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Magura Forged IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptor

Product code: 12169


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Magura Forged IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptor

QM12 - Front 180mm / Rear 160mm
QM41 - Front 200mm / Rear 180mm
QM5 - Front 203mm
QM9 - Rear 203mm

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Please check the disc mount position on your frame or fork before ordering this item! Many trials frames and forks have their mounts in a 'plus' position as standard, meaning you may require a different adaptor than initially expected.

- As supplied with their disc brakes, forged IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper disc brake adaptors from Magura.
- When combined with a new rotor, they're a great way to improve the performance of your brakes!
- Available in a range of sizes to suit different setups:
QM12 - Front 180mm/Rear 160mm
QM10 & QM41 - Rear 180mm
QM5 - Front 203mm
QM9 - Rear 203mm
- Please note that all of the above rotor sizes are for International Standard brake mounts. Some frames or forks have the mount at a different position, such as +20 on the rear of many Inspired frames, so you will need a different adaptor in this case. If you aren't sure which one you need, please feel free to contact us for advice.
- Supplied with fitting bolts and washers (may be black or silver).
- Sold individually, in Black only.
- Weights: QM12 - 19.9g. QM41 - 24.5g. QM5 - 25.6g. QM9 - 38.4g. Bolts and washers: 12.2g.


Steve churchard

I'm running magura mt2's on my 2012 neon bow with echo 2014 forks. I'm wanting to increase the rotor size up to 180mm so what adaptors do I need ?? Cheers guys

Posted by Steve churchard on 15/01/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/01/2014

Hi Steve - you're after the QM10 for the rear, and the QM12 for the front. We're unfortunately out of stock of the QM12s, and we struggle to get hold of them regularly. We have the Hope Adaptor F in stock, which does exactly the same job. If you are the type to want matching front and rear, Hope Adaptor B for the rear and F for front. Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


Hello! I'm running Shimano Saint M810 brakes on my Inspired Skye Team. I am wondering if this QM9 - Rear 203mm will fit the brake mount & my 203mm Shimano SLX RT66 rotor. If not, what would fit? Thanks

Posted by Johan on 15/05/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/05/2015

Hi Johan - thanks for your question. As we have mentioned in previous replies, a 203 rotor will not fit in a Skye Team frame. The QM9 adaptor is for a 203mm rotor on an IS mount, where the Skye Team uses a +20mm. To get the caliper in the correct position you would need the QM9, though the 203mm rotor will still hit the frame. Thanks, Flipp.

Jonathan Dyson

Hey guys I have 180mm rotors front and rear can you supply me with the mounts for the Magura MT5 brakes to match as I didnít see this as an option Many thanks

Posted by Jonathan Dyson on 08/03/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/03/2018

Hi Jonathan - If you can let us know which frame and fork you're using we'll do our best to help! You'll either need a QM12 and a QM41, or two QM12 adaptors depending on your setup. Thanks, Mark


Hi i want 2 adaptors for front and rear both 180mm for magura mt 7, my inspired flow, wich should i buy Thanks

Posted by MJ on 16/05/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/05/2018

Hi MJ - You would need to use the QM12 Adaptors front and rear. Alternatively, you could use the Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptors (Product code: 10773), in Adaptor F size front and rear. The rear disc mount on the Flow frame is +20mm which allows you to use the same size adaptor as the front. Thanks, Mark

Mj Claassen

Hello i am running inspired flow, want to go to 203 rotors what adoptors do i need? Thanks

Posted by Mj Claassen on 08/06/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/06/2018

Hi MJ - You would need two QM5 adaptors. The Flow uses a +20mm rear mount, so you need to use matching adaptors front and rear. Thanks, Mark

Sabrine Sehili

Hello, with a Magura MT7 (including 180mm Rotor) brake, what size should I choose? Is the QM12 okay? Thank you!

Posted by Sabrine Sehili on 08/02/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/02/2016

Hi Sabrine - The QM12 should work front and rear with 180mm rotors (as the frame has a +20mm positioned mount). Alternatively, the Hope adaptors (Quick find code: 010773) are a good bet too. They're nice and strong, and are more readily available in the size you'd need (Adaptor F). Thanks, Mark


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