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White Industries ENO Outer Teeth

Product code: 2053

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White Industries ENO Outer Teeth

17T (Available to special order)

Sold out

- Replacement set of outer teeth including ratchet for White Industries ENO freewheel.
- 16T & 17T are for the standard White Industries Freewheels as shown on our site.
- 18T, 20T and 22T outers are case hardened, making them extra tough to be up to the job for trials usage.
- Some sizes only available to special order, please call us for this.
- Sold singly.



Do you know how to fit this replacement part to an existing eno freewheel? What (if any) specialist tools are required? thanks.

Posted by Brad on 02/02/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/02/2011

Hi Brad - To fit this part, you first need to remove the lockring from your current freewheel. With the lockring off, if you spin the outer shell so the freewheel is disengaging you can then pull the outer shell off the freewheel body. You'll then need to remove the bearing from the outer. There's a little circlip holding it in place which can be removed using a flat-blade screwdriver. The bearing should be quite easy to remove with that off. You then need to repeat that process in reverse to fit the new shell. You may find it's easiest to use a small screwdriver or something similar to press the pawls down individually to help seat them in the ratchet properly. If you need any more help with it, feel free to either e-mail us or call our Tech line and we'll do our best to help! Thanks, Mark


Do you have to replace any other part in the free wheel to fit this (22T) ...e.g. pawls?

Posted by brendan on 21/07/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/07/2013

Hi Brendan - thanks for your question. You don't need to replace anything else - this is a direct replacement of your existing drive-ring. All the internal aspects are the same size and it is only the outside diameter that is larger. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, Does this part fit the standard Eno freewheel or the Trials (green) version?

Posted by Jacob on 21/08/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/08/2013

Hi Jacob - as far as we know this will fit both versions of the freewheel, though we've not tried it with the standard one. We know with absolute certainty that it does fit the trials version though. Thanks, Flipp.


I can I replace my worn 16t outer with a 17t one? Thanks in advance

Posted by Richard on 29/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/04/2018

Hi Richard - Switching between the 16T and 17T outers is no problem at all. Thanks, Mark


Hey, just wondering which size ye would recommend getting. My current setup is 18t x 12 on a 20" Rockman Manus. Unsure what would be best, 20t or 22t?

Posted by scott on 20/04/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/04/2016

Hi Scott - That depends on how hard you'd like your gear ratio to become. 18:12 is generally a good all-round gear ratio for mods - if it feels a little light you could possibly try running shorter cranks as these tend to give a harder feel to your gearing. If you did want to make the gear ratio harder then I wouldn't recommend going above 20t as this will make your gearing quite hard, and might compromise the snap acceleration you need for static moves like gaps and sidehops. It would also be worth checking your freewheel clearance to ensure you've got enough of a gap between your current freewheel teeth and your chainstay to fit a larger freewheel outer. Thanks, Mark

Perry Turner

Could you or could you not use this to replace any other freewheel ? Cheers

Posted by Perry Turner on 01/09/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/09/2012

H Perry - This will only fit the White Industries ENO freewheel. Thanks, Mark


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