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TartyBikes is the world's leading online bike trials shop, with a huge range of biketrials parts in stock such as complete trials bikes, frames and forks.


TartyBikes Price Match Policy

If you find a lower total delivered price on an identical item/order from another authorised dealer, we will do our best to meet that price. Simply give us a call and let us know who is offering a better deal and we will check it out. Please note this is a manual process and you will not be able to adjust the price on any on-line order.

Also, don't forget to check the competitor's exact price - we've had quite a few cases where customers have called and asked for a price match, only to find that we are actually already cheaper!



  • All items being price matched must be in stock with the retailer and available for immediate dispatch, in as new condition, being advertised by an authorised dealer, who's company is registered with that country's government for trading purposes and the product must be supplied with a full warranty.
  • If we offer a free item with purchase of another product, the value of the free item will be added to the competitor’s price when calculating the price match amount. For example, with complete bikes we supply an hour of labour setting the bike up, a free chainstay protector and a free T-Shirt - total cost £40 or more. This is the amount that will be added to the competitor's price.
  • We are unable to match typographical errors.
  • The item must be posted on the competitor's website; we must be able to view that price.
  • We will not match any auction pricing. This includes any items listed on e-Bay.
  • We will not match prices after a purchase is made or payment is processed.
  • If a price match is made on a full bike it will be a 'like-for-like' deal. We are not aware of any other online retailer who builds the bike to a complete state, checks everything, sets the bike up and then re-boxes - so if we price match a complete bike, it will be delivered to you as it was delivered to us, with no additional time spent in setting up and checking over the bike. If you wish the bike to be removed from the box and checked over this takes around 1 hour of our workshop time. The equivalent cost of this is £25, and will be added to the competitor's price.
  • No additional sales discounts or 'freebies' can be used in conjunction with or in addition to a price match.
  • This offer does not include wheelbuilds, where our expertise and build quality is second to none.
  • Proof of the competitor’s offer is necessary.



Please note that we do not offer a price match on Onza complete bikes. We know there are a number of online retailers offering Onza bikes at highly discounted prices, but from experience the overall package they offer is completely different to ours.

Our Onza bikes are built to a 100% state in our own workshop, meticulously set up and checked over before being re-boxed carefully (including extra packing material over standard) for dispatch. We are not aware of any other shop who does this - in fact, most of our competitors state that they recommended you take your bike to be set up/assembled by a professional on delivery. You also receive a free TartyBikes T Shirt, Chainstay Protector and Multi Tool (valued at almost £25 in total) with the bike, plus a warranty sheet prepared by ourselves which includes details of how to prevent any future problems with the bike and keep it in good working order.

Every member of our staff is a rider, between us we have been riding trials for over 50 years, so in the rare case that there is a problem with your purchase we will be glad to help.


If you have any further questions then don't hesitate to give us a call!

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