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Hope Hose Spares

Product code: 10808

From £0.83 to £4.17

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Hope Hose Spares

Item 01: 90 Deg Bolt
Item 02: M6 Straight Connector (Steel)
Item 03: M8 Straight Connector (Alloy)
Item 04: 5mm Stainless Shroud
Item 05: 6mm Stainless Shroud
Item 06: Olive
Item 07: 90 Deg Banjo
Item 08: 6mm Copper Washer
Item 09: 4mm Copper Washer
Item 10: Hose Insert

Sold out

- Replacement hose spares to fit Hope hose, both Stainless and Black Kevlar.
- Fits all models of Hope brake plus others including HS33s and Echo brakes (but only when used with the correct Hope hose, standard Magura/Echo hose will not work with these fittings).
- Each item is sold and priced singly.

There is an exploded diagram of the fittings on the Hope website here. See the Additional Information tab for more info.

Additional Information

To connect Hope hose to your brake, you need the following fittings:

Hope Lever:
1x Item 02
1x Item 04 for Kevlar hose or 1x Item 05 for Stainless hose
1x Item 06
1x Item 08
1x Item 09
1x Item 10

Hope Caliper:
1x Item 01
1x Item 04 for Kevlar hose or 1x Item 05 for Stainless hose
1x Item 06
1x Item 07
2x Item 08
1x Item 09
1x Item 10

Magura 2005 lever:
1x Item 03
1x Item 04 for Kevlar hose or 1x Item 05 for Stainless hose
1x Item 06
1x Item 09
1x Item 10

M6 hole on brake cylinder:
1x Item 02
1x Item 04 for Kevlar hose or 1x Item 05 for Stainless hose
1x Item 06
1x Item 09
1x Item 10
Note: Double the above quantities to make up a crossover

M8 hole on brake cylinder:
1x Item 03
1x Item 04 for Kevlar hose or 1x Item 05 for Stainless hose
1x Item 06
1x Item 09
1x Item 10

Echo Lever:
1x Item 02
1x Item 04 for Kevlar hose or 1x Item 05 for Stainless hose
1x Item 06
1x Item 09
1x Item 10

If you are unsure which items you require don't hesitate to contact us.



And the size of the Olive is 5mm by the way if anyone else is woundering :) Cheers

Posted by Fred on 18/11/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/11/2011

Hi Fred - Certainly is! Sorry if the title was a little misleading. Thanks, Mark


If I want to shorten a braided steel hope hose (or thread it through the steerer) I need article 6 and 10. The rest I can reuse. Right?

Posted by Georg on 29/03/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 02/04/2012

Hi Georg - If you just want to route it through your steerer without adjusting the length, you can often get away with re-using your olive (although a new olive will make life easier!). Similarly, if you were shortening the hose you can theoretically re-use all the fittings if you're able to cut through the hose to get the old hose insert out. Buying the new fittings will definitely make life easier though! If you're re-routing the hose you'd need Item 6, and if you're shortening the hose too you'd need both Item 6 and Item 10. Thanks, Mark


I have some Echo TR Disc Brakes and I blew out the hex on the shroud nut on the brake lever. Which one of these would I need to fit my brakes? Item 4 or Item 5? Thanks

Posted by Chris on 29/11/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/12/2012

Hi Chris - Apologies for the slow reply but we wanted to give everything a double check so we don't give you any bad advice! From checking it on a brake here, you'd need to use an entire Hope setup for the connection with your lever. It's not really possible to mix and match Hope and Echo fittings as they're all slightly differently sized to each other. To that end, if you wanted to replace your Echo fittings on your hose, you'd need to use the Hope Hose Spares listed in the Additional Information section under the 'Echo Lever' heading. If you use all of those together with your Echo hose they should fit in fine with your TR lever. Thanks, Mark

David G.

Hey there! I have a question... I need to cut the hose of my brakes because is too large, do I need to buy new spares or I can use the same parts I have installed already? If I need them, wich ones do I need? Best regards David

Posted by David G. on 22/10/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/10/2013

Hi David - it is possible to do this without needing any replacement bits, though it is very difficult. The olive is the bit that will need replacing - it can be prised off and re-used, though they will almost always break or deform enough that it can't be used so we would advise just using a new one. Thanks, Flipp.


I plan to buy 3 metres of Hope hose to fit between an Avid Guide R lever and calliper for a special project. I believe I need 2 x hose inserts, 2 x olives and 2 x compression nut but I am not sure which ones will be compatible with Avid Guide R. Could you tell be which fitting I will need to order to make sure I have a compatible system? Thank you

Posted by Ritchie on 19/02/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/02/2016

Hi Ritchie - You may be able to re-use some of your existing parts to bring the cost down a little, but to go for the complete system you'd need a few more bits and pieces. If you check out the 'Additional Information' box on the product page, there's a list of parts for different applications. With the Avid brakes using an M8 lever fitting and an M6 caliper fitting, if you follow the list for the "Magura 2005 Lever" and the list for the "M6 hole on brake cylinder" you'll get the complete list of bits you need. If you've already got some existing connectors that would suit then you can drop them off the list. Thanks, Mark


Hi, is the copper banjo washer (item no.8) priced individually or for a pack of 10? Cheers Matt

Posted by Matt on 06/08/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/08/2016

Hi Matt - All of our Hope Hose Spares are sold individually. Thanks, Mark


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Pew pew

Posted by Fredrich on 19/03/2012

The Olive also fits the ECHO TR Disc. Have made a test run with it but fits good and doesnt seem to leak. Also used the 8mm copper washer because ECHO doesnt put one on there.

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/03/2012

Hi Fredrich - Thanks for the information/review!


Fast and secure

Posted by Alexandru on 18/10/2012

The hose shortening kit was my first order on Tartybikes, and I was a bit worried that the parts are very small and pretty insignificant, easy to ge lost through shipping, but the parts were securely packed in an envelope that arrived at my post office in just 3 days and they fit perfectly, reviving my Hope disk brake. It is great to know that Tartybikes staff take good care in completing your oder even if it's just a "worthless" 2 Pound order. Now I know why these guys have such a good reputation. Thanks Tartybikes!

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/10/2012

Hi Alexandru - It's good to hear your order arrived quickly and safely with you. Thanks for the review!


Friendly, knowledgeable & fast!

Posted by Aaron on 05/03/2015

I had to service my classic C2. i spoke to Hope, they say speak to a dealer, so i rang tarty bikes after trying to speak to other online shops. the info I was given ws bang on, they sounded like they had been in the situation I was in before and knew what I needed!! I then had to order more parts, but knowing the items are well packaged and arrive quickly there is no reason to look anywhere else!!

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