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Gusset Tank Chain, 1/8"

Product code: 331


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Gusset Tank Chain, 1/8"

- Fed up of breaking chains? Then you should be looking at this beast!
- Super Heavy Duty 1/8 chain.
- Pin Length 11.6mm.
- Pin riveting power 300Kg (standard chains are around 150kg, KMC Kool chain is 250kg)
- Tensile strength 1500kg (KMC Kool chain is 1300kg).
- Plate width 1.4mm (standard chain is 0.8mm, KMC Kool chain is 1.1mm)
- Includes split link, but we do not recommend using this for trials.
- Weight: 550g

Additional Information

Due to the high loads that trials riding places on chains, we recommend replacing them at least every 3 months. Regular lubrication is also essential to ensure good function, including prevention of stiff links.



Would the chain fit a Carrera Vengence?

Posted by tom on 19/01/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 19/01/2011

Hi Tom - Unfortunately the Tank Chain is too wide to fit on a geared bike. Sorry!


does this fit an onza bird ?

Posted by jordan on 18/02/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 21/02/2011

Hi Jordan - It may fit but clearance would be very tight. We'd usually recommend a 1/8" chain like the K710 or Z510HX chain if you want a wider chain for your bike. Both should fit fine. Thanks, Mark


hi, would this fit on my Koxx Orange, thanks ;')

Posted by brendan on 15/09/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 16/09/2013

Hi Brendan - this chain would fit that bike just fine. Thanks, Flipp.


Before i order one.. .( screw that i'm gonna order one anyway ) do you perhaps sell a chain tool long enough to push the pin in ? I seen in the review he had to fool around with some card etc.. i'm curious if you sell a suitable chain tool that will fit this chain without issues. If you don't then would you recommend taking it to a local motorbike garage ( I'm a mechanic so it wont cost anything ) and getting them to assist with the pin? Mucho! Gracias!

Posted by Jonny on 23/09/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/09/2013

Hi Jonny - thanks for your question. The IceToolz Pro Shop Chain Tool (http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/tools/icetoolz_pro_shop_chain_tool/c31p11759.html) is the only chain tool we stock that is big enough to accommodate this chain. As the review mentions though, if you don't have, or want to buy one of those then a local motorbike garage will usually be able to help you out. Thanks, Flipp.


Hey, will this chain fit on the Rockman flint frame? I have the rockman flint 20 inch and I should point out that my frame was designed incorectly because I have to always use a half link with my KMC 1/8 chain

Posted by Nathan on 08/08/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 10/08/2015

Hi Nathan - thanks for your question. The length of the chain will always be the same, or else they wouldn't mesh with the sprockets correctly! Using this would not fix you chain length issue, and you would struggle to find a half-link that would be compatible. There would also very likely be chain clearance issues on the seat-stay. Thanks, Flipp.

Perry Turner

Hi would this chain fit on the Onza Pro. Thankyou

Posted by Perry Turner on 28/04/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 30/04/2012

Hi Perry - I think due to the extra width on this chain it may cause clearance issues with your bike. If you want a slightly wider chain then the KMC Z510 HX 1/8" chain would probably be a good bet. It's a very strong chain, and will be unlikely to cause any problems with your bike. Thanks, Mark


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Hugest chain ever. Awesome

Posted by MR on 13/09/2012

I have to emphasize how FAT this chain is.. it is slightly larger than the chain on some 125cc bikes and weighs an absolute ton.. so if you're a weight watcher then this is not for you - but if youre like me and hate scootering to the shops on a broken bike leaving a trail of shin-blood only to be rewarded with crunching and creaking from a new chain adjusting to knackered cogs, then buy this NOW - if your bike gets hit by a nuke you can be sure the chain will still be sitting on top of a puddle of molten metal.. also - its very hard to get the pins out due to the length of them unless you have a motorbike chain tool to hand.. i have a large chain tool for half-link chains and had to push the pin through as much as possible, then roll up cardboard and shove it in, then wind the chain tool all the way, then out and repeat (it will move the pin about 0.2mm a time, but works..) its worth looking at a 3/16 compatible chain tool when fitting this or asking your local motorbike garage to help fit it. another thing - it is very inflexible and as such if you have it well dialed in it can be impossible to get it off the sprockets to get the back wheel off - if you have this issue you have to remove the drive-side crank each time. And lastly - the linking plate sites slightly prouder on one side than the other plates - so it scraped my bashguard and sounded like my freewheel was skipping as it only happened when the chain was under stress - if this happens turn the linking plate the other way round! with all this in mind, I love my chain, and would definitely buy another for my next bike.

Reply from TartyBikes on 17/09/2012

Hello - Due to the width it can be a bit fiddly getting your Tank chain running nicely - as you found - but the trade off is that strength. I'm glad you've got things working well for you though, and thanks for the detailed review!

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