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Magura Royal Blood

Product code: 2075

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Magura Royal Blood

1 litre

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- Official Magura 'Royal' Blood for HS33 brakes as well as Magura disc brakes.
- Royal blood is thinner than standard fluid, giving a 'snappier' feel at the brake lever, while still retaining full lubricational properties.
- Sold as one 100ml bottle, which is enough to fully bleed four brakes, a 250ml bottle or a 1 litre bottle.

Additional Information

Must only be used with brakes that require Mineral Oil. If you are unsure which type of oil your brake requires, please ask.

Data Sheet can be found here.



Hi- I have maguara HS33 bakes and I'v been using DOT 4 brake fluid with them after i refilled them last week. I havn't run in to eny problems so far, but it does say not to use Dot brake fluid on maguara brakes. Whats the difference using DOT brake fluid and maguara Royal blood mineral oil on maguara brakes.?

Posted by Gabe on 31/07/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/08/2011

Hi Gabe - DOT fluid swells and destroys the seals on brakes which are supposed to be used with mineral oil (such as the HS11 or HS33 brakes). This will lead to the brake not functioning correctly any more, as well as the seals starting to leak. This is why Magura specify using mineral oil in there brakes, and why using DOT fluid invalidates the warranty for their brakes. Thanks, Mark


Accessories and tools that need to purge the Magura HS11?

Posted by Osvaldo on 28/11/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 28/11/2011

Hi Osvaldo - If you use these quick find codes, you would need 2 of item 010537, and 1 of item 010539. With the fluid, all you would need would be the allen key for your bleed bolt and the 8mm spanner for your lever fitting. Thanks, Mark


Can i use this in my echo disc and rim brakes or are they only for magura brakes?

Posted by Zakk on 04/11/2012

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/11/2012

Hi Zakk - It would be fine to use this fluid in all the Echo hydraulic brakes. Thanks, Mark


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Thinner than standard oil.

Posted by Rob on 23/02/2011

This is a good alternative for riders with Echo rim brakes who are used to running water in Maguras. The Echo rim brakes won't hold water for long but I've had no problems using this stuff. Not quite as snappy as water but much better than the stock oil.

Reply from TartyBikes on 24/02/2011

Hi Rob - Using water in brakes is always a bit of a risk (which is why it voids the warranty for all hydraulic rim brakes). Like you said, we've found this is the best solution. Thanks, Mark


Great for winter!

Posted by dann2707 on 25/11/2011

Reverted back to using oil in my brake after having a few issues with running water. Went for the 100ml as I only have one magura for the rear, after bleeding it i've still got around 4/5th of the bottle left so will last me ages.

Reply from TartyBikes on 25/11/2011

Hi Dan - The average Magura holds around 20ml or so of fluid, so as long as you're careful it should last a while. Thanks for the review!

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