a 26" bike? Does it go onto the drop out or does it have to go on the frame?

Posted by brad johnson on 02/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/01/2011

Hi Brad - Assuming your frame has vertical dropouts and a mech hanger, this tensioner should fit. It will need to be mounted onto the mech hanger of your frame. Thanks, Mark


hi, would this fit my 2010 onza bird.

Posted by liam on 19/06/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/06/2011

Hi Liam - As your Onza Bird has horizontal dropouts, this tensioner won't work. Sorry! Thanks, Mark


Hey!! Do you guys think this would work on my M.A.D Phase 1.2? I think it has vertical dropouts but i'm not too sure what i'm looking for! Thanks! Joosh

Posted by Josh on 20/06/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/06/2011

Hi Josh - Your frame does have vertical dropouts so this tensioner should work fine. It's worth noting though that if you're running a 15t or smaller sprocket it might be worth going for a double wheel tensioner as that'll improve your chain wrap (which stops your chain from 'jumping' on the teeth when you pedal hard). Thanks, Mark


Hi, I went from a 16t to a 18t on my mk1 fourplay and realised my tensioner was then too small so I then found this one and was wondering would it work? I also have another question regarding a different product, do you know when the black inspired team forks will be back in stock? Thanks

Posted by James on 02/11/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/11/2013

Hi James - yes, this tensioner should fit with no worries. As for the forks, we are expecting our delivery later today, so they should be on the website and in stock later this afternoon or tomorrow. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi! I have Zoo06, will it fit on my Frame?

Posted by tred on 08/02/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/02/2014

Hi Tred - thanks for your question. There have been many versions of that bike - some with vertical dropouts and some horizontal. If your bike has vertical dropouts and a hanger then yes, this will fit your bike just fine. If you have a horizontal dropout version then you will require snail cams instead. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, is it possible to alter this tensioner from a push down, to a push up please? Thanks.

Posted by Tim on 15/03/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/03/2014

Hi Tim - thanks for your question. The spring on this tensioner only works in one direction, so that would not be possible. Thanks, Flipp.

Joshua Biddiscombe

i've changed over frames from a horizontal to vertical dropouts. How suitable would this be for tensioning on a set up with a thick, single speed specific chain? and in this case how does the jockey wheel set up compare to the fixed rollar based alternative?

Posted by Joshua Biddiscombe on 23/07/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/07/2015

Hi Joshua - thanks for your question. This tensioner would work well on a singlespeed setup, though the cage may be slightly too thin for some 1/8" chains to pass through. If this is the case with the chain you have, you can bend the cage a little and it will fit perfectly. The jockey wheel works exactly like the rollers, except they help to keep the chain in place a little more. Rollers allow the chain to move around a bit since they don't interlace at all. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Mathew Hind

Would this product work on my IDENTITI JECKYL frame.

Posted by Mathew Hind on 11/12/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/12/2016

Hi Mathew - As long as you have a Jekyll frame which has a threaded mech hanger mount then this tensioner should fit fine. Thanks, Mark

Jack Stanbury

Hi. I was wondering if the tensoner can be fitted to a Onza SpyroGyra, and if it can, how do I do it?? Thx

Posted by Jack Stanbury on 03/02/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/02/2011

Hi Jack - The SpyroGyra has horizontal dropouts, and because of this you can't fit a tensioner like the 4-Jeri Tensioner to it. You would need to use a Chain Tug like the Gusset Kojak or Trialtech Chain Tugs. The Kojak tugs are a little heavier, but they are a lot stronger. Thanks, Mark


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Real simple for ver dropout frames

Posted by Dave on 31/12/2012

This was so much betters than any other tensioner I have used. Simple to fit and it doesn't interfere with any other part of the drive or frame or hub. Good stuff 4-Jeri, strange name however.

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/01/2013

Hi Dave - I'm glad it's worked well for you. The name itself is a play on the word 'Forgery'. Thanks for the review!

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