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Magura Storm HC

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Magura Storm HC


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- The latest generation Magura Storm HC rotors, recommend for use with the Magura MT7 Disc Brakes, but also compatible with other disc brakes.
- Stiffer, stronger design than the standard Storm rotor ensures better performance under the stresses and strains of street trials riding.
- Multiple thin arms for the rotor mean that strength is maintained while keeping weight low, and also gives enhanced rotor cooling.
- Laser cut from high grade steel that has been tried and tested by Magura.
- Standard 6-bolt ISO fitting.
- Available in 160mm, 180mm or 203mm sizes.
- Weight: 129g (160mm), 141g (180mm), 173g (203mm), not including bolts.



Hey guys! I would like to buy these rotors for my inspired console in 203 mm size! What adaptors do i need! I have magura mt6 brakes! Thanks guys

Posted by Ruaridh on 17/11/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/11/2016

Hi Ruaridh - If you're using the Magura Adaptors you'd need 2 x QM5 Front 203mm adaptors, or if you use the Hope adaptors you'd need 2 x Adaptor B adaptors. Because the Console has a +20mm rear disc mount, you need to use the same size front and rear. One thing to note is with the Hope adaptor, you may need to use a couple of thin spacers between the caliper and the adaptor to dial in clearance. This isn't a big job though, I've done similar with MT7s, the Hope adaptors and 203mm Shimano rotors in the past with no problems. Thanks, Mark


Hi, I am researching the different rotors that could fit my magura mt7 on my fourplay 2016. I have seen 3 different types of rotor : storm, Storm sl and the storm hc. I would like to know the differences between the three rotors. Also how would the roror size effect the feel of my bike 160mm-203mm. Many thanks, Morgan.

Posted by Morgan on 24/02/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/02/2017

Hi Morgan - Magura specifically recommend the Storm HC rotor for their MT7 as the regular Storm and Storm SL rotors aren't quite as tough as the HC version. It's also possible to use other rotors such as the Shimano SLX if you'd prefer. Smaller rotors (e.g. 160mm) are more suited to 20" bikes, so if you're fitting these to a 24" bike we'd recommend a minimum of 180mm. The bigger the rotor the more power you have, but there is also a trade-off with them being a little heavier and having a little less modulation. A smaller rotor will be lighter and have better modulation, but won't have the same overall power. Thanks, Mark

Craig Mackenzie

Hi, what adapters would I need to fit the 203mm rotor to my inspired fourplay with Magura mt7 brakes? Thanks.

Posted by Craig Mackenzie on 13/11/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 14/11/2016

Hi Craig - The Fourplay has a +20mm mount on the frame, so you would need to use two Front 203mm adaptors, rather than one Front 203mm and one Rear 203mm. So, for example, if you used the Hope adaptors you would need 2 x Type B Adaptors. Some adaptors are designed to be used with 200mm rather than 203mm rotors, so picking up some Hope caliper shims would be a good idea just so you can space the caliper up the additional 1.5mm you may need. Thanks, Mark


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