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Jitsie ISIS with Bolts

Product code: 12912

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Jitsie ISIS with Bolts

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- Super strong ISIS bottom bracket from Jitsie, made by VP.
- Sealed cartridge bearings keep this bottom bracket running silky smooth for as long as possible.
- Aluminium cups reduce the weight over steel alternatives.
- 128mm axle length to ensure good crank / freewheel clearance.
- To fit 68mm bottom bracket shells.
- Standard "Euro" style 1.37" x 24tpi thread.
- Supplied with two steel M15 bolts.
- Weight: 256.1g (plus bolts at 45.6g per pair)



Hey are you able to get the 123mm axle length, like what comes with Jitsie complete bikes?

Posted by Dean on 09/09/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/09/2017

Hi Dean - Unfortunately Jitsie don't supply them. You should be able to use a wider BB in your frame though. Alternatively, the Try-All BB we stock is 122.5mm wide, so very close to the length you're after. Thanks, Mark


Does it includes the AXLE SPACERS?

Posted by otlidton on 19/09/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/09/2017

Hello - The Jitsie BB doesn't require axle spacers, so can be used as supplied. Thanks, Mark


What is the tightening torque of the bolts? Is it safe to use 40-50 Nm? Thanks!

Posted by otlidton on 28/09/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 29/09/2017

Hello - We recommend tightening crank bolts to 35Nm. 50Nm might be a little on the high side as the cranks sit on a slight taper on the axle, meaning it might stretch them out if they're pushed on too far. Thanks, Mark

Oscar jörgensen

Will this fit the jitsie varial 20" frame? if not what will fit the jitsie varial frame?

Posted by Oscar jörgensen on 11/10/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/10/2017

Hi Oscar - This BB should fit the Jitsie frame fine, although almost all of our ISIS BBs will work fine too. The good thing about the Varial is that it has a standard, screw-in BB shell so it's compatible with a wide range of BBs. Thanks, Mark

Parker Jamison

Will this work on the 2014 inspired arcade brakless frame?

Posted by Parker Jamison on 21/10/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 23/10/2017

Hello - This should work fine on the Arcade. Thanks, Mark

Ryan Shaw

What diameter is the spindle? I'm looking for cranks that will fit on.

Posted by Ryan Shaw on 03/10/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/10/2018

Hi Ryan!
The axle is the standard diameter for ISIS cranks, so any of the cranks listed as ISIS cranks in our "Cranks" section will fit fine.
The Jitsie Forged ISIS cranks are good if you're looking to keep costs down, or alternatively the Trialtech SL Forged ISIS or Trialtech Sport Lite Splined ISIS crankset would work well if you are happy to spend a little more.
As before, any of the cranks marked as ISIS on that page should fit fine, with the exception of the Echo Splined cranks which require Echo's BB to work correctly.
If you need any help choosing your cranks, freewheel and bashring feel free to ask!

Patrick  Selby

Hey will this fit a monty 221 frame? and what tools would be needed to fit it? thanks.

Posted by Patrick Selby on 27/11/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/11/2017

Hi Patrick - This BB should fit your Monty frame fine. To fit it, you'd ideally need to use an IceToolz BB Tool (Product code: 561), with a ratchet of some sort. The cheaper Cyclo BB Tool won't work with the Jitsie BB due to its built-in spacers. Thanks, Mark

Dmitry Ivanov

Hello! Whether tell me please, to perhaps establish in a frame (carriage knot 73 millimeters) to bottom brackets JITSIE ISIS 68х128? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Dmitry Ivanov on 06/09/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/09/2017

Hi Dmitry - It is possible to use the Jitsie BB in a frame with a 73mm shell. All that will happen is the non-drive/left cup will sit further into the frame. For an alternative, the Trialtech Race ISIS BB is very similar but fits 73mm shells correctly. Thanks, Mark


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