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Magura Evo2 Brake Adaptor Kit

Product code: 10934

From £16.66 to £20.83RRP: £35.00(Save up to 52%)

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Magura Evo2 Brake Adaptor Kit

Excluding booster plate (no twist dial washers)
Including booster plate (no twist dial washers)
Including twist dial washers (no booster plate)

Sold out

  • Allows you to fit hydraulic rim brakes to V-Brake mounts.
  • Not compatible with 4-Bolt mounts.
- Set of Evo2 adaptors to fit Magura HS11 & HS33 (as well as Echo, Racing Line) hydraulic rim brakes to V-Brake posts on frames or forks.
- Not compatible with or suitable for use with 4-bolt brake systems.
- Includes enough mounts for one single brake, rear setting up aid plate, all hardware and optional booster plate.
- Available with twist dial C-clip washers. These make it easy to adjust your cylinders by simply rotating the paddle on the side of the twist washer to move your brake in and out.
- Standard C-clip cylinder washers are available separately: 0720442.
- Examples of bikes which require these mounts to fit hydraulic rim brakes: Onza T-Vee, T-Bird, Bird, Rip, Sting, Mini Master, Ska, YaaBaa 449, Monty 219 Alp, Jitsie 740 Kids 18" (plus others). Please ask us if you are unsure!
- May not fit Monty 19" x 2.7 or 2.6" tyres.
- Available in Black.
- Suitable for brake mount spacings from around 70mm (maximum rim width with standard pads around 22mm) to 90mm (maximum rim width 40mm).
- Please note, this adaptor kit can be tricky to fit on 19" rear tyres and may need an extra booster (from our 2-Bolt Boosters category).
- Weight: 252.7g



Hi, I have Magura system evolution hs22,is the hs33 compatible with it? Thank you.

Posted by Giuseppe

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Giuseppe - They should work fine together. Thanks, Mark

Euan Pytches

Hi there does this make the magura hs11 fit on a premum solo plus bmx frame? Or if not what will

Posted by Euan Pytches

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Euan - Unfortunately there isn't a kit that will make that work I'm afraid. You could potentially do it by using a U-Brake to V-Brake adaptor, then mounting the HS11 to the V-Brake Adaptor using the Evo2 Adaptor Kit, but there would be a lot of flex in this setup. Thanks, Mark

Evan Paterson

I am looking at fitting this on to the back of an inspired element 24". will this adaptor work? and when are you getting it back into stock?

Posted by Evan Paterson

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Evan - This should fit the Element fine. You may also want to supplement it with a Trialtech Sport 2-Bolt Brake Booster across the top 2 bolts to improve stiffness a little. Unfortunately we don't have an expected re-stocking date for these yet as our UK Magura suppliers are a little hit and miss. Sorry!


Hi I have a worn quick release cam on the lever of the cylinder clamp of my HS33s - is my only way of sourcing this part to get the complete adaptor kit or do Magura do separate spares? Cheers

Posted by Melvyn

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Melvyn - As far as we're aware Magura only offer the Evo2 Adaptor Kit parts as part of the complete kit, rather than the separate parts themselves. Sorry about this! Thanks, Mark

John Hancock

Hey, is there anything similar to this for wider v brake mounts? I already have this kit on my inspired element but it's forced on with a v brake bolt distance of 95mm. It just isn't the best. Would I be better off running the old style mounts with the fingers that sit against the frame then fitting a 2 or 4 bolt brace as well? Heeelp!

Posted by John Hancock

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi John - Unfortunately there isn't any form of kit available for wider posts, sorry. The best solution is to use the same clamps that are supplied with this kit, but then use a Trialtech Sport 2-Bolt Booster across the top two bolts, and leave out the backing plate. The Trialtech booster has a good range of adjustment so can suit wider spaced posts, and with it being one of the stiffest boosters we stock it provides a good amount of support for the brake too. Thanks, Mark


is this the right adapter kit for the Echo TR brake to fit on the 2015 inspired flow? Just wanted to check before I buy it Cheers guys

Posted by Mark

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Mark - This should fit your Flow fine. The only thing to bear in mind is that it may make your brake feel a little flexier as they lack the strength and stiffness of the normal 4-bolt mounts, but you can solve that by fitting a 2-bolt booster at a later date if required. Thanks, Mark


do these adapters work with older Magura hs33 brakes, or only with recent models? Need to fit Hs33 to frame with canti studs only, Thanks!

Posted by Jon

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jon - thanks for your question. These adaptors will work with any generation of HS33 or HS11 brake. Thanks, Flipp.

callum gladman

Hi, would this fit on my inspired element 2013 with an echo tr rim brake? Cheers Callum

Posted by callum gladman

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Callum - yes, this would let you fit an Echo rim brake to an Element frame, though we are now out of stock of these and cannot get any more. Thanks, Flipp.

Alex Pagliai

Hi, I have a older high ten steel monty 219 x alp and was wondering if I would need adapters to install a set of magura h22 hydraulic rim brakes I have, or since they are old like the bike will they fit lol. Thank you and best regards

Posted by Alex Pagliai

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Alex - to fit those brakes you would need to use Evo2 adaptors. Thanks, Flipp.

Peter Richardson

How do you bleed the brakes on the Onza T-Bird hydaulics

Posted by Peter Richardson

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Peter - thanks for your question. We have a video explaining how to do this here: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/media/guides/maintenance_brake_bleeding/m23.html The brakes are likely a different year model so they will look slightly different and the bleed bold might be in a different place, but they work in exactly the same way. Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, I own a '92 magura hidraulic rim brake, i've been looking for a solution for years. Could you please let me know when this will be available again. Thanks, Alex

Posted by Alex

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Alex - thanks for your question. We have some of these in the warehouse but they do not have boosters with them. I have added them to the site just now. The adaptors can be used without the booster, or we have a range of 2-bolt boosters that will fit, depending on your frame. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Hovick Boughosyan

Hi, will this be coming back into stock anytime soon? Cheers

Posted by Hovick Boughosyan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Hovick - thanks for your question. We now have some of these in stock though they are incomplete. They do not feature the front booster plate, so to act as a brake booster assembly you would need to use a regular 2-bolt booster too. They just need a new photo and then will be on the website -this should be later on today. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


hello, you send to Portugal or France.? which the value of the postage.? Thank you.

Posted by felipe

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Felipe - thanks for your question. Shipping to Portugal or France is absolutely fine. To calculate your shipping costs, add your items to the basket and go to the checkout. Entering your address will let you see what postage options are available to you and their relative costs without committing you to the order. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi does this just boost the v brake or is it a actually an adaptor for a hydraulic rim brake Thanks

Posted by Jack

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jack - thanks for your question. This product allows you to mount a hydraulic rim brake to a frame/fork that uses vee-brake mounts. It also serves as a booster (though not as effectively as dedicated boosters), but it's primary function is as an adaptor. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


hi will this brake adaptor kit fit a zooi pitbull frame regards phil

Posted by phi

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Phil - it will not. That frame uses dedicated four-bolt mounts, so you would need some four-bolt clamps rather than this. This item is designed to allow use of a hydraulic rim brake on frames with vee-brake mounts. Thanks, Flipp.

Matias Stridsland

Hey, I recently bought this, with the intention of trying to modify it to fit on my u-brake studs. mounting mags on u brake mounts has been done before but requires some mods with flipping them and filing because the studs are a little thicker than v brake studs. After further research, i realized that the old magura evolution mounts have a longer oval hole than the newer Evo2 adaptor kit. Old version : http://www.cambriabike.com/Images/product/magura_evolution_bracket_kit.jpg I am wondering if you happened to have anything like this lying around the warehouse i could purchase, or if you know where i can get a hold of some.. The key is that the brake clamps have one of the mount holes as long as possible. ( am i making sense) ? This is important because when you flip the clamps, it compromises for the fact that the U brake studs are set higher (beside the tire) than v brake studs (beside spoke nipples) Thanks! -Matias

Posted by Matias Stridsland

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Matias - thanks for your question. Unfortunately we don't have any of those lying around - it's been quite a while since we've even SEEN them! You'd be quite lucky to find anywhere with them in stock, so your best bet will probably be eBay, or asking on any bike forums with a Classifieds section. Hope that helps, and good luck with your search! Thanks, Flipp.

Ben Simmons

Any idea when the Silver will be back in stock been waiting quite a while, there one minute, gone the next.. when I was about to buy Now £5 more as well :( Need a full bike set.

Posted by Ben Simmons

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ben - the Evo 2 adaptors we sell are the ones that come with the brakes, and we are now only being supplied with black ones, so it seems as if it will be quite a while before we get some - or maybe we never will. Sorry it's vague but we simply don't know. Thanks, Flipp.


I have an onza zoot, with maguras and an adapter for vee to hydro. I was wondering if these brake boosters would be strong enough to deal with the large amount of frame flex i have. Are the boosters metal or plastic? And also can i use any other brake boosters for my zoot, that also works with maguras?

Posted by Rourke

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Rourke - It sounds like the kit you're currently using would be quite similar to this kit, so I'm not sure changing over would do too much. What should help would be something like a Trialtech Sport 2-Bolt booster bolted to the kit under the top 2 bolts of the clamps. This should stiffen the brake up quite a lot. If you measure the distance from centre-to-centre for your top two bolts then compare that to the spacing on the brake booster pages, you should be able to see which will fit. Thanks, Mark


is this the kit that would fit my 26" onza hitman? I'm running a 2.5" tyre and the brake would be for the rear, it's a v-brake frame so all I need to know is if my tyre would fit or not, thanks

Posted by Ash

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ash - Not all 2.5" tyres are the same size so it can be depend on the specific brand/model of tyre, but generally speaking a 2.5" tyre should clear. Depending on the tyre you may need to file a little material off the smaller booster plate that fits over the top two bolts (the longer slotted bolt hole makes the booster a little wider, which may hit your sidewall) but this is quite easy to do so shouldn't be an issue. Thanks, Mark


Hi would theses brackets fit my onza Woodstock? Thanks

Posted by Tom

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Tom - As far as I'm aware, you would need to use Magura 4-Bolt Clamps with your Woodstock frame. The Evo2 Kit is just for use with V-Brake posts, so it isn't really applicable for your setup. Thanks, Mark


Will this fit a magura hs11? And will they also got my onza ska? Thanks

Posted by Ceiren

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - The Evo2 Adaptor Kit will fit all types of Magura HS-series rim brakes, so will fit your HS11 brakes fine. Thanks, Mark


are these suitable for mounting a pair of old style hs 11s to a gt pantera mountain bike

Posted by brendan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Brendan - As far as I can tell, these should work fine for that purpose. Thanks, Mark


Hi, ive just bought a Magura Move! rear brake and i want to fit it to my Saracen 2.Zero but im not sure about any of this, could you help? Thanks

Posted by Jack

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jack - Strangely, none of us have heard of the Move brakes before, and Google seems to not really be coming up with too many answers. I think Magura have used the same sized cylinders on all of their hydraulic rim brakes, so theoretically it should be possible to mount the brakes to your Saracen with the Evo 2 Adaptor Kit. If you'd like us to double check for you, you can try getting some photos of your brakes and sending them over to us - we should be able to see from those images whether the Evo 2 kit will fit your particular brakes. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I have a Cannondale CAAD3 Martyn Ashton Replica (1999 Volvo livery) with a Magura HS33 Evolution on the rear. Will this Evo2 Brake Adaptor kit fit my frame and brake? Thanks, N

Posted by Neil

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Neil - Nice frame! Always really wanted one of those frames, and it's good to hear it's still working for you. That Volvo livery model was my favourite one out of all of them... Regarding the Adaptor Kit, that should fit your brake and frame absolutely fine. Thanks, Mark

callum maclean

Hi. would this adaptor fit my rear hs33 on my onza rip 2010.

Posted by callum maclean

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Callum - The Evo 2 Adaptor Kit should work fine with your Rip frame and HS33 brake. Thanks, Mark


Curious if this adapter will fit my 24" Onza Zoot. Appreciate it, thanks!

Posted by Trey

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Trey - The Evo 2 kit should fit your Zoot frame and/or fork fine. Thanks, Mark

matty armstrong

i am wondering if they will fit a 26" onza spyrogyra?

Posted by matty armstrong

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Matty - The Evo 2 kit should fit your Spyrogyra fine. Thanks, Mark


Hello, I just bought this kit to use with the echo hydro rim brake but they do not fit. It seems as though they need a shim. Will the echo sl shims work?

Posted by 8bit

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi - Yes, you need some brake cylinder washers. Either the Echo SL or the official Magura replacements will do the job perfectly. Thanks, Adam


HI, I have a MAD Phase 1.2 and it already has the HS33's front and rear. Now i'm just wondering if I can buy this kit and just use the boosters from it as brake boosters on the rear brake of my bike? If it helps, the center of the bolt holes are 93mm apart. Thanks! Joosh

Posted by Josh

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Josh - Unfortunately the maximum spacing for the top booster is around 85-86mm, so I don't think it'd work for your setup. Also, the booster isn't really all that stiff as it's designed to work in conjunction with the main bracing plate. Thanks, Mark

William Ackroyd

Hiya, does this kit come with adapters for both the front and back or would i have to buy the same product twice, thanks.

Posted by William Ackroyd

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi William - 1 'quantity' of Evo 2 Adaptors would be enough for 1 brake. If you'd like the front and rear set, you'd need to order 2. Thanks, Mark


Will this work in the Ashton Effect?

Posted by aaron

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Aaron - The Evo 2 Adaptor Kit should work perfectly with your Effect. Thanks, Mark


Will this fit the onza bird 2009?

Posted by Will

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Will - The kit should fit fine. Thanks, Mark


would a evo mount 2 fit a onza bird

Posted by joe

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joe - It may be a tight-ish fit around the rear tyre, but the Evo 2 Adaptors should fit an Onza Bird. Thanks, Mark

sam appleby

will this work on a 20inch rim on two bolt mount

Posted by sam appleby

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sam - If you have V-brake mounts (the Evo 2 Adaptors fit onto V-brake posts on your frame), then the kit should fit fine. Thanks, Mark


hi i have a 2010 onza rip with 20 inch rims whould a hs33 fit my bike with the adapter thanks

Posted by sam

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sam - They should fit fine. Thanks, Mark


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Based on 9 customer ratings


Great kit

Posted by Sam

Very good bit of kit, works really well on my Inspired which has v-brake mounts. Would recommend to anyone wishing to upgrade to Magura brakes. Manual can be found on the Magura website.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sam - thanks for the review. Glad you're happy with your purchase and everything worked out. Thanks, Flipp.


Great item, brill price, excellent customer service

Posted by J

Found the item from a web search at a great price. When I went to place an order it was listed as out of stock, a quick call to Tarty bikes later they checked their stock and made some available on the website. The items were delivered quickly. The only criticism is that there were no instructions for fitting to the bike included. A link to a suitable website would have helped. So I found a decent manual online and a instruction video and fitted the bakes and boosters at the same time. I've still got a few parts in a bag that I'm not sure what they are for... Overall I fitted two sets of brakes (HS11) and boosters in under two hours without prior knowledge. They work very well

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi J - thanks for your review! I'm glad you were able to overcome fitting issues with relative ease and begin enjoying your products!


Might have issues if you run wide rims

Posted by Graham

I was unable to fit these to my back brake as I had intended as they do not allow the clearance required with my wide rim. Tyre clearance is fine but with new brake pads installed the top bracing peg will not line up with the hole it is supposed to slot into even with the calipers secured all the way back in the clamps. For now I have fitted it to the front where I have a narrower rim and they work fine there. I will re-assess the situation on the rear once my brake pads have worn down a little as hopefully this should then allow them to be done up properly. Overall I feel it is a good product at a good price but the back piece could be a bit sturdier and just be aware you may struggle to get these to work with about a 45mm+ wide rim unless you have worn down brake pads.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Graham - Frame width can play a fairly large role in how well these kits fit too. One thing that you can also try is not using the backing plate provided, and instead use an aftermarket 2-bolt Brake Booster over the top 2 bolts (rather than the supplied, thinner booster). This allows the arms to be set up further apart, and because of the stiffness of the booster it gives a more secure fit. Thanks for the detailed review!


Great product and supplier

Posted by onzariprider

Very quick delivery at a very competitive price. Great adapter kit if you want to convert V-Brake to hydraulic rim brakes, and look great too. So overall a very good product and supplier.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - The Evo2 kits do work really well for their intended purpose! It's good to hear you received them quickly too. Thanks for the review!


Good adapters and good service

Posted by Konrad

One bike shop screwed me over on installing my HS33, but thanks to TartyBikes I was able to replace it for 10 gbp only. thanks for the promotion, and mostly thanks for the great customer service!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Konrad - No problems, we're happy to help. Thanks for the review!



Posted by gavin

Wicked, really good for converting V-brakes. 2 boosters to strength againsnt the power of rim brakes. Thank you Tartybikes, awesome product.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Gavin - I'm glad the Evo 2 Kit has worked well for you. Thanks for the review.



Posted by chris

This is one of the best ways to save money, or if you have Vee-Brake forks and you wanted to try out a Hs33 then here you go. Great service from the Tarty guys.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Chris - These clamps definitely are good value for money! Thanks for the review.


'really good'

Posted by tom

This product i found really good because if you purchase an onza rip or bird etc,you think you can only have V-brakes but this kit adapts it to hyraulic brakes which i think are much better.I recently got this kit from tarty bikes and the guys there are really helpful ,also for what it is ,its extremely cheap .Thanks to the people at TartyBikes.


100% buy

Posted by james

They are amazing. To stop the booster from popping off all the time use a spare washer to hold it on :) Good buy for £10 people! Enjoyy it while the deal lasts

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