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We created Simtra bikes as a branch of the already established Cycles Simtra, the Canadian distribution company that has been in operation since 1999.

As a natural expansion of the company, we are now proud to introduce our own line of frames and P&A's for 2006, under the SIMTRA BIKES brand.

Established in 1998 as the canadian distributor for Planet X Bikes, a company from the UK which has always been on the leading edge of the new «alternative» forms of mountain biking since the late 90's, we grew up along with the street and trials markets from their earliest days in the canadian scene. This provided us with one of the best knowledge of these sports, and we've always worked hard bringing you products that were actually designed for the riders' needs.

Many companies will brand frames with their «urban» tag just because it's a word that sells well... Some of them even name their bike after one of their sponsored riders, without even letting him design the bike with the spec's he would like for his pro model frame... And only few of them will actually offer REAL innovations or specifications that would DIRECTLY influence the feeling of their «street» bike.

At Simtra, we worked hard, in collaboration with our team riders, which are some of the most reputed in Canada, to develop specific street and trials frames and parts that will fully fullfil your expectations.

Our only goal is to design products that are in tune with the riders needs. We are not aiming at the ultimate burly bike, we are not claiming that our bikes will resist hucking off a 30 ft cliff... Most of these bikes don't offer much of a good ride quality anyways... There's one thing we can definitly guaranty and be proud of : we will offer the best weight to strength ratio, at prices you can afford.

Our first batch of frames and parts will be in stores early this spring.

Thanks for visiting the site,
feel free to contact us with any question or information request.

Christian Simard, Simtra Canada