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Trialtech Rim Brake Fluid

Product code: 12962


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Trialtech Rim Brake Fluid

- Custom made, trials-specific hydraulic rim brake fluid from Trialtech!
- Water-based compound gives a very "light" and responsive lever feel, whilst retaining lubricative qualities.
- Continues to function as a brake should right down to -12C!
- Non-toxic and biodegradable.
- 100% made in the UK.
- Sold as a single bottle of 250ml.



would using this product void the waranty of a new rimbrake setup like water bleeding would??

Posted by Harry on 10/06/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 11/06/2015

Hi Harry - thanks for your question. Using this fluid would technically invalidate the warranty of a Magura brake, though it is worth mentioning that this fluid has been specifically designed to cause absolutely no harm to the brake it is used in. It would not invalidate the warranty of any other brands of rim brake (Racing Line etc.). Thanks, Flipp.


Would this fluid be OK to use in the new Echo SL rim brakes?

Posted by Scott on 11/10/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/10/2015

Hi Scott - Oil is still the best option to use for Echo's brakes, but the Trialtech fluid should still work well (and would definitely be better for the brake/seals than using just water alone). Thanks, Mark

Kevin Fordal

Hi! Would one of these bottles be enough to completely refill two hs11's? Thanks! Kevin

Posted by Kevin Fordal on 08/04/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/04/2016

Hi Kevin - A rim brake usually only holds 20-30ml of fluid, so you'd have plenty to do two HS11s! Thanks, Mark

Dean Hawken

Hey would this be ok to use in magura disc brake's, and what would the boiling temp be?

Posted by Dean Hawken on 01/07/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/07/2017

Hi - We would not recommend using it in disc brakes. Thanks.


Would you recommend this over a water bleed hs33 with trialtech levers?

Posted by Shane on 19/02/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/02/2018

Hi Shane - The Trialtech levers were tested with both and performed fine using both fluids, but we would recommend the Trialtech fluid as it's water-based so performs very much the same as water, but has benefits including the corrosion inhibitors and anti-freeze. Thanks, Mark


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trialtech fluid

Posted by Vladyslav on 25/06/2015

Was using magura royal blood for a really long time so I decide to try something other, it was pretty strange for me to bleed my brake with almost water viscosity fluid but I manage that, I also replaced my piston spring, the results was amazing I've never tried a water bleed brake so I was just stunned how fast it is, its almost like a on-off switch and I really like it. And compared to magura fluid it was very easy to clean afterwards. I'm really happy with this fluid and would recommend it to everyone who wants fast and responsive hydraulic brake.

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