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Inspired V-Pads

Product code: 10009


In stock

Inspired V-Pads

  • Work best with: Smooth or chrome rim.
- High performance V-Brake pads from Inspired.
- Slim pads now feature unique, black supporting plate, boss and washers.
- Super grippy compound ideally suited to smooth rims or dead grinds, but also work well on grinds.
- Curved backing conforms to rim profiles better to aid setting up.
- Also ideal for BMX use on chrome plated rims.
- Extra thick support plate in the phat pads provides additional stiffness for improved brake 'feel'.
- Professionally moulded around a tough M6 steel boss, with grooves to help keep the surface of the pads clean.
- Includes a full compliment of domed washers and allen key nut.

Recommended Use

Smooth or chrome rim, dry weather, with or without tar.

Additional Information

Please note that the use of tar, brake spray or other substances can have adverse effects on the life of brake pads and we are unable to accept responsibility for this.



Hi, will these pads fit the Ones Rip? Thanks

Posted by Paul

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Paul!
These pads should fit the Rip absolutely fine.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


hi, this might be a silly question but, would these pads fit my Onza sting trials bike? thanks...

Posted by archie

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Archie!
There are no silly questions, don't worry about it. These pads will fit your Sting absolutely fine, and should offer upgraded performance compared to the standard pads fitted.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


Hi, will the inspired v-Pads fit my Avid SingleDigit 7 rear-break? Thx.

Posted by Johannes

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Johannes!
These brake pads should fit your SD7 brakes fine. V-Brake pads tend to be a fairly universal fit, so any of the ones we sell should work fine with your Avids.
If you've got any more questions feel free to ask!

kevin farmer

this might be a silly question but what way round do the pads go? I know theyre curved to follow the rim, but does the short or long part face downwards(iv got them on the back of my adamant 24") thanks in advance

Posted by kevin farmer

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Kevin - thanks for your question. It doesn't matter all that much, though you might get ever-so-slightly more hold from the brake if you run them with the long end pointing towards the floor (on the rear wheel. If used on the front, the long section should point backwards). Thanks, Flipp.

Finlay Colvin

Hi i was just wondering what the difference was between the thin pads and the thick pads and which ones would fit my onza zoot best thanks. Finlay

Posted by Finlay Colvin

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Finlay - The Slim pads are aimed at MTB-style rims, whereas the Phat pads are aimed at deeper BMX-style rims. I think the Slim pads would be best for your Zoot. Thanks, Mark


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Good with certain setups

Posted by Lemon

Ive tried these pads on separate occasions on multiple setups, and they've never worked. I've seen them function on others bikes, mainly with inspired rims (which makes sense). Tried them on a old try-all rim, which are notorious for being annoying with brake pads, and on two different versions of crewkerz rims, one ground and one not. No hold, no bite- they're setup with good care too. I can tell just by looking that they're high quality pads, I think I've just been unlucky with rim material/grain etc. I think for inspired wheels they'd be the ideal choice though.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi James - Sorry to hear that you've had these issues with your Inspired pads. They've tended to be consistently good performers in our experience, so it's confusing that you haven't had any luck with them! I hope you've subsequently managed to get your brakes sorted out. Thank you for the feedback.


Excellent Pads!

Posted by Gavin

I've been riding with the stock V brakes/pad on the rear (run discs up front) of my Onza Zoot for a good year now. I bought these after seeing a recommendation online from another Zoot owner, suggesting upgrading the pads as opposed to buying whole new brakes. I can't believe the difference these pads made! They have fantastic feel and are so much grippier than the stock pads, can now use one finger braking on the rear pretty easily,whereas before it was near impossible. Very pleased, saved me a lot of money when compared to a new set of brakes. Thanks for the fast service from Tarty Bikes too!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Gavin - It's good to hear that the brake pads have much such a difference for you! Certainly a lot cheaper than a new brake too. Thanks for the detailed review!


Great pads

Posted by Dave

Really nice pads - upgraded my default Onza ones, and these are nice. Well worth the price - a nice soft compound but very grippy feel with nice feedback when braking. I run these on a smooth rim and have ordered a set for my sons Onza aswell today! Top marks 5/5 P.S. Great service from Tartybikes as usual - very quick delivery, thanks again chaps.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi David - I'm glad to hear you like your pads! Hopefully your son will too. Thanks for the review!


5 Out OF 5

Posted by Jordan

I ordered these pads yesterday and they have already arrived, very quick delievery and the pads are just amazing, I'm riding them on my BMX and they are perfect!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jordan - It's good to hear that the pads arrived nice and quickly! Thanks for the review.


Good pads, just a little flexy

Posted by Christian

These pads performed very well on anything i threw at them, smooth, light grind, harsh grind etc. The only issue with them is that they are a little flexy and they give your brake a little bit of a mushy feel.

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