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Magura HS33 2014+

Product code: 12194


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Magura HS33 2014+

190cm hose length, 2-finger, black pads, with Evo2 adaptor kit
190cm hose length, 4-finger, black pads, with Evo2 adaptor kit

Sold out

- Lever body made of Carbotecture, offering a great strength-to-weight ratio!
- New forged aluminium lever blade matches the aesthetics of the 'MT' range of disc brakes (but please note the MT range of levers are not compatible with this brake).
- Lever blade is notably broader and slight more rounded than previous models, making it very comfortable.
- '2-finger' lever blade model. The leverage ratio is higher than 2005 model 2-finger brakes though.
- '4-finger' model offers more power due to the extra leverage, but a slightly less firm lever feel.
- Two-bolt handlebar clamp means you don't have to remove your grip to get the lever on/off.
- New TPA system has the functional components made exclusively from steel to improve durability, and has indexed 90 turns to ensure it stays put.
- Reach is taken care of by the T25 screw in the front of the lever blade. Unscrewing the screw moves the end of the lever blade closer to the handlebar.
- Bleeding system is the same as the pre-2011 brakes - attach a full syringe to the slave cylinder, remove the bleed screw in the lever, then push fluid through from the bottom. Please note that a regular bleed hose will NOT screw into the bleed port, trying to do so will damage the thread.
- Comes with Magura black pads, this is a standard compound pad. We recommend upgrading for Trials use.
- Available with Evo2 Adaptor kit to allow you fit the brake to V-Brake style studs.
- Lever works for either way up for both left and right hand braking, simply turn it over!
- Brake cylinders are compatible with all 4-Bolt clamps (Echo, TNN, Magura, Try-All, Tensile, Chorrillas, etc - all of these sold separately) and Magura Evo2 clamps.
- Colour variation on the lever may vary slightly from the picture (may have black or silver handlebar clamp).
- Sold individually.
- Brake only, including pads: 250g
- 4-Bolt brake clamps and bolts: 74g
- Total: 324g

Important Information:

Bleed screw requires very little torque, just a 'nip' into place to seal the brake - maximum 0.5Nm. Damage due to over-tightening is not covered by warranty.

To correctly fit the lever to the handlebar, the bolt with the arrows pointing towards it must be gently tightened first until the gap is closed, then the other bolt should be nipped down. Do NOT tighten this bolt right down, normally there will be a gap of around 2-3mm when the lever is tight on the bars. Over-tightening the bolts or not following this procedure is likely to crack the lever clamp and this is not covered under warranty.



Do these come ready set up? Or do they need bleeding? And will I need and clamps or is it ready to bolt straight on?

Posted by Sam

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Sam!
The brakes are supplied fully bled, although they come with 190cm long hoses as standard so most riders will want/need to cut them down to their preferred length. If you're not confident doing this yourself, we can do this here.
To check which clamps are available, you'll need to refer to the variation list. These brakes are generally available with Evo2 Adaptor Kits which are suitable for use on V-Brake mounts only. If you have 4-bolt rim brake mounts on your frame or forks, you'll need to use a set of 4-Bolt Clamps.
Hopefully this helps, but if you have any more questions please ask.


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Using them on a tandem

Posted by Aleman

I bought these as an upgrade for the Cantilever brakes with Koolstop Salmon pads on our tandem. Prior to the Salmon pads the stopping power of the cantis was "woeful", the salmon pads made them "acceptable". I was originally going to replace them with some Deore XT v-brakes (with salmon pads) , when I discovered that Hydraulic Rim Brakes were a real thing ... Jumped right in and ordered two, with the more aggressive Red Pads for front and rear of the tandem. Fitting was surprisingly easy, even shortening the hose was straightforward, and didn't even require bleeding. Adjustment was a little tricky, but the tarty bikes video made it simple. Initially I wasn't that impressed, but one incident convinced me that these brakes are simply "the dogs". We were descending a hill on twisty lanes in the Trough of Bowland when we came round a corner and face to face with a tractor taking up the width of the road. To say I grabbed a double handful of brake was an understatement!! We came to a stop in an incredibly short distance, no locking up, the feel and modulation was amazing. If anything is capable of stopping over 150Kg of Tandem and crew so quickly, and more importantly safely, then there is only one thing to say "HS33-R Hydraulic Rim Brakes - BUY THEM!!!!"

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Tony!
We're glad to hear that the HS33s were there for you when you need them most!
Thanks for the detailed review, and we wish you both a lot of happy miles to come.



Posted by The

Awesome breaks plenty of stopping power, what more could you want in a hydraulic rim break? Cheers Tarty Bikes.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Karl!
We're glad you like your new brakes.
Thanks for the review!



Posted by Oliver

Such a great brake. I have gone from 05 magura's to V brake then to a Racing Line never have i been so impress with my brakes. Such a good looking design and a nice comfortable lever was strange going to 2 finger again as i've been using 4 finger blades for so long but still loads better than the brakes i've had before


Very pleased indeed!

Posted by Jordan

Hi TartyBikes, no need to lie so all I have to say is what an amazing brake! Had an Echo TR brake before and just doesn't compare to this one, nowhere near as good as the new Magura 2014. Dad fitted it for me and tried to put as much stress on it as possible (he's very strong!), gave it a try myself and performed incredibly well in the wet with TNN Engineering CNC green pads which is good considering winter is coming up. Once again great service and next day delivery. Also a massive thanks to you guys for TartyDays 2013! Absolutely brilliant weekend and would love to go next year too! Thanks guys, Jordan


Sweet Sweet HS33

Posted by Joe

Wonderful brake. :)

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Joe - glad you're happy with it! We've sold quite a lot of these in the short time we've had them, so hopefully other people feel the same way. Thanks, Flipp.

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