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Hayes Dominion A4 (No rotor or Adaptor)

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Hayes Dominion A4 (No rotor or Adaptor)

Black / Purple - Front or Rear - 180cm Hose
Black / Silver - Front or Rear - 180cm Hose

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New to Tarty Bikes, the Hayes Dominion A4, as used by Ali Clarkson!

  • Lightweight, and powerful lever action!
  • Unique 'Crosshair' caliper alignment system for precise and easy adjustment.
  • Twin port caliper bleed system helps eliminate trapped air in the caliper during bleeding.
- The new, award-winning Dominion A4 brake from industry veterans Hayes, takes their years of expertise and combines it all into a world-class brake system, gaining victories in the hands of Rachel Atherton and Andreas Kolb on the DH circuit, and becoming a firm favourite of professionals and privateers alike.
- The Dominion master cylinder uses a robust 2 bolt clamp with flip-flop design, allowing you to run the lever on the right or left with bleed ports on both sides.
- Designed to minimise 'dead stroke' (a point at which the lever pull has little effect on the pistons), the Dominion A4 master cylinder has a responsive feel and crisp bite point. This can be further adjusted using a small grub screw behind the lever pivot.
- The lever blade runs on two sealed bearings pressed into the master cylinder body to minimise friction resulting in a very light lever action, and gives a consistent lever feel throughout the stroke.
- Chunky, textured two finger lever, has a large surface area at the pivot increasing stiffness and further improving lever feel.
- Large CNC machined reach adjust dial has a large range of adjustment to suit most hand sizes, and lever position preferences. The dial is also indexed to prevent the lever from 'wondering' once your preferred reach is set.
- Stylish etched graphics on both brake options look great!
- 4 piston caliper gives huge power with cold forged construction designed to be as rigid as possible.
- Unique 'Crosshair' caliper adjustment system makes setting your brake caliper alignment super easy! By using the small grub screws on the post mount fittings, you can fine tune your caliper position to help eliminate brake rub, and ensure the pads contact the rotor squarely for maximum power.
- Caliper uses a motorsport inspired dual bleed port system, allowing you to bleed each side of the caliper independently to eliminate any trapped air bubbles that can limit performance.
- The Dominion A4 uses DOT 5.1 fluid to better manage heat build up for high speed applications. A tough Kevalr hose minimises hose expansion, further improving brake feel under extreme braking.
- Supplied as standard caliper mounting bolts, and organic pads pre-fitted with optional sintered pads in the box!
- Supplied with bleed block and spare olive / insert to allow you to trim the hose to your preferred length.
- 180cm hose as standard.
- Available in: Black / Purple with Hayes logo OR Black / Silver with Dominion logo.
- Weight (with caliper mounting bolts, brake pads - no rotor or adaptor): 340g.

Additional Information

We have made a disc brake guidance and information sheet, which will be very useful if you are not experienced with disc brakes (or even if you are!). We strongly recommend having a look over it before fitting your new brake. This can be downloaded here.

Important: This item is sold without rotor or adaptor. Please see the Additional Information tab for details of which rotor and adaptor you will need.

Please note: As part of the installation process, customers should check torque of all fittings on this brake. Leaks from fittings, especially the banjo, are rarely covered under warranty.


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