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Jitsie Integrated Booster and Clamps

Product code: 12521


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Jitsie Integrated Booster and Clamps

Black (Front brakes only, 85-90mm spacing)
Black 118mm (26" / 24" rear or 20" front brakes only)
Black 133mm (20" rear brakes only)
Red (Front brakes only, 85-90mm spacing)
Red 118mm (26" / 24" rear or 20" front brakes only)
Red 133mm (20" rear brakes only)

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Innovative brake clamp and booster system from Jitsie!

  • Cylinder washers not required.
- Super high quality product from Belgian brand Jitsie!
- Brake booster and the top halves of cylinder clamps made from a single piece of aluminium to provide maximum stiffness.
- CNC machined from high grade 7075 aluminium.
- Widened holes in the top clamps/booster unit allow for a slight range in frame sizes to be used. These can accommodate brake mounts spaced 85-90mm (Front) or 100-105mm (Rear) apart.
- 5.5mm of vertical adjustment.
- Washerless design means no rounded clips are required. Due to this, your pad will always be perfectly square with the brake mounts on your frame, so we recommend running a file over the brake mounts on your frame to ensure they are level with each other before fitting.
- Large recess in top face of the booster shaves off some weight without compromising stiffness.
- Minimum arch height of 42mm for the low version (24/26" and front) and 55mm for the high version (20" rear brakes), from the centre of the top hole.
- Supplied as standard with M5 steel bolts featuring extra-large heads and 3mm allen key fittings. The bolts require extra-large heads to cover the enlarged slots that make this item compatible with multiple frame sizes.
- Please note this booster will not fit 26" GU frames due to the small 'tail' on the end of the top tube fouling the top of the arch.
- Weight: just 71.6g! (Plus bolts 3mm allen key fitting bolts at 15.4g, or the 4mm allen key fitting bolts and washers at 22g.)

Additional Information

To ensure this booster will fit, measure the 4-bolt mount spacing of your frame before ordering, and check this falls within the value listed in the description. Have a look at the additional picture for details of how to do this.



Do you know when the front 85-90mm black booster will be back in stock? Just to check I measured bolt hole to other for bolt hole which measured 90mm on 20 wheels so I guess this is the one I want? Thanks

Posted by Nick

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Nick!
Unfortunately, these boosters are discontinued, sorry. The Racing Line booster is probably your best bet for now, bearing in mind the spacing you're working with. The V2 would be ideal.
If you have any more questions, please ask!


I have the Ozonys Curve V8 frame and it measures out to 100mm center to center on the rear 4 bolt mount. Which of the Jitsie boosters will fit that, if any?

Posted by Peter

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Peter!
Both the 24/26" and 20" Rear boosters are suitable for 100-105mm spaced mounts, so should fit your Curve fine.
If you have the 24 or 26" Curve frame then you'll need to choose the "118mm (26" / 24" rear or 20" front brakes only)" option in your colour of choice.
If you have the 20" Curve frame, you'll need the "133mm (20" rear brakes only)" option in the colour of your choice.
If you have any more questions, please ask.


Hello, will these boosters work on both front and rear on the Jitsie Varial 1085 26? I am new to pure trials so I am not sure how boosters work. Thanks.

Posted by Cyrus

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Cyrus!
If you select a Front and a 26" Rear booster kit that would cover you for front and rear.
That said, the Varial forks feature a built in booster so typically won't require an additional external booster.
The Varial frame is relatively stiff, but if you're finding you have more flex in the frame than you'd like a booster would be a good way to help resolve this.
If you have any more questions, please ask!


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Great design needs beefing up.

Posted by Laurence

Was previously using the Magura clamps with trial tech 2bolt booster on my flexy rockman tractor frame. Switched to this hoping the one piece design would stiffen it up. When it arrived its a lot thinner than the pictures led me to believe, hence the light weight. Due to this it hasn't really made a difference to my previous set up, the strength:weight ratio is really good it's just a little too light weight for my light weight frame and needs beefing up ideally. I've never used the washerless clamps before and they're fantastic can't fault them atall, I'm not great at setting up brakes and they make it so much easier. May stick my old booster on top to get it stiff as possible.

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