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Magura HS11 2019 (inc Evo2 Adaptors)

Product code: 11389


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Magura HS11 2019 (inc Evo2 Adaptors)

- Magura have completely overhauled their HS11 brake.
- Featuring a brand new lever made from Magura's own composite material that makes the lever lighter and stronger than ever before.
- New bleed port system features a port located on the front of the brake lever.
- Fitted as standard with the same great sealing system that has been used on the brake previously, which still feature a class-leading 5-year leakproof warranty (subject to online registration on Magura's website).
- Supplied with a 2m long main hose (which can be easily shortened using the fittings supplied with the brake - Magura have advised that it MUST be done at the cylinder end as described in the manual to maintain your warranty) to fit all setups.
- Completely redesigned TPA (Turbo Pad Adjustment) system overcomes any previous issues - making the system harder to strip, and more effective in use.
- New "flip-flop" lever system means the levers can be used as either a right or left hand lever.
- Updated aluminium lever blade design features a more comfortable, ergonomic shape that feels great using either 1 or 2 fingers.
- Available in 4-finger lever blade versions. Please note that the 4-finger version of the lever blade offers a huge amount of braking power, so we highly recommend a brake booster and aluminium-backed pads if you like a stiff lever feel.
- Now comes complete with split bar clamp, meaning super easy fitting and removal with no need to take your grips off! Note: When tightening the bar clamp, ensure that the side of the clamp with arrows on it is gently bottomed out BEFORE tightening the other side of the clamp.
- Supplied fully bled with Magura Royal blood for smooth and faster brake feel.
- Slightly remodelled slave cylinders still offer great performance but now have a more contoured profile, and also have new protective cover around the hose connections to try and stop any damage occuring to them whilst riding.
- Supplied with Evo 2 Adaptors - the specific kit supplied with the HS11 is shown in the additional images for this product. These are for V-Brake posts, not 4-Bolt mounts.
- If you shorten the hose on this brake, we recommend doing it at the caliper end as the lever uses a barbed fitting.
- Sold singly.
- Weight: 290g

To correctly fit the lever to the handlebar, the bolt with the arrows pointing towards it must be gently tightened first until the gap is closed, then the other bolt should be nipped down. Do NOT tighten this bolt right down, normally there will be a gap of around 2-3mm when the lever is tight on the bars. Over-tightening the bolts or not following this procedure is likely to crack the lever clamp and this is not covered under warranty.

Additional Information

Important Information

Maximum torque for handlebar clamp bolt is 4Nm. Over tightening these bolts may cause the lever assembly to break and this is not covered under warranty.

When shortening the main hose, we recommend doing this at the lever end. You can re-use the barbed fitting so there is no need for extra parts as recommended by Magura. If you need any help with this please give us a call. You can also shorten the hose using a new shroud nut and an olive, which are available for purchase separately.

This brake is identical to the HS33 mechanically, just the length of the lever blade and the colour is different.


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Based on 8 customer ratings



Posted by Kitty

they're maguras. what do you expect!?? nothing but the best!! anyone who thinks else is just wrong!!!


Perfect stuff

Posted by andrea

After setting them up the brakes work perfectly,very good brake power and sensibility. My Onza Zoot is now a new bike.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Andrea - I'm glad you like your new brakes! Thanks for the review.


bit hit n miss

Posted by ant

Got these for my bro's bike and set the front up using the 4 bolt mount. All went fine. Using the supplied Evo mount is hard work when fitting to a trials bike like the Onza Bird as I had to mod the booster to fit it and work (sort of) and it moves a lot. It needs to be wider, and a second booster is good too as the flex is unreal. Both have a sticky piston but they haven't bedded in yet so that could all change. Shortening the hose is a must as I chopped about 3 feet of the front and a foot of the back. If you are buying these to go on a mountain bike then they should be fine but for there rear of a mod they're a nightmare. Maguras fault to be fair, not Tarty's.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ant - Maguras are a tricky one. They're not really made as a trials brake, but they happen to work well for them! As a result, Magura make them to work with 'normal' bikes, so they come with relatively narrow Evo 2 Kits and long hoses as standard. It makes it a bit inconvenient but there's not really much of a way around it unfortunately. The pistons can also seem a little slow at first, but with a little use they free up a bit. If you do have any more long term problems with them feel free to give us a call - once set up they're nice and reliable, so hopefully it should be plain sailing from now on!



Posted by Mark

Right out of the box when pulling the lever only one of the pads moves, when turning the "pad wear adjuster" knob on the lever only one of the pads adjusts. The opposite pad will only move in when the other one is held down. I mentioned this and was told when I shortened the hose and installed the brake it wouldn't be a problem, I did not shorten the cable, I installed the brake, don't see how shortening the cable will help this issue but installing it didnt help anything still the same problem. Also I have a ZHI 20" bike and with the slave cylinder pushed all the way in the non drive side crank arm cannot rotate because the cyliner is in the way ALOT. I find the lever to be majorly uncomfortably far from the handlebar as well. The decision to upgrade to this brake and get rid of my original "promax" v brake has resulted in a nightmare and my brand new bike has not been running in over a month, to anyone considering this I wish I stayed with the cheap cable v brakes they resulted in alot more happiness and alot more money in the bank, considering you NEED to buy additional clamps and booster since the adapter it comes with will not work on a 4 bolt frame.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Mark - Thanks for the review. To try and answer your points in order: 1. When adjusting the TPA, it's normal for only one pad to move. This is why you shouldn't use the TPA to set your brake up - moving the cylinders in to get your brake in the correct position is the correct course of action. 2. Pads not moving the same amount is normal, especially when new. Because of the way the hydraulic system works, it isn't possible for them both to move exactly the same amount when the system isn't in 'real' use. Once the brake has been used for any period of time they will also wear in so they should both move fine. 3. I'm unsure of the spec of the Zhi bikes as we don't sell them, but it sounds like they must be supplied with quite a short BB as standard if you're having clearance issues like that. It may be worth making sure your wheel's centrally aligned in your frame too - if the brake is only catching on one side then it suggests something may be offset/mis-aligned somewhere. 4. The lever reach is adjustable by using an allen key, and using the reach adjuster screw in the front of the lever blade. If you have any problems doing this, you can refer to the manual supplied with your brake. 5. If you have a 4-Bolt frame then you will need to buy 4-Bolt clamps to mount the brake. This setup is much better though, so upgrading to a hydraulic rim brake with the correct clamps is a good option in the long-term. You don't necessarily 'need' a booster for a lot of bikes too - many are able to work fine without.



Posted by anthony

Fantastic brake. I'm surprised I don't see many other riders using this, the lock on is unbeatable. Only using HS11 from now on.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - Thanks for the review, I'm glad you like the brakes!


very good

Posted by josh

Awesome brake!!!


brilliant brake

Posted by brad

if your looking for a new brake this is the one to buy i bought this brake last week it is brilliant i would never used another brake. Unfortunately when i recieved the brake i didn't recive the booster in the adaptor kit like i was told i would when i asked a question on this product and i have terrible flex in the frame. would it be possible if you could send me out the booster what i was told i would get when i purchased the brake.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Bradley - In the reply to your question, it was stated that "The HS11 comes with the Evo 2 Adaptors shown in the 'Additional Images' for the brake". If you check out that additional image it shows that the HS11 comes with the main booster/backing plate, but not the smaller booster supplied with the full Evo 2 Adaptor Kit. This is as the brake is supplied from Magura, and the only way we can supply the brake. If you'd like more information, please contact us at info@tartybikes.co.uk. Thanks, Mark



Posted by James

This brake is much like the new HS33 just got a bit of a longer lever blade, but the HS11s are such a good brake when set up perfect. Be careful not to over tighten the bolts and I recommend shortening the hose from the slaves not the lever.

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