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Crewkerz Freewheel Spares

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Crewkerz Freewheel Spares

Outer Teeth Ring

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- High quality freewheel spares from Crewkerz.
- Perfect to bring a new lease of life into a tired freewheel.
- These items fit various 72 and 108 click freewheels. In general, if your freewheel has four recessed removal tabs and looks like the Try-All 108.9, then these spares will fit. Compatible examples include: Try-All 108.9 (but not 120.9), Monty 72 and 108 engagement, V!Z 72 engagement (but not 120.9), Rockman 72 and 108 engagement, and Bonz Pro Light. If you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask!
- Super strong springs are much thicker stan standard to provide incredibly positive engagement and a loud noise.
- Outer teeth ring features a 36 tooth ratchet ring, and is available in 18t size only.
- Sold individually.
- Weight: 0.7g (pawl), 0.1g (spring), 80.7g (outer shell)



I see these pawls and other parts are compatible with the Monty 72 click but that specific freewheel has a spot welded lockring. My question is how do you open up this freewheel for overhaul and parts replacement, is there a way to drill or grind the spot weld and then remove the lockring for servicing? I have this freewheel and I do not see an obvious spot weld yet the lockring won't budge. Thanks!

Posted by Angus on 02/03/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/03/2015

Hi Angus - thanks for your question. As we mentioned previously, you cannot open that freewheel. It is sealed shut. Monty have made other versions of that freewheel that were not spot welded and it is those that this product is referring to, but you cannot open the spot welded variety. Thanks, Flipp.


will the outer teeth ring fit an echo 108.9?? if not what would or is it complete new freewheel time??

Posted by harrydrabble on 08/03/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 09/03/2015

Hi Harry - thanks for your question. These will not fit an Echo freewheel, unfortunately. Thanks, Flipp.


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