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A Guide to Forks

All the forks we sell are fitted with a standard 1 1/8" threadless steerer tube (external diameter of 28.6mm), this size fits 99% of modern trials bikes.

Many of the forks we sell come fitted with different brake mount options:

Disc Brake Mount: This brake options fits hydraulic or cable operated disc brakes. Most forks have the mount fitted at international standard position, but some manufacturers, including Trialtech and Try-All, move the brake mount up the leg to allow a larger rotor to be fitted without the need for extra adaptors. This is noted by '+20' or '+30', which means you need a 20mm or 30mm larger rotor than standard.

4-Bolt Mount: Magura HS33 and Echo rim brakes use this mounting system, allowing the brake cylinders to be attached to the fork legs with a 4-Bolt brake clamp. This allows for easy set-up and is usually very stiff. Due to the stress riser caused by a 4-Bolt brake mount, forks with this mounting system are inherently less durable than Disc Only forks.

V-Brake Mount: It is possible to fit Magura HS33 or Echo rim brakes to this mount using Magura Evo adaptors, but they are primarily designed to be used with V brakes.

We are often asked if curved blade forks increase the wheelbase of a bike. The answer to this is no: forks with curved blades have the legs welded on in a straight line with the steerer tube and then the curve of the leg accounts for the offset (distance from centre line of steerer tube to the centre of the axle). Forks with straight blades have their legs welded on at a slight angle from the steerer tube to create the same effect. We list the offset and length (from the crown race seat at the bottom of the steerer tube to the centre of the axle) of all our forks so you can see which ones may alter the ride characteristics of your bike.

As with nearly all bike products, there is a general rule which most forks fall under: 'Cheap, light, strong - pick two'. All our forks have the weight listed in their descriptions to allow you to make an informed choice, but as always, if you require any extra assistance don't hesitate to get in touch.

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