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Jitsie Reverz 19" Tyre

Product code: 13149


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Jitsie Reverz 19" Tyre

This tyre is to fit a 19" rim with 395mm external diameter, it will not fit a 20" rim. If you are unsure of the differences, please don't hesitate to contact us before ordering.

- New from Jitsie, a super light high performance 19" rear tyre!
- Developed and tested by a range of the world's leading riders, including our very own Adam Morewood.
- Designed to be run in either direction, ensuring grip and performance isn't compromised by the orientation of the tyre.
- Wide 2.6" (67mm at widest point) carcass gives huge inner volume for good rebound and 'bounce' characteristics, especially on single wall rims!
- Wide spaced tread pattern helps clear mud and dirt faster.
- Well defined blocks give better grip on edges of objects.
- Tough carcass helps promote tyre stability.
- Available with wire bead only.
- 'Siped' tread blocks allow more tread movement, helping the blocks smear and grip more effectively.
- Soft, grippy compound with slower rebound gives great grip on both street and natural terrain. This means wear life is reduced compared with, say, a Creepy Crawler.
- Weight: 718g (Due to the way tyres constructed, this weight can vary slightly from tyre to tyre)

Additional Information

All tyres tested under similar conditions.
Please note that this tyre is for a 19" rim despite being marked as 20" on the sidewall. If you are unsure if it will fit your bike then please give us a call.


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The best 19" rear tire I've ever run..

Posted by Bobby-TheDemolitionMAN

I've ridden all types of modified trials tires and the Jitsie rear, is one of the best I've ever run.I got forced to ride Maxxis due to previous sponsorships and I never liked there mod tires.They'd tend to freeze in the cold and it was like riding a brick. The Jitsie tire is just amazing in all weather conditions and it's light and responsive when I ride as well.I haven't any side blow outs, or fold overs, due to running low pressure.When up on obstacles, it nearly feels like you're glued to it.An extremely well made and thought out tire, a definite must have. I highly recommend this tire to any trials ride out there, who rides street or natural.. TheDMAN

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Bobby!
Thanks for the detailed review, we're glad to hear you're enjoying the Reverz tyres.
Thanks again!

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