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TartyBikes Replacement Steel Bolt (Single)

Product code: 10568

From £0.63 to £1.67

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TartyBikes Replacement Steel Bolt (Single)

3/8" x 1.5" (Silver, Profile and King BMX hubs)
M10 x 35mm (Silver, Hope Pro2 Trials axle bolt)
M5 x 10mm (Silver, Cap Head)
M5 x 12mm (Silver, Countersunk Head)
M5 x 16mm (Black)
M5 x 16mm (Silver)
M5 x 25mm (Silver)
M5 x 30mm (Silver)
M5 x 40mm (Black)
M5 x 45mm (Silver)
M6 x 10 Dome Head (Silver)
M6 x 16mm (Silver)
M6 x 18mm (Silver)
M6 x 20mm (Silver, Cap head)
M6 x 20mm (Silver, Countersunk Head, for bashplate)
M6 x 25mm (Silver)
M6 x 30mm (Silver)
M6 x 35mm (Silver, Countersunk Head)
M6 x 35mm (Silver, Half thread, ideal for top cap)
M6 x 40mm (Silver, Half thread)
M6 x 45mm (Silver, Half thread)
M6 x 50mm (Silver, Half thread)

Sold out

- Replacement high quality steel bolts for use in a variety of areas.
- All variations are full thread unless stated.
- Each bolt has a deep-fitting allen key recess (4mm on the M5 cap head and and 3mm on the countersunk versions, 5mm on the M6 cap head and 4mm on countersunk and dome head, and 8mm on the cap head M10 and 3/8" versions) for good life.
- Countersunk bolts are measured including the head, cap head bolt sizes are not including the head.
- Sold singly.
- Weights:
M5 x 25: 5.2g
M5 x 45 (half thread): 7.6g
M5 x 40 (half thread): 7.0g
M6 x 18: 6.0g
M6 x 20: 6.3g
M6 x 25: 7.1g
M6 x 20 (Countersunk): 4.3g
M10 x 35: 29.4g
3/8" x 1.5": 25.3g

M10 x 35 bolts are available in two types, stainless and 12.9. The stainless bolts will not rust, but the 12.9 bolts are stronger.

Additional Information

Potential application:

M5 x 12 Countersunk: Pedal cage bolts
M5 x 25: Brake clamp bolts without booster
M5 x 45: Brake clamp bolts with booster
M5 x 40: Brake clamp bolts with booster, when using slim brake clamps such as Echo TR
M6 x 10 Dome Head: Hydraulic rim brake slave cylinder blanking bolt
M6 x 16: Stem and caliper bolts, plus other general use
M6 x 18: Disc brake caliper
M6 x 20: Stem bolts, disc brake caliper bolts
M6 x 25: Hub axle bolts
M6 x 30: Hub axle bolts (as long as you have enough thread)
M6 x 20 Countersunk: Bashplate bolts
M6 x 35 Countersunk: Echo SL headset top cap bolt
M6 x 45: Top cap bolt, brake booster bolt for frames with M6 threads.
M10 x 35 Cap head: Hope Pro2 Trials axle bolts
3/8" x 1.5": Profile and King BMX hub axle bolts


Danny Trépanier

Which bolt do I need for my fourplay pro with trialtech rear axle? I think it's M6 x 30 but I just want to be sure. thank you

Posted by Danny Trépanier

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Danny - M6x30 should fit your Trialtech hub fine. M6x35 should work too though. With either of those lengths the tip of the bolt should be well past the end of the bearing in the hub which is the key thing. Thanks, Mark

Alexander Rumpl

Is there a bolt that works with the hope tech pro 4 trial ss hub?

Posted by Alexander Rumpl

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Alexander - The M10 x 35 bolts would work fine with your Hope hub. They are compatible with all generation of bolt-up Hope Trials hubs. Thanks, Mark


Hi A need a bolt for my Hope Tech E4 handlebar clamp and can't find the bolts for sale anywhere. I have destroyed the head but can just about take it out but it will need replacing and am unsure as to what length/size these hope bolts are, Would you be able to help as to what I need as I need to replace one of the bolts that clamp the lever onto the handlebar?. Many thanks

Posted by Juan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Juan - The Hope Tech levers require an M5x16 bolt for the bar clamp. The ProBolt Alloy M5x16 bolts are almost identical to the standard bolts fitted (Quick find code: 011603). Thanks, Mark


Hi there. Was just wondering, the measurements for the bolts is that from one end of the bolt to the other or just the lenght of the threaded section of the bolt? thanks, michael.

Posted by michael

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi - Countersunk bolts are measured including the head, cap head bolt sizes are not including the head. Thanks, Adam


The M5 bolts i have are too thin and the thread isn't spaced enough for the hub i have, any suggestions as to which size i would need? Thanks

Posted by Keith

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Keith - thanks for your question. The vast majority of trials hubs use M6 bolts. Thanks, Flipp.

Xavier Tan

hi,which bolt size should i use for the inspired fourplay front wheel?,thank you very much!

Posted by Xavier Tan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Xavier - thanks for your question. M6 x 30mm bolts would be perfect for that. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi I have an old Salsa V-brake booster without the fittings. What size bolts would be best? Cheers Jason

Posted by Jason

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jason - thanks for your question. The length of bolt you need would depend entirely on the length of the spacers used between the brake mounts and the booster. You should use bolts that equal the height of the booster, spacer and washers combined, plus at least 10mm. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


What bolts would I use for a rear axel on a monty 221 ti

Posted by Joe

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joe - thanks for your question. You would require M6 x 35mm bolts for that axle. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, I was wondering what bolt I would need for my Onza Rip 2011 headset. I rounded a bolt by mistake. Also could you tell me how I can maybe get the rounded bolt out please? Brendan :)

Posted by brendan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Brendan - the option at the bottom of the list, M6 x 35mm, is ideal for headset bolts. The easiest option for removing your old bolt is to drill the head off it. When there is no pressure on the threads it should unscrew very easily. Thanks, Flipp.


hi , i am after some axel bolts for my echo tr hubs both front

Posted by Connor

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Connor - You'd ideally need to use M6 x 25 bolts for your TR hub. Thanks, Mark


what sort of hope bolts are they? the ones with the 8mm allen head?

Posted by adam

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Adam - These bolts require an 8mm allen key head, unlike the older Hope-branded button head bolts which took a 6mm allen key. Thanks, Mark


Hi! what size would i need for my rear echo TR 2010 disk hub? thanks

Posted by derek

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Derek - You'd need an M6 x 25 axle bolt for that hub. Thanks, Mark


Which bolts would screw into my inspired fourplay frame with a maguara 4 bolt rim brake mount? Cheers..!

Posted by James

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - If you're not using a booster, the M5 x 25 bolts should be ideal. Thanks, Mark

mark leggat

Do you sell the washers for these bolts, I need 2 to fit m5x25 bolts for my Onza Pro front rim. I have no idea where to get them from if you do not have any.

Posted by mark leggat

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Mark - For your front Onza hub you'd need a pair of the M5 x 25 bolts. The washers you'd need are available here: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/hub_spares/tartybikes_axle_bolt_washers_pair/c22p10772.html Thanks, Mark


What size bolt do I need for the caliper of a hope mono trial to attach it to the fork mounts? If it helps they are echo forks.

Posted by Luke

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Luke - You'd need the M6 x 20 bolts. If you click on the 'Additional Information' tab, there are a list of suitable sizes for different applications. Thanks, Mark

David Barr

Which one of these bolts will fit my front hub? It is an open bearing hub that comes with the '09 Onza Blade.

Posted by David Barr

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi David - The M5 x 25 bolts would be ideal for that use. Thanks, Mark

Mitchell Keightley

Just wondering which one of these bolts fit the brake clamps and screws into the frame? Cheers

Posted by Mitchell Keightley

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Mitchell - Assuming you need bolts to fit your 4-bolt Magura mounts, you will need either the M5 x 25 bolts (if you're not running a booster) or M5 x 45 bolts (if you ARE running a booster). Thanks, Mark


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nice replacement

Posted by ashley

After helicoiling too deeply in a frame I required longer bolts. Perfect. Tough, durable and so many options.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ash - These bolts are pretty handy, and I've glad they helped you out of your predicament! Thanks for the review.


Good bolts

Posted by David

I got these as replacements for my Hope Pro2 bolts, they work just as well, and look better in my opinion.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi David - These bolts are a good addition to a Pro 2! Thanks for the review.


Cheap & strong :)

Posted by Cai

Strong steel bolts in a variety of sizes/lengths for a very reasonable price. You can't fault it!

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