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Jitsie Dynamik Shinguards

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Jitsie Dynamik Shinguards


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Lightweight shinpads from Belgian manufacturers Jitsie!

- New from Jitsie, the Dynamik Shinguards.
- Developed, tested and worn by Jitsie riders such as Dani Comas and Vincent Hermance!
- Minimalist design gives protection along the front of the shin where it's needed most, while allowing plenty of ventilation.
- 25cm (Adult size) or 20cm long (Kids) body gives good coverage along the length of the shin without being too bulky.
- By simplifying the overall design of the Dynamik pads, Jitsie have managed to keep their overall weight to just 100g for a pair (Adult size) - so light you almost forget you're wearing them!
- New and improved high density memory foam protective strip is inserted into the front of the shin pad is more flexible than before, providing an even less bulky fit that still significantly reduces the force of any impacts.
- Super stretchy material for the main body of the pad allows it to fit a wide range of leg sizes, with a mesh rear panel to give improved ventilation.
- Extra stitching at key areas gives better durability.
- Elasticated cuff at the top and bottom help keep the shin pad in place.
- Available in either Kids or Adult size.
- Kids size suitable for calf circumference from approximately 10-14" (25-35cm) and Adult from around 12-17" (30-43cm).
- Only available in Black, with high quality printed Jitsie logos.
- Supplied as a pair.



Can these be worn with the jitsie knee pads or would they clash?

Posted by Phil on 28/02/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/03/2015

Hi Phil - thanks for your question. Yes, you should be able to wear both of these at the same time with no problems. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, I currently have 166 shin guards. However I am in need of new ones, so as I saw these I wondered if the adult size is like a small to medium 166 shin guard. ?? Thank you Tom.

Posted by Tom on 31/07/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/08/2015

Hi Tom - thanks for your question. The area of coverage will probably be smaller than the shinpads you have, though they will fit your leg. The material is very stretchy so is pretty much a one-size-fits-all. The children's size is too small for most people over around 14 years old. The best way to see which would fit you best it to measure the circumference of your calf and check the measurements listed in the description. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Nathan Nicolle

I currently have G-form shin pads, and would like to know if the material in these strengthens on impact to save smashes to the shin. Will these also be a protective as competing brands like G-form? Thanks :).

Posted by Nathan Nicolle on 25/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 25/04/2018

Hi Nathan - Rather than using D3O, these shinpads use insert strips. The theory is that they help dissipate the impact over a wider area, rather than principally dealing with it at the site of the impact like D3O materials do. The trade-off is that there's a touch less flexibility, but as they're on your shin this isn't as big a deal compared to - say - elbow pads which require a lot more freedom of movement. They have a mesh material around the calf so in that area you still get full movement. They've been a very popular choice for trials riders for a long time, and I've seen some riders take some pretty impressive shin hits without any problems at all. Thanks, Mark


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Awesome Protection

Posted by Callum on 05/03/2014

Awesome protection and a very high quality finish! Thanks :)


Virtually Invisible

Posted by Eric on 10/08/2014

Just like the Jitsie gloves, these things feel as if they're not there. My calves can breathe and I don't sweat as much in the summer heat. Just perfect! The only minus I notice is that the graphics flake off pretty quickly. But its a small price to pay for the comfort.


Good stuff!

Posted by Andrew on 06/09/2014

Bought these as my shins have took many beatings over the years after seeing other branded shin pads looking to bulky and restricting i was amazed by the Jitsies. Light weight, protective and it gives the feeling that you cannot feel them whilst riding.


Not Bad

Posted by Bazz on 03/03/2015

A good product, well designed and does the job but graphics have started peeling after just a few uses but obviously doesn't affect the performance

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