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Magura MT7 PRO HC1

Product code: 12965


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Magura MT7 PRO HC1

  • One of the most powerful disc brakes around!
  • Now supplied with improved HC1 blade!
- Top of the range disc brake from Magura, as used by Danny MacAskill!
- Extreme braking power delivered by four pistons through four individual brake pads, letting you lock the wheel down instantly when needed, but you still get great modulation when desired.
- Independent reach and bite point adjustment allow you to attain your perfect lever feel, however you prefer it - please note: these levers are no longer fitted with a separate adjuster dial for reach adjustment, an allen key must be used instead.
- Two-finger lever blade design gives plenty of leverage and massive power.
- Now also available with upgraded HC1 lever blade! The HC1 blade offers improved strength and stiffness, and also has a smoothed off rear.
- Lever has a flip-flop design and can be used with either hand. If the brake is supplied with the bite point adjustment dial on the wrong side, it can be removed and put in from the other side so that it is always on top.
- Lever body constructed from Carbotecture, offering a great strength-to-weight ratio.
- Forged aluminium caliper means there is only material where it is needed, resulting in an impressively light brake considering its power.
- Post Mount caliper style makes setting up the brake easy, and is compatible with both Magura and Hope Post Mount caliper to IS mount frame/fork adaptors.
- Kevlar reinforced hose (220cm length) attaches to caliper with a banjo bolt, making it easy to tuck the hose as out-the-way as possible on the bike.
- Supplied complete with olive and instructions on how to cut the hose down to your desired length, alternatively we can do this for you here.
- Sold as a single brake including mounting hardware.
- Weight: 277g (plus rotor at 142g)

We have made a disc brake guidance and information sheet which will be very useful if you are not experienced with disc brakes (or even if you are!). We strongly recommend having a look over it before fitting your new brake. This can be downloaded here.

Please note: We have consistently found these brakes to not be as durable as we would like when used for trials. This includes worn out lever travel adjusters and pivot pins, especially if the lever is hit or crashed on. If you would like a durable and reliable brake for trials use, we do not recommend this product.



Hi! What's the difference between the Magura MT7 & Magura MT7 Raceline? Thanks.

Posted by Johan on 09/06/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/06/2015

Hi Johan - thanks for your question. The only difference is that the Raceline brake is bright yellow, and that it will only be available with 203mm rotors and adaptors. (They will be slightly more expensive because they include adaptors in the price, where these current brakes do not.) Thanks, Flipp.


Hi! Will these brakes fit 203mm Discs if I buy the QM9 - Rear 203mm & QM5 - Front 203mm Calipers? Thanks.

Posted by Johan on 12/06/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/06/2015

Hi Johan - thanks for your question. Yes, those two adaptors would enable these brakes to work perfectly with 203mm rotors, though we are currently out of stock of the QM5. An alternative would be to use a QM41 adaptor (or Hope Adaptor B) with a 1.5mm washer between the adaptor and the caliper itself. The Hope shims (quick find code: 011807) are perfect for this. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello, what would be required in order to run these brakes through my steerer tube as far as what bleed kit to use and what hose fittings would need to be replaced during this process. Thanks!

Posted by chris on 02/07/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/07/2015

Hi - No bleeding is necessary and the fittings required when cutting the hose down are supplied with the brake, so if you cut the hose at the same time as fitting it through your steerer it'll work perfectly :) Thanks, Adam


Hi! Should this brake feel soft or is it going to be stiff like that hope brake?

Posted by Vegard on 05/11/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/11/2015

Hi Vegard - The MT7s have quite a firm lever feel when set up correctly. Ali C recently came down to ride with us, and we tried out his bike with MT7s on and they felt really good! They have a very 'positive' lever feel, and the performance of the caliper is very good too. Thanks, Mark


Hello, I was wondering if this would fit my inspired console . I was also wondering if the hose is long enough to get a few spins ! The reason for this is that I like doing foot jam tail whip combos ! Cheers Ruaridh !

Posted by Ruaridh on 29/12/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/12/2015

Hi Ruaridh - These brakes should fit your Console fine. If you've got the standard Avid brakes then you can re-use the IS to Post Mount Adaptors supplied with them, but if you've got the Hope upgrade kit then you'd need to buy some adaptors separately. The hoses are supplied full length so you'd need to cut them down prior to fitting them meaning you can make them as long or as short as you need depending on how you like to ride. Thanks, Mark

Oscar novarese

Hallo, Does this brakes, fron and rear, fit on my inspired fourplay team frame? If yes which adaptor bracket code should I order? Thanks Oscar

Posted by Oscar novarese on 31/03/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 31/03/2016

Hi Oscar - These brakes should fit on your Team absolutely fine. For adaptors, I'd recommend using the Hope adaptors (quick find code: 010773) as they appear to be the strongest. As the Fourplay frame has a +20mm mount on the rear, you would need to use the same size mount front and rear. In the case of the Hope adaptors, this would be the Adaptor F. If you prefer to use Avid, Shimano or Magura IS Frame/Fork to Post adaptors, using a 180mm Front adaptor front and rear would be the way to go. Thanks, Mark

Morgan Pedley

Hi, I am going to buy the magura mt7 front brake for my inspired fourplay. I was wondering would I be able to mount it to my bike through the steerer tube without the need to give the brake a bleed? Many thanks Morgan

Posted by Morgan Pedley on 31/01/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/02/2017

Hi Morgan - Yes, it's possible, just needs a bit of care. Regards.


Hiya, just wondering what adapters I'd need, if any, to fit these to an inspired fourplay pro, on the front and back (the red ones from a couple of years ago)? Cheers!

Posted by Josh on 06/03/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 06/03/2017

Hi Josh - If you've been using a post mount caliper already (such as the SRAM/Avid DB5s), you can simply re-use the existing adaptors and rotors. Otherwise, for a 180mm rotor I'd recommend the Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptors in Adaptor F size, or for 200mm rotors go with Adaptor B. Because of the +20mm mount size on the Fourplay frame you'd just use the same size front and rear rather than needing different sizes for each. Thanks, Mark

Christopher Fuchs

Hi I have a Specialized P2 Dirt Jump Bike, and i definitely need new brakes. So my question is which once do I have to take from the Magura MT7. I mean what is the difference in the different mm? Thanks for your time already.

Posted by Christopher Fuchs on 18/10/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/10/2017

Hi Christopher - The different lengths refer to the hose length. The 87cm version would typically be a front brake, the 141cm would be a rear brake and the 220cm is just the standard length Magura supply meaning it can be cut down to suit either a front or rear brake. The 87cm length might be a touch short for your bike, so I think you might be better either getting 2 x 141cm brakes and trimming one to suit the front hose length you require, or go for 2 x 220cm and trimming them both down to suit your required lengths. Thanks, Mark

Christopher Fuchs

Hey there, so I want to get the Magura MT7 141cm for my Specialized P2, but which disks would be best or do I would need to get so that they work fine? Regards Chris

Posted by Christopher Fuchs on 18/10/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/10/2017

Hi Christopher - The cheapest solution would be to check the brakes on your bike now and see what size rotors you have. If you then get the same size rotors with the MT7 brakes (for the rotors, I would recommend the Magura Storm HC rotors as they're designed to work well with the MT7s. Alternatively the Shimano SLX rotors would work well too), you can re-use your existing adaptors. Most dirt jump bikes will typically require 160mm or 180mm rotors. Thanks, Mark

Jack Mersey

Would these fit on an Ashton effect?

Posted by Jack Mersey on 02/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/04/2018

Hi Jack - We don't have any experience fitting these to an Effect so couldn't say for sure, but as the MT7 calipers are relatively large, with the restricted space of the Effect disc mount design we don't think they'd fit, sorry. Thanks, Mark


Hi Regarding the reliability issues mentioned for this brake, does the HC1 lever blade solve those? Is the weakness associated with the lever blade only? Thank you

Posted by Martin on 17/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/04/2018

Hi Martin - The blade is part of it, but the main bulk of the reliability is the body itself. They typically only have issues if you crash and hit the lever, so are similar to some other brakes in that sense - the main difference is that Magura don't offer a wide range of spares (unlike companies like Hope, for example), so if you damage the lever body you'd need to buy a complete new brake lever. The HC1 blade does improve durability of the blade itself though compared to the standard blade, and also gives a nicer/stiffer lever feel too. Thanks, Mark

Richard Lawson

Hi, are the leavers reversible. i.e do you just buy whatever length hose option and the leaver can be used on either the left or right side? I want a front brake for my HEX but only longer hose options are in stock (I want a right hand front brake lever). Also what disc and mount would you recommend to use on the front of an Inspired Hex (203mm). Regards Rich

Posted by Richard Lawson on 27/09/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/09/2017

Hi Richard - The MT7 levers have a flip-flop design, so you can use them whichever way up you require. If we've only got longer hose options available then you'd simply trim the hose down. We offer this as a workshop service too, so if you'd prefer us to do that for you then that would be no problem - simply head to the Workshop section and add the hose shortening product in there. If you're using it on a Hex, I'd recommend a 203mm Magura Storm HC Rotor, and the Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptor (Product code: 10773) in Adaptor B size. Thanks, Mark

Craig Mackenzie

Hi, what are the differences between the mt7's and the mt5's? Thanks.

Posted by Craig Mackenzie on 23/02/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/02/2017

Hi Craig - The main difference between the MT5 and the MT7 is the brake lever. The MT7 levers have the BAT (Magura's bite point control system) adjuster, and a slightly different blade/pivot configuration. The MT5 have a more simplified lever design. The MT7s have more power than the MT5s as a result of this. The only other slight change is that the MT7 caliper uses 4 individual brake pads held in place by a retention pin whereas the MT5 uses two individual pads. The MT5 pads fit the MT7s, but you can't fit MT7 pads to the MT5s. Thanks, Mark

Chris de Jongh

Is it possible to buy the magura mt7 Raceline brakes with rotors from tartybikes? If yes, what would they cost? Cheers Chris

Posted by Chris de Jongh on 16/11/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/11/2015

Hi Chris - We're no longer able to get hold of the Raceline brakes unfortunately, just the regular MT7s sorry! Thanks, Mark


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