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Magura MT Sport (With mounting bolts, olive and hose insert)

Product code: 11738


In stock

Magura MT Sport (With mounting bolts, olive and hose insert)

Please note these brakes are supplied unboxed

  • Amazing value hydraulic disc brake from Magura!
  • Powerful enough for Trials and easy to setup!

- Built using Magura's new "CarboTecture" technology, the MT Sport is a powerful yet lightweight hydraulic disc brake.
- Ergonomic lever design feels comfortable to use, and gives a good amount of power.
- Split bar clamp allows easy fitting and removal, without having to take off your grips!
- Utilises Magura's tried and tested sealing system, designed to work flawlessly with mineral oil.
- Bleeding is quick and easy thanks to simple bleed plug.
- Specially selected hydraulic piston ratios give good mechanical advantage and enhanced braking power.
- Now with updated high pressure kevlar hosing as featured on all other Magura disc brakes.
- Post mount fitting is ideal for many of the new frames on the market.
- Only available in Black.
- Brakes are supplied with 200cm hose, so can be used for front or rear, and come with all the necessary fittings to shorten the hose to your desired length (for assistance, you can refer to the manual supplied with the brake, or Magura's website).
- Brakes supplied pre-bled with bolts and hose fittings, but without rotor or adaptor.. If you require an IS adaptor, please see the additional information tab.
- Sold individually.
- Weight: 253g

We have made a disc brake guidance and information sheet which will be very useful if you are not experienced with disc brakes (or even if you are!). We strongly recommend having a look over it before fitting your new brake. This can be downloaded here.

Important Information:

To correctly fit the lever to the handlebar, the bolt with the arrows pointing towards it must be gently tightened first until the gap is closed, then the other bolt should be nipped down. Do NOT tighten this bolt right down, normally there will be a gap of around 2-3mm when the lever is tight on the bars. Over-tightening the bolts or not following this procedure is likely to crack the lever clamp and this is not covered under warranty.

Additional Information

Please note that both Magura and Hope IS adaptors will work with these measurements.

Please read down the list of brake options to the one you wish to use, then you can see which rotor and adaptor to purchase separately. The adaptor styles listed are for the Hope adaptors, found here:

- 160mm front brake with:
Post Mount fork = 160mm rotor and no adaptor
IS fork = 160mm rotor and adaptor A (please you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).
+20 fork = Not possible
+30 fork = Not possible

- 180mm front brake with:
IS fork = 180mm rotor and adaptor F
+20 fork = 180mm rotor and adaptor A
+30 fork: Not possible

- 200mm front brake with:
IS fork = 200mm rotor and adaptor B
+20 fork = 200mm rotor and adaptor F
+30 fork: Not possible

- 160mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 160mm rotor and no adaptor
IS frame = 160mm rotor and adaptor F
+20 frame = 160mm rotor and adaptor A
+40 frame = Not possible
+50 frame = Not possible

- 180mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 180mm rotor and +20PM adaptor (we do not sell this item)
IS frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor B
+20 frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor F
+40 frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor A

- 200mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 200mm rotor and +40PM adaptor (we do not sell this item)
IS frame = Not possible using items we sell, and not recommended as it is highly likely to break your frame
+20 frame = 200mm rotor and adaptor B
+40 frame = 200mm rotor and adaptor F


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Based on 2 customer ratings



Posted by Ollie

when i first got it i really liked it!! bedded in great and there was loads and loads of bite although after about a week it started leaking so i went to adjust the pressure and the screw head wasn't there?? and the leaking just got worse and worse until the point of its cheaper to wear my shoes down on the tyre and more effective!! hopefully ill be able to get them swapped over ? as i believe this is a one off apart from that they are a very good brake!!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ollie - I'm not quite sure what you mean about 'the screw head', sorry! If you'd like to get in touch with us via e-mail we should be able to help out. Magura offer a great leak-proof warranty for these brakes so I'm sure we can get this problem resolved for you.


strong brake

Posted by Maciej

The power of this brake on my 26" bike is incredible. I have the 203mm rotor which also increases the power, brake bedded in very quickly and now performs amazingly. The lever feel is rad, no sore fingers at all, buy it you wont be disappointed!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Maciej - The MT2s are very nice brakes, especially for the price. It's good to hear they're working well for you. Thanks for the review!

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