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Inspired Arcade Team

Product code: 12942


In stock

Inspired Arcade Team

Dispatch time 2-3 days - this bike is assembled in our workshop before dispatch. Minor assembly required on arrival, details supplied with bike.

1 upgrade available

Magura MT7 with HC3 Blade Upgrade - Can Be Added At Checkout

  • Top of the range Arcade as ridden by Ali C!
- All the attention to detail of the previous model, but with a few tweaks to the frame construction and geometry and a fresh colour!
- Revised seat stay-to-seat tube joining method and added support bridge between the seatstays increases stiffness and strength of this high-stress area.
- The middle of the frame is further stiffened by a a revised chain stay-to-bottom bracket joint, featuring an extra support gusset.
- Very slightly longer dropouts means you can now more easily use a 16 tooth sprocket on the rear if you desire. Simply use 2mm longer bolts in the chain tugs!
- Hope hubs and brakes for maximum dependability in the areas you most want it!
- We can send the bikes with the hose through the steerer if you like, please also purchase the correct model disc brake option of this Workshop Item if you would like the hose to be routed through the steerer. If you do not add this item, the bike will be sent with the hose not routed through the steerer as shown in the pictures.

Frame and Forks
- Frame: Inspired Arcade 2019
- Forks: Inspired Arcade 2019, 15mm bolt through axle, Matte Black

- Front hub: Hope Pro 4, 15mm bolt through axle, 32h, Black
- Rear hub: Hope Pro 4, 32h, Black
- Cassette Lockring: Steel
- Chain tensioner: Inspired Arcade, Stainless Steel, Micro Chain Tugs, Black
- Front rim: Inspired V2 Rim
- Rear rim: Inspired V2 Rim
- Spokes: Sapim Race DB, Black
- Rim tape: Maxxis
- Front tyre: Continental MacAskill Air King 24 x 2.4"
- Rear tyre: Continental MacAskill Air King 24 x 2.4"

- Front brake: Hope Tech 3 - Trial Zone 180mm Disc, Black, Now with kevlar hose
- Rear brake: Hope Tech 3 - Trial Zone 180mm Disc, Black, Now with kevlar hose Please Note: Using a rotor larger than 185mm will invalidate the frame's warranty.
- Now also available with Magura MT7 brakes (180mm) as an additional upgrade if you wish.

- Cranks: Inspired Arcade V2, 2-piece steel, 175mm, Black
- Front Sprocket/Bashring: Inspired Arcade 22T, Matt Black
- Chain: KMC Z610 HX
- Rear Sprocket: Trialtech Sport Splined, 16T, Black
- Pedals: Inspired Arcade, Matt Black
- Bottom bracket: Inspired Arcade, External Bearing Euro, Black

- Saddle: Inspired Tripod Kevlar, Slim, Black
- Seatpost: Inspired Tripod
Important note: a metal 27.2mm seat post (no shim) of minimum insertion depth 100mm - like the one supplied - must be used with this frame to preserve the warranty
- Seat Clamp: Integrated

- Headset: Inspired Sealed Integrated
- Stem: Trialtech Sport, Forged, 80mm x 40˚, Matt Black
- Grips: Inspired Lock-On V2, Matt Black
- Handlebars: Inspired Arcade High-Rise Riser, Matt Black

- Wheelbase: 995mm
- Chainstay: 365mm
- BB Rise: +25mm
- Head Angle: 74.5˚
- Reach (Centre of BB axle to top centre of head tube): 682mm

- 11.74kg (including pedals)

This bike is supplied with a 6 month warranty covering manufacturing and materials defects. The warranty does not cover mistreatment or poor maintenance. Please ensure all the details on the warranty sheet supplied with the bike are adhered to. Certain circumstances (such as stripped threads or rounded crank arm tapers) only occur due to a lack of correct maintenance and all manufacturers are aware of these situations, so any claims due to incorrect maintenance procedures are much less likely to be successful.

We build this bike to a 100% complete state in our workshop before dispatch to ensure all items are manufactured correctly and nothing is missing, but we do have to remove some parts to ensure there is no damage during transit. You will need some basic tools (usually 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm allen keys and a 15mm spanner) for final assembly upon arrival. We have a video guide here to help, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

Please note that the specification on the bike may occasionally vary slightly from the photos and description. If this happens then the overall effect will be an upgrade and it will not affect the cosmetic appearance of the bike drastically.


Will Swope

How do I know the bike will fit me and and if it doesn’t fit can I return it

Posted by Will Swope

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Will!
If you let us know some more info about you we can help work out which size bike will fit you and which won't. The Inspired bikes tend to have a fairly broad sizing range (you can see the rough sizing that Inspired provide here), and the fit can be customised by changing the stem to a longer or shorter model, but as before, if you'd like to send us some information about yourself we'll do our best to help.
Providing the bike is unused and still in brand new condition you're welcome to return it to us, although you will be liable to pay the cost of sending it back to us. You can find our full T's & C's for returns here.


Hi, are the bars the same as the Arcade Riser Bars, which i can order separately? The bars on the team arcade seem like much higher rise than the Arcade Riser Bars (apr. 105mm rise)

Posted by Jonas

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jonas!
The bars fitted to the Team spec bikes are the exact same bars as the aftermarket Inspired Arcade Risers.
They are all supplied from the same batch of bars, so whether they come on a complete bike or as a separate bar they'll be the same spec.

Frank Hutton

Are the horizontal dropouts on the Arcade easy to use with the disc brakes? I really have issues stopping the brakes from rubbing on my ecco with the horizontal dropouts. If I would have similar issues with the Arcade I'd rather have a hex or fourplay with the vertical dropouts. Thanks

Posted by Frank Hutton

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Frank!
Several of the guys here have had the Arcade for a reasonable period of time now and haven't had issues with brake setup on them. They can be a little trickier to set up at first, but once everything is in place they work fine.
If you're having problems with your Echo that would suggest the wheel was moving. If that's the case, cleaning up the axle bolt threads and the threads inside the hub, then re-fitting your axle bolts with plenty of grease should help torque the hub up enough to stop it moving. The chain tensioners work well on the Echo so they should help you get everything lined up well in the first place.

george pugh

if I ordered this bike is it possible to have the hope hubs switched to the red version, also could I have the continental Danny macaskill air king tyres on it?

Posted by george pugh

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi George - It would be possible to do this, but you would have to order the other items you'd like at the same time as the bike. The bike is supplied to us with the wheels fully built, so it's not quite as simple as just lacing up the wheels with red hubs initially. As the supplied hubs will have the usual marks from the spokes and cassette spacers/sprocket fitted it's not possible for us to sell it on as a new item so we couldn't do a simple exchange, sorry. Feel free to send us an e-mail to discuss the cost of de-building/re-building the wheels if you'd like to go down that route though. It would be the same situation with the tyres too, just so you know. Thanks, Mark

Karanjit sahoo

By which metal frame is made

Posted by Karanjit sahoo

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Karanjit - The Arcade is made from 4130 cromoly. Thanks, Mark


is this chain 1/8 or 3/32?

Posted by jack

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jack - The chain used is a KMC Z610 HX 3/32" chain. Thanks, Mark


Can i run this bike with Sihmano saint m820?

Posted by Markus

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Markus - As long as you have some IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Adaptors, you should be able to use the Shimano brakes absolutely fine on this bike. Thanks, Mark


does it come whith disc brakes front and back

Posted by Filip

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Filip - That's correct. As standard, it is fitted with Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brakes front and rear. Thanks, Mark


Not really to do with an arcade but I was wondering if 160mm discs front and back on a street trials bike would still have good braking power? Thanks

Posted by Jamie

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jamie - A few riders use 160mm rotors, although generally most find that they need to use a minimum of 180mm to get suitable power from them. The weight penalty of larger rotors is usually outweighed by the extra power/hold you get (I use 203mm rotors on my Inspired). Thanks, Mark


Hello tartybikes, ive been looking into a new frame kit/bike and have been seriously considering the arcade for the simple, clean looking chain tug system(which is the one thing that bothers me about the inspired frames, not a huge issue though, theyre amazing bikes) and for the very unique geometry. However, I seem to notice that the frame is rather skinny when compared to the aluminum frame models. I know that inspired wouldnt make a new bicycle that isnt up to par with their current line up, and i also understand that steel is heavier than aluminum, but is this bike really as good as it seems to be? Is frame flex not an issue? Im coming from a Skye, so i understand the bike wont be as stiff as that frame, but the last steel frame bike i rode felt nearly unsafe at any given moment from frame flex, and it just drew me away from it. The arcade is just so tempting to try out i figured that id ask before making a decision. Thank you in advance!

Posted by charles

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Charles - Due to the difference in strength/properties between steel tubing and aluminium tubing, the Arcade framekit doesn't need to use large tubing like the aluminium models in Inspired's range. The framekits are still nice and tough though - Ali found that his Arcade framekits have been outlasting almost any aluminium frame and forks that he used so I'd say they're more than up to the job. Due to the tubing thicknesses specified and the bracing/gussets used on the frame there isn't the level of flex it sounds like you've experienced in the past. The ride characteristics are a little different due to the way steel frames 'feel' compared to aluminium, but it ends up being more a slight dampening feeling on bigger impacts rather than the frame being overly flexy. Thanks, Mark

Jack Heard

if i ordered this bike would the front brake come routed through the forks? there are no options to select so would this be possible

Posted by Jack Heard

Reply from TartyBikes

"We can send the bikes with the hose through the steerer if you like, please also purchase the correct model disc brake option of this Workshop Item (http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/workshop/tartybikes_inspired_bike_steerer_tube_hose_routing/c34p12655.html) if you would like the hose to be routed through the steerer. If you do not add this item, the bike will be sent with the hose not routed through the steerer as shown in the pictures."


hi Tarty, just wondering what's the different with old arcade and arcade 2015?? thanks, chung

Posted by chung

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Chung - thanks for your question. The difference lies in the frame. The geometry has been tweaked, there have been a few structural improvements, and obviously the colour! The componentry used is the same on both models. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


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Based on 2 customer ratings


Arcade Review

Posted by James

I have had my arcade for about 7 months now and i thought i would add my opinion on it. I dont think i can overstate how much fun this bike is i got back in to trials after a long time away and started riding a more compy bike but never really felt supper comfortable i did my research and got an arcade and haven't looked back. the frame has a lot of nice deign features like the tidy chain tugs and discrete seat clamp the welds also look immaculate on arrival final assembly was simple thanks to tarty building it up before shipping. rolling bunny hops at speed at rocks and walls feels liberating after having to rely on pedal ups on the old bike i have even been to a few skate parks and had fun carving around the bowls etc which i could never of imagined with my old bike and the arcade feels perfectly capable of more trialsy riding "ive put a slightly longer stem on mine but i am 6'4" " the steel frame seems to be a lot more resilient to dents than an alu frame which is a bonus to. If i got home and it was gone i would buy one again

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James!
Thanks for the detailed review. It's great to hear you're enjoying your Arcade so much.
Hopefully you'll get a lot more fun out of it on rides to come!



Posted by Jack

i don't know where to start. I purchased this bike last week. Delivery was on time and I got an email saying exactly when the bike will be here. The bike came neatly packed into a box with loads of protection around it to stop any damage. When opening the bike it was very easy to build. After riding for a few hours today I'm in love with the bike. I've been through about 4 inspired bikes now including the old Skye and this bike is by far the best bike I've ridden. It's so smooth to ride and looks smart as well. The bike is flawless. I would recommend the bike to anybody. Beginner or pro this bike is made for every level. The bikes colour is very unique and different making the bike stand out from the crowd. Great service from tartybikes as usual. This bike is a MUST buy if your looking to buy an inspired bicycle

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