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A Guide to Handlebars

Handlebars designed specifically for trials use have quite different geometry to 'normal' MTB bars and are often wider to gain extra control over the bike.

There are two main types of handlebar, Riser and Flat. Riser bars have two bends (usually one to create the 'upsweep' and another to create the 'backsweep') and generally offer a more comfortable and natural riding position. Flat bars are less complex in their manufacture so tend to be a little less expensive and they are often a fraction lighter too, but have been phased out and are now not available.

All of the handlebars (and stems) we sell are 31.8mm clamp size, except the Try-All Yourself Replica bars. 31.8mm is one of 3 sizes available, however only two of these are common

- 25.4mm (1") is standard MTB size and still quite common on mountain bikes.
- 28.6mm (1 1/8") is an in-between size used on some complete bikes, mainly Onza. We aren't able to supply aftermarket handlebars or stems in this clamp size and none of the handlebars or stems we sell are compatible with this size clamp.
- 31.8mm (1 1/4") is an oversized clamp that is quickly becoming the new standard. It offers increased strength and stiffness over the other two sizes.

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