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Jitsie Disc Pads

Product code: 12236

From £12.50 to £15.00

In stock

Jitsie Disc Pads

Hope / Echo
MT2 / MT4 / MT6 / MT8
MT5 / MT7

Sold out

  • Fits Hope, Echo, Magura MT2, MT5 & MT7!
  • More powerful than standard pads!
- Sintered disc brake pads from Jitsie!
- Shaped to fit Hope Mono Trial / Tech Trial / Trial Zone / V2 and Echo TR hydraulic disc brakes.
- Also available to fit various Magura brakes from the MT range.
- Special compound specific to trials offers massively improved performance over standard pads in both wet and dry conditions.
- Copper backing is softer than normal, ensuring the pads 'stick' to the pistons in the caliper and don't clunk around.
- Please note that dragging the brake at high speed for a period of time will wear off the top surface of the pads, and performance will decrease until the brake has been used 'normally' again a few times.
- Not supplied with a sticker as shown in the photos.
- Weight: 25g



Hi, Do you know if these pads will fit Magura MT6 and if not do you have any other pads in stock that do? Thanks for your help, James.

Posted by James

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - Yes, they will. Thanks.


Do you know if the Hope Mono Trial pads will fit in the old Hope Mini callipers. They look similar, just with rounded corners at the top!? Thank you Tim

Posted by Tim

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Tom - Unfortunately, the Mono Trials pads don't fit the Mini calipers, sorry! The piston size is 5mm larger in the Mono Trial caliper so the pad itself is quite a lot bigger than the Mini. Theoretically you could cut/grind the pad down to fit but we wouldn't recommend doing so! Thanks, Mark


i live at the top of a big hill and it is about a mile of downhill into my town is it likely that these pads will glaze over easily from riding down

Posted by luke

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Luke - thanks for your question. These pads tend not to glaze, but rather dragging the brake at high speed for a period of time will wear off the top surface of the pads, and performance will decrease until the brake has been used 'normally' again a few times. Thanks, Flipp.

Jack heard

I recently bought these Jitsie pads and the stopping power was immense. I've never had anything like it. They made my hope brakes 10x better than they already where. But after a few days into riding the pads started squealing an ear splitting noise. They just seemed to let the wheel run through them while making the noise. This made me think that somehow I must have got the pads contaminated so I cleaned them up and the rotor using petrol then soapy water. And purchased some more Jitsie pads (my second pair) hoping to get the same power as I did with the first ones. Within a few hours of running them tonight it has started making the horrible loud noise again and the wheel seems to slip. What should I do? I've spent £30 in the past week on pads and nothing has worked Thanks Jack

Posted by Jack heard

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jack - thanks for your question. It does sound like your pads are contaminated unfortunately. Using petrol to clean a rotor doesn't really work with push bikes. Motorbikers do it because they then burn off all the oils in the petrol, but bicycle rotors never get hot enough to do that. The best solution would unfortunately be a new rotor and pads. That is the only way to guarantee the complete removal of contaminants. Before doing that, it would be worth thoroughly cleaning the rotor with methylated spirits (which leaves no residue), and sanding the top layer off the pads. If they are still not working as they should after this, then from our experience they never will. Contaminants "sink" into the metal of the rotor in the same way they do the pads, so getting contaminated often means the end of their life. Sorry about that! Thanks, Flipp.

Peter Norman

I use the Jitse pads in the rear and love them. Which pads would you recommend for the front? I ride street trials and use the front brake for general braking as well as front end manuvers; any pad that better resists glazing over under those circumstanses?

Posted by Peter Norman

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Peter - thanks for your question. We'd recommend the Jitsie pads for the front brake, too. They might feel a lot more bitey to start with, making getting the modulation you are accustomed to difficult, but you will adjust very quickly - even within one ride. The Jitsie pads tend not to glaze because of how soft they are. If you are experiencing slipping brakes making a lot of noise, it is unfortunately a lot more likely that the pads are contaminated. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Michael Backer

Hi ! I'm about to by jitsie's brakepads , is it ok to keep the old disc and just clean /grind it ? Or should i by new disc's to ? Thank's for god service guy'sT

Posted by Michael Backer

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Michael - thanks for your question. Changing pads and rotors at the same time is the best choice, but if the rotors are working perfectly and have no oil on them you can use new pads with it. If the rotor has any oil at all on it you should change rotors - no matter how much you clean them, there will always be some oil left on it which will get into your pads and contaminate them. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi do you still need to bed the pads in with water after getting them hot or are the ready to go as being a softer compound.

Posted by Reece

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Reece - thanks for your question. The best way to bed disc brake pads in is riding along and pulsing the brake on for a second, off for a second, and repeating this for around 10 minutes. It is important not to get the pads too hot as doing so can glaze them over. After this process they will still not be fully bed in, but they will provide a more than functional brake and they will bed in the rest of the way whilst riding normally. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


How do they compare to Hope 'soft' pads? Are those similar, better, equal or more like the regular Hope pads. Are they a upgrade or a replacement?

Posted by Felix

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Felix - these pads are very good indeed. Better, even than the Hope Pro pads. They are a very soft compound so have an incredible "bite". They are an upgrade from the Hope pads. Thanks, Flipp.


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Posted by DARREN

i had given up on my echo tr front brake as a bit crap and put it on my secondary bike and put my bb7 back on but with these pads OMG the power straight out the box thy are better than the old pads and thy just keep getting better tr is now back on my main bike now then you press the front brake you get lunched across the earth on a ballistic trajectory (USER WARNING YOU CAN NOW GO OVER THE BARS) awesome

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Darren - It's great to hear the Jitsie pads have improved your brake. Hopefully you can stay on the right side of your bars from now on!


MT2 pads are outstanding!

Posted by Dean

I bought a complete bike from tartybikes that came with dual MT2's and 7. Comfort pads from magura fitted and I had a little problem with slipping wheels on full lock. I tried 7. Performance(The best) and 7. Race(better than Comfort) from magura with mixed results and more importantly, caution with brakes every time I used them. As you can understand my confidence was holding me back at this point and progression stopped in trials. So I started hunting for better pads as I wanted to believe in the MT2 brake and Jitsie pads was recommended. I looked everywhere for these pads to fit my brake type and was crushed to find no one stocked them at any bike shops. I sent a vain email to tartybikes being the UK Jitsie dealer asking for MT2 pads and started planning a huge spend on entirely new brake systems. Now I couldn't tell you if my email worked or not but by chance I checked tartybikes and saw MT2 Jitsie pads! Bought on the spot and kept my cool while fitting them on arrival to prevent disappointment if they didn't work, well.... after 15mins bedding in time and cooldown after, I nearly flew over my haddle bars when I hit the brake, amazed. Dialed back for modulation tests and it's tough because of the death bite but a little practice and I can hit a feather everytime! Both wheels I have tried very hard to get to slip and not once have they let me down. As everyone else has reviewed they are that good.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dean - We'd been planning on stocking these pads for some time, but we've only just been able to get hold of them. I'm glad it happened to be at the right time for you, and also that you've had such good results with them too. They are a great upgrade to the standard MT2s fitted to the Jitsie bikes! Thanks for the detailed review.


Best Pads Available

Posted by Seth

I purchased these pads along with a Hope Trial Zone V2 180mm rotor. What a HUGE difference over my 160mm Mono rotor and stock pads. After about 5 mins of lightly dragging my brake, my braking power seems to have doubled. Bite and hold are considerably better than my old setup and that's after just a few mins of break in. Give these pads a chance and you won't be sorry. Thanks Tartybikes!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Seth - It's great to hear you've had such a positive experience with these pads. Thanks for the review!


Superb power

Posted by Roland

Not much can be said about the Jitsie pads rather than go and buy these. Compared to ANY other pads I've used, the bed in time is 1/10th of the time that other pads need and the sheer braking power is just ridiculous. Used them on a mod with 160mm rotors (Echo) for 2 years, not one slip. Now going to use them on a streetrials bike with 200mm rotors, seems like overkill. Top notch service from Tarty as usual. Everything arrived perfect.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Roland - Thanks for the detailed review, I'm glad you're happy with your pads!


The one and only

Posted by Theeinart

Wow, i feel safe now, awsome grip just after some few minutes riding and jumping. Thanks!



Posted by Dave

Previously bought these to run on my 200mm Trialzone on the front of my stock and just bought another set for my 24" street bike. Cannot rate these highly enough, took barely any bedding in at all and even with my brake not working properly they still locked up 100% when I needed them and outperformed every front brake I've had previously. If you've got a Hope and are thinking of switching to a Saint then give these a go first, you won't be disappointed!

Reply from TartyBikes

Thanks for the review Dave, glad you like 'em as much as I do! Adam



Posted by Andrew

Bought these pads to replace front and rear stock Echo TR disc pads. They bedded in very quick and had great bite and hold, even noticeable after less a day of riding around. I plan on ordering these for my Hope Trial Zones. Great brake pads!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Andrew - thanks for your review. These pads are a slightly softer compound which makes them incredibly powerful, as you've found. Several of us here use them on our own bikes for the very same reason! Thanks, Flipp.


Fantastic pads

Posted by Sam

I'm running these pads front and rear on Hope Trial Zones with a 180 rotor and they are incredible. So much bite and hold, I couldn't possibly ask for more. They took very little time to bed in and are far better than the standard Hope pads. I'm 13 stone and they won't slip!! I won't buy anything else now.


big improvement

Posted by rhys

Brought these as I have just made my mod dual disc and adam recommend these. And I must say they are amazing. Straight from the off they were on par with bedded in hopes.. but these have just got better and better. Amazing bite and hold. Much better than any hope ive felt, vast braking improvement and I would recommend them to anyone.

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