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TNN Engineering O-Ring (CNC Backings)

Product code: 11236


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TNN Engineering O-Ring (CNC Backings)

- Replacement O-ring to fit TNN CNC Backings, or as a buoyancy aid for small insects.
- Also fit Heatsink CNC backings.
- Outer diameter approx 6mm.
- Sold individually.

Additional Information

To ensure your O-rings last for as long as possible, always use a lubricant on the O-ring when installing your brake pads onto your brake - if you don't, this can damage your O-ring and make installation tricky.


Adam McGuire

What would these be used for, would it be to bring the pad closer to the rim without adjusting the TPA lever or am I a million miles off.

Posted by Adam McGuire on 03/04/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/04/2016

Hi Adam - These are used inside the TNN pad backings to help them grip the little 'pip' that pads clip to on the end of the piston in the caliper. They don't give any extra pad movement, they're just there to keep the pad securely in place. Thanks, Mark

Benjamin John-Hynes

I don't suppose these fit Rockman CNC Backings, do they? And while I'm here, what sort of small insect should I hope to save with this?

Posted by Benjamin John-Hynes on 21/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/01/2011

Hi Ben - I'm pretty sure they'll fit your Rockman backings - they're a very similar size, and when we offered them up to each other they look like they should work fine. We found that you can generally offer rescue to anything up to the size of a small-to-medium wood louse (although they're technically a crustacean, they offer a pretty good size comparison). Thanks, Mark


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It's an O-ring

Posted by ant on 24/05/2012

Just what I needed to sort my brakes pads out, also works as a flotation device for small spiders

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/05/2012

Hi Ant - They're pretty hand little spares to have! Thanks for the review.

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