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Magura MT2 Twin Caliper Hydraulic Disc Brake

Product code: 13126

From £25.00 to £165.83

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Magura MT2 Twin Caliper Hydraulic Disc Brake

Custom Hose Lengths - Specify Lengths at Checkout
HS33e lever upgrade, closer switch (Silver 4-finger lever with ball end only)
HS33e lever upgrade, opener switch (Silver 4-finger lever with ball end only)
Standard Hose Lengths

Lever upgrade adds 5-7 days to dispatch time

Sold out

Dispatch time usually 48 hours, we custom build this item for you. Please read through the product description carefully before ordering!

Supplied as standard with a 420mm lever-to-splitter hose and a pair of 1600mm long hoses from splitter to calipers, but custom lengths are available too!

  • One lever, two calipers!
  • Unique brake system.
- Single lever with twin caliper hydraulic disc brake system comprised of a Magura HS33 Lever and a pair of Magura MT2 calipers.
- These brake calipers are the ones shown in the photos and designed to be used on the left hand side of a wheel / hub. They will function perfectly well fitted 'upside down' on the right hand side, but you will need to modify your mounting bracket(s) and this is not something we can assist with. The fitment type is international standard Post Mount, with 74mm spacing between bolt holes, and you can find more information about this with a Google search if required.
- A Trialtech Hose Splitter allows installation of the twin hoses to the calipers.
- The larger 14mm piston diameter in the Magura HS33 lever compared to the standard piston in the Magura MT2 lever means there is no loss of power despite the lever activating two calipers.
- This system means that both front and rear brakes can be applied simultaneously via one lever.
- Ideal for use on diverse applications ranging from mountain bikes to multi-wheeled dog rigs.
- TPA system in the lever gives easy, tool-free bite point adjustment.
- Split bar clamp allows easy installation of the brake lever even with restricted space.
- Supplied with a 420mm lever-to-splitter hose and a pair of 1600mm long hoses from splitter to calipers. We can spec any length hoses to suit your project - simply select the 'Custom Hose Length' option and specify your lengths at Checkout.
- Supplied as a fully bled, ready to bolt on system (including pads) - disc brake rotors and adaptors sold separately.
- Weight: 457g

We have made a disc brake guidance and information sheet which will be very useful if you are not experienced with disc brakes (or even if you are!). We strongly recommend having a look over it before fitting your new brake. This can be downloaded here.

How does this brake work?

Despite this being the 'wrong' lever for the calipers, this system works because the ratio of piston areas is returned to standard. If you fit two calipers to the original (or any regular disc brake) lever, this halves the amount of brake pad travel, doubles the power and doubles the amount of 'flex' at the lever. So, you cannot use a Trialtech Splitter with two 'normal' disc brakes.

Most disc brake levers have a 10mm piston diameter, so the area of this is around 78mm^2, and the Magura HS33 lever is a 14mm piston, giving a piston area of 154mm^2, almost exactly double. This provides the correct amount of fluid flow from lever to caliper, so the amount of brake pad travel, lever feel and power is the same as the original.

The lever doesn't have an expansion reservoir, but from previous customer feedback this doesn't seem to be a problem. The reservoir is only required if the brake gets very hot and the fluid starts to expand, such as a downhill bike. The advantage of using a 'closed' system lever like the Magura HS33 is that you can adjust exactly how much lever throw is required before the brake starts to bite.

The brake is supplied pre-bled by us, but if you do need to bleed the system in future, there are two ways to do this. One is to bleed from one caliper, up the hose, through the lever, down the next hose and out of the second caliper. Alternatively it is possible to bleed the calipers & lines separately, then bleed the lever itself, and attach the three parts together.



Good morning, please can you let me know: a) if this would be suitable for Kona Kula Deluxe 2008 ( http://www.konabikeworld.com/08_kuladeluxe_w.htm ) b) what I'd need to order to have one RH lever controlling the Front & Rear brakes c) if you have stock Many thanks, P

Posted by Phil

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Phil!
In order:
a) It should be possible to fit these brakes to your Kona, although as it's not possible to see the disc mounts in the photo on the Kona website it's hard to say which adaptors you would need. If your current disc brakes use an adaptor to fit a Post Mount caliper, you should be able to re-use them.
b) The lever design is 'flip-flop', so they aren't side specific. As a result, you'd just need to order the 'Custom Hose Lengths' option. The standard brake has a fairly long hose to the splitter and then two equal length hoses to the calipers, whereas you would be better off with a shorter hose to the splitter, then two different length hoses to suit your front and rear brake. If you're able to measure out approximate lengths for these, simply add them at the 'Notes' section at checkout and we can make them that length for you. If you're unsure of lengths we'd recommend going slightly longer - it's easier to shorten the hoses should you need to rather than lengthen them!
c) These are currently out of stock, but we should have more available in the near future. If you'd like to receive an e-mail when they become available again, please select the 'Custom Hose Lengths' option, enter your e-mail address in the box below the product variation and click the 'Notify Me' button.
Hopefully this helps - if you have any more questions, please ask!

David Palmer

Hi! this looks like exactly what I've been searching for to upgrade the mechanical twin front disc brakes on a Johnny Loco cargo bike (https://johnnyloco.com/products/1/cargo-cruiser). However, I am a bit concerned about mounting one of the callipers upside down; will the braking area remain the same with a direct replacement of the existing left and right handed callipers i.e. is the cylinder of the MT2 callipers symmetrically placed, in relation to the mounting holes, when viewed from each side? THANKS! David

Posted by David Palmer

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi David - The caliepr piston isn't symmetrically positioned between the bolt holes. The calipers will function like this but you'd have to tweak the mount slightly to make it line up. Thanks!

William Hooper

Hi, I am looking for a replacement for a Magura Big Twin disc brake set up for the front brakes of a tadpole trike. Would the MT2 twin be a suitable replacement? I understand the MT2 is designed for mounting on the left of the hub however one of the calipers would have to be reversed for one of the tadpole's front wheels. Is it ok to operate in this configuration?

Posted by William Hooper

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi William!
As far as we're aware this should work fine. We believe we've had customers who have used it for the same application before.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


Can the brakes be applied to a cargo bike on the two front wheels? I m actually mounting the Bengali Helix 2.5 brakes with 160mm disks. Are the mounting holes compatible? Are the callipers specular?

Posted by Fferri

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Fferri!
We have sold this brake to riders using them in a similar application in the past. It loks like the Bengal brakes use the same post mount standard as the Magura calipers fitted to this brake so you should theoretically be able to remove your existing brakes and replace them with this brake without needing to change anything.
If you'd like us to double check, you're welcome to e-mail us some photos of your setup and we'll do our best to help out!

Hugo Frade

Hi, I'm looking for this kind of solution, because I had an accident (bike crash against a car) and lost the left arm function... Now, i was looking for a system that could activate both front and rear brakes with just one lever... Do you think that your brake system could work fine? Thanks

Posted by Hugo Frade

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Hugo!
Sorry to hear about your accident.
This brake is designed to operate two calipers from one lever, and we can tailor the hose lengths to suit a front and rear brake.
If you decide to order a brake, simply mention in the Notes section at checkout what length you require the hoses to be. If you're unsure on the exact lengths, tell us which bike you're fitting them to and we can try and work out the lengths for you.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


Hi is the Hose Adapter for sale So i can run double caliper?. 2) Would it Work with Magura Mt5/Mt5e? Please let me Know! Thanks, PeterSripol.

Posted by PeterSripol

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Peter!
We sell the hose splitter used in this brake separately here.
Unfortunately, it won't be compatible with the MT5 brakes, sorry. It only works in this instance because the MT2 disc brakes use Magura's standard rim brake hose, and consequently use M6 barbed fittings.
The MT5 brakes use Magura's kevlar disc hose which isn't compatible with the M6 rim brake hose fittings.

Robert Armstrong

Hi, I'm looking for a hydraulic system to replace the cable pull disc brakes on my son's KMX Kompact "R" trike. Would this system be suitable to brake across an axle i.e. to pull both brakes the same amount? Also is the lever ok to mount more vertical than horizontal as the grips on the trike run at about 60 degrees off.

Posted by Robert Armstrong

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Robert - This brake system should be fine for the application you're thinking of. As long as the calipers are set up correctly relative to the rotor you shouldn't have any issues. In terms of positioning the lever, that too should be fine as far as we're aware! Thanks, Mark

Thomas Thomsen

Hi, I would like to get these for my cargo bike. How do I figure out which adaptors to get? I also plan on increasing my disc size, I currently have 140mm discs. Thanks!

Posted by Thomas Thomsen

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Thomas - If you can e-mail us some photos of your existing brake caliper/adaptor/rotor setup (tartybikes@gmail.com) we can look into this for you. If you're currently using a post mount caliper bolted on without an adaptor to use those 140mm rotors, then you'd just need to use a +20mm Post Mount Adaptor (for an example, search on the website for Product code: 12353). If you can send us some photos we should be able to work out for definite what you'd need! Thanks, Mark

Michael Albrecht

Is this setup suitable for a front brake for my ICE trike? I think I read some places on your website that it is not for use with disc brakes.

Posted by Michael Albrecht

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Michael - This is a disc brake, so is designed for use for that purpose. Just make sure you measure your existing cable lengths so we can match them on this brake too! The standard lengths are quite long, and equal length, whereas I assume you would need shorter hoses with unequal lengths. Thanks, Mark

Eleder Rios

Hola, solo puedo accionar los frenos de mi bicicleta de montaña con una sola mano, este sistema es útil? Tiene potencia de frenado? Graciasr

Posted by Eleder Rios

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Eleder - This brake should be perfect for you. It was designed for that application so we can't see why it wouldn't work! The larger piston in the lever ensures that you still have the same level of braking power as normal. Thanks, Mark

Michael Albrecht

If I already have the HS33 lever can I just buy the split hose and use any caliper? As long as the calipers fit the hose.

Posted by Michael Albrecht

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Michael - Theoretically that should work, although we've found the only suitable calipers are MT2s. The Trialtech Splitter requires an M6 barbed fitting, and most disc brake hoses tend to use M8 calipers. The MT2s are the only ones that use M6 as standard. Thanks, Mark

Rob Ward

Hi I have a trike with 2 shimano M615 calipers on the rear. 1. would the HS33 lever be capable of running both? 2. could you guys supply the 3 hoses, fittings, splitter etc? 3. Is it very tricky to set up / bleed as I may need to route hoses through the frame first? I could send the calipers to you for bleeding and then route it all externally but I'd prefer not to if possible. 4. Whats would the price be as i already have the 2 calipers? Many thanks Rob

Posted by Rob Ward

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Rob - Unfortunately, due to the hoses and fittings required for the Shimano brakes and the Trialtech Splitter/Magura levers that wouldn't be possible, sorry. Your best option would be to try and get hold of a Tensile Tocco lever. They have two M8 fittings at the lever, so you can run a hose directly from each caliper into the lever without a splitter. Most other brake levers have a single fitting point at the lever, so you'd need to use a splitter. You'd run into issues with this though as the splitter requires M6 fittings which aren't available for Shimano hose kits. Sorry!

Jeff Murphy

Can I just buy the Tensile Tacco Lever with the fittings that go to the lever? My mount bike already has shimano hoses and XT hydraulic calipers. If not can I get the hoses Front 800mm rear 1600mm?

Posted by Jeff Murphy

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jeff - There are two ways you can go about doing it. If you've got a full Shimano system already, you should be able to simply re-use the fittings already attached to your Shimano levers to go directly into the Tensile lever (they both use the same M8 sized fittings). Alternatively, if you'd prefer us to bleed and set up the brake for you, we can cut down the hoses on the existing brake we have in stock to suit your 800mm/1600mm needs. If you'd like to do this, simply order the brake through the website, then in the 'Notes' section for your order ask to have them cut down to your specified lengths. Thanks, Mark


Would it be possible to purchase this with both cables being 1350mm long so that they would have equal reach to 2 front wheels for a project? Thanks

Posted by Ritchie

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ritchie - This should be no problem. We'd need to custom order/build the brake for you to do this. If you can e-mail us at TartyBikes@Gmail.com, we can get the ball rolling! Thanks, Mark


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Perfect brake upgrade for trike riders.

Posted by Rob

Bought to replace a dual caliper mechanical brake across a tadpole trike front axle, the difference is night and oranges. The mechanical system due to the different cable lengths to each caliper has differing friction causing the closer brake to apply first, and only then does the tension overcome friction enough to apply the furthest brake. No such issue with this hydraulic system since all pressures are equal both calipers move in tandem. Brake steering eliminated. The other major benefit is the Magura system is silky smooth with application of force with a little finger sufficient to stop the trike, allowing for much more precise braking rather than the all-or-nothing encountered with the old system. The quality of the parts and assembly leave no scope to complain, and communication with the team at TartyBikes throughout the transaction was excellent. I literally could not be happier with this purchase.

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Robert!
Thanks very much for your detailed review.
It's great to hear you're getting on well with your new brakes, and that they've made such a positive impact on your trike!

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