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Sapim/Halo 24" (Silver) with Nipples

Product code: 10487


In stock

Sapim/Halo 24" (Silver) with Nipples

Please specify your exact model of hub, rim & number of spokes when ordering!

- Sapim Race Butted and/or Halo Plain Gauge spokes, available through Tarty Bikes for Tarty wheelbuilds or as separate sale items.
- Available in most common sizes for 24" wheels.
- Price includes silver Brass Nipples.
- Price is for 32 or 36 silver spokes, depending on how many you require.

Please note: we may send Sapim Race Butted or Halo Plain Gauge spokes depending on the lengths you require. We are unable to get hold of a full stock of either brand unfortunately.

When ordering spokes separately (not as part of a wheelbuild), these will be supplied taped up into bundles with the length of the spokes clearly labelled.

Your receipt, which will either be in the documents enclosed wallet on the front of your parcel or inside the jiffy bag, will also have a spoke length information chart stapled to it.

This spoke chart will detail which length spokes are to be used where (front, rear, drive side or disc side) and which lacing pattern is to be used.

If you do not understand this information, we strongly recommend taking your items to a wheelbuilder for lacing. Please do not contact us asking for spoke information after your order has been delivered, everything you need to know is detailed on this sheet.

If you intend to provide your own spoke lengths then please ensure you measure your current spokes correctly. Please see this photo for more info.

If you know which lengths you need, please add this to the notes field when you check out.

If you are unsure what length spokes you need, then please write in the notes field which exact rim and hub you are using (brand, model, year if possible), whether the wheel is front or rear (or a pair if you have ordered 2 quantity of spokes), and number of spoke holes (28h/32h/36h). We will then work out the lengths for you - simple!

Please make sure you supply the above information or it may result in a delay with your order!

To ensure the notes come through correctly, please do not use special characters such as ", this truncates the notes field and we will need to contact you to confirm the rest of the notes.

Please note that spokes cannot be returned once they have been laced into a wheel.



Hi Tartybikes. I'm wanting to buy 36 spokes for a rear wheel build. I've consulted an online spoke calculator and I need 18 x 230mm and 18 x 233mm. Is this an option with this purchase and if not can you suggest an alternative? Regards , Guy.

Posted by Guy on 25/06/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/06/2013

Hi Guy - thanks for your question. We stock 230mm and 232mm spokes (amongst other sizes of course). Being 1mm short is absolutely fine and will not detract from the quality of the build in any way, so don't worry about that! Cheers, Flipp.

Craig Scott

Hello Tartybikes. How would order spokes work if, i wanted spokes for yourselves to complete a wheel build and also wanted spokes for myself to build a wheel? Example: Tartybikes build the rear wheel 32Hole.. Myself build the front wheel 32 holes. Do i just add 64 quantity when ordering.. and make a note at the checkout that 32 (of X size) are required for the tarty build and 32 to be delivered with the completed wheel? Regards, Craig

Posted by Craig Scott on 12/10/2013

Reply from TartyBikes on 14/10/2013

Hi Craig - first off, the spokes are sold in sets rather than individually so you would only need to order a quantity of two. If you ordered sixty four of these items, you would end up with a LOT of spokes! You just need to add a comment that this is what you want to do to the "Notes" field. You should also mention which hub and rim (or their dimensions) you are using for your wheelbuild, and the lacing pattern you want to use. Thanks, Flipp.

Antonio Pedto

Hi there. Did you guys use any tipe of spoke prep for wheel assembly? If yes, which one you recommend? Thanks.

Posted by Antonio Pedto on 15/09/2015

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/09/2015

Hi Antonio - We just use a little oil on the threads to lubricate the nipple/threads to ensure they tighten up nicely. Some people recommend using linseed oil to do this. Thanks, Mark

Chang Hyun Kwon

Hi ! I am using the Because 24" front & rear rim and hub(32h). So How do I order?

Posted by Chang Hyun Kwon on 24/11/2014

Reply from TartyBikes on 25/11/2014

Hi Chang - thanks for your question. Add the items you want to order to your shopping basket, and put this information in the "Notes" field when you check out. Thanks, Flipp.


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nice apokes

Posted by ashley on 04/09/2012

Very shiny, haven't broken one yet

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/09/2012

Hi Ash - I'm glad they're lasting well for you. Thanks for the review!



Posted by Will on 22/02/2013

Good spokeroos, came quickly too like always.

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/02/2013

Hi Will - It's good to hear you're happy with the spokes. I'm glad they got to you nice and quickly too! Thanks for the review.

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