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05.07.11 - Simtra UK Online Store Closed

After almost 5 years, we have now closed the Simtra Bikes UK web store, and all our existing stock has been sold on to a 3rd party who are offering great clearance deals. Please visit their eBay store for full details.

We would like to thank all our customers for their support, we hope you enjoy/have enjoyed the products!

19.08.08 - 4x Season Results
The last two rounds of the NPS 4x were held over the weekend at Blanford bike park in Dorset. The wet weather made for some interesting and exciting racing as competitors battled it out for the overall titles.

Simtra supported Masters rider Steve Jones has had a good year and a comfortable win on Saturday gave him the overall title with a round to spare. Also competing at the event on a Simtra was junior rider Jake Ward. Considering he only had two days practice on this unfamiliar ride Jake did fantastically well to finish 2nd on Sunday behind the national Junior champion and a good ride on Saturday left him in 3rd overall.

So that wraps up the 2008 series which has proved to be an excellent introduction to the racing scene for Simtra. Keep on eye out on the website for exciting team news for 2009....

4x Podium

21.07.08 - Time for Trails!
It would appear that summer is finally here and that means time to reap the benefit of all that hard work over the winter digging your trails. Simtra dirt jump rider Chris Morris has been getting some practice in on his new Psycho at the Redhill trails ready for the Dirt road trip next week. The trip will start with a session at Wisley and move south-eastwards throughout the week until we reach the Track on Saturday for the KOD. Expect plenty of photos and tales when we return. In the mean time, check out some photos of Chris in the media section.

Chris Morris Superman

14.07.08 - Simtra Race Team
In its first year of competition the Simtra 4x race team has been getting a few good results. Podiums at the last three rounds of the UK 4x series have meant that we are starting to get noticed around the pit area and on the track! With one more round remaining this year we are looking to put together a formidable team to ride a fleet of BnB's for 09 which will hopefully include some big name co-sponsors.

simtra 4x

12.05.08 - Stock update
We've recently been inundated with phone calls about the cut-price frames we had on offer. Unfortunately we have completely sold out but at the new lower price of £299 the Psycho is still one of the best 4130 hardtails available. Everyone we've spoken to at the trails has been super happy with their frames and raved about the neutral handling and spot on geometry. Also keep an eye out for more BnB's popping up on the 4x circuit as we have a few fast racers looking to line up on the gate with one.

simtra 4x

30.04.07 - Bike Show Report
What a weekend! We have just returned from the national bikes show at the NEC after two very successful days exhibiting. Although the number of visitors was relatively low compared to previous years it didn’t stop the Simtra UK sales team selling all of the frames we brought with us (we even had to go and get more stock on Saturday evening!). Thanks to all those who stopped for a chat and brought a frame, you wont regret it! Remember there are still a few more of the half price Psycho’s available so make sure you tell your friends/family/riding partners about the amazing quality and neutral ride characteristics of this bargainous frame.

simtra stand

13.04.07 - More Goodies!
Good weather and increased sales in Canada means we come bearing gifts!

Well, not quite, but there is good news that both the BnB and the Psycho frames have dropped in price (due to increased buying power due to the massive popularity of Simtra frames in Canada) and now cost just £349 and £299 + p&p respectively. Pretty special prices when you consider that MBUK reviewed the Psycho as one of the very best steel hardtails they had tested when they reviewed it at £399!

Our latest batch of frames arrived mid last week, unfortunately we found that at the very last stage of production one of the factory assemblers had put extra long bolts in the v-brake mounts. The results are pretty minor, but being the perfectionists we are, we decided it was a good excuse to give you guys a killer deal!

As you can see from the photos, there’s just a couple of little ‘bulges’ in the underside of the seatstays (you’d have to be inspecting the frame from a fairly crazy angle to notice them) and as a result some of the frames have tiny cracks that have developed in the powdercoat.

Ride and strength wise we’re super confident that nothing has changed, so you’re still getting a frame that both rides well and is tough as old boots (if a little better looking).

Just for good measure, the frames still come with an unchanged warranty, giving you full peace of mind for a great summer of riding!

Available in White/Copper or Orange/White for just £150 + p&p!! To order just give us a call.

Note: We have now sold out of the discount frames!

22.02.07 - The '07 Kit Has Landed!
We've been dying to get our hands on this new kit since we were first sent the quick teaser pics from Christian in Canada.

The wait was definitely worth it though, we're knee high in piles of sweet new bars and stems!

First up, and one I know a lot of people are pretty eager to get hold of are the Sy'Stems in powdercoat white/pewter. They're coming out at the usual bargain £60 a piece, so be quick, they're gonna be flying out the door.

Next up and staying on the 'new colours' theme is the gorgeous range of Bronze bars. McSkinny and McPudgy riser bars are now also joined by the McSpander trials bars.

Not wanting the trials riders to feel left out, Simtra have come up with some great bar and stem offerings. In brief; McSpander bars made from top grade 7075 aluminium for ultimate strength and measuring in at a whopping 780mm (30.7") wide offer something for even the most control hungry riders out there. Available in powdercoat white, anodized bronze or black the bars really are some of the most stylish we've seen. The perfect match for the bars is the new Re'Sy'Stem. At 115mm with 15 degree rise the stem offers great feel and control for all styles of riding.

Keep an eye out over the next few days, we'll be getting all the new products up in the appropriate categories so you can treat your bikes to some new components!

05.01.07 - Sneaky Shots of '07 Kit Available Soon
A couple of days ago Christian from Simtra Canada dropped us a few quick snaps of some of the latest products expected here in the coming weeks.

First up we have a Psycho frame in gloss white with copper graphics; probably the best looking hardtail dirt frame I've seen!

Not wanting to feel neglected the SyStems and McPudgy/Skinny handlebars will be coming in extra colour options for this year. The bars will soon be available in the existing white, black and gold finishes with anodized brown being the new addition for this year. The SyStem colour options expand to include a powdercoat white option that comes with polished silver shim and steerer clamp.

Finally we've got a bit of news that'll be of interest to the trials riders amongst you: Simtra are adding to their already successful trials reputation by adding a handlebar and stem combo to their existing ST-1 frame. We'll release more price and spec info as we get it, but to give you a taster check out the pics of the anodized black stem (also coming in powder coat white) and the super wide 760mm McSpander trials bars.

Hope you all had a great New Year, fingers crossed for the weather to improve soon so we can all get out riding regularly again!

02.01.07 - Simtra Get the MBUK Thumbs Up!
Earlier in the year we took a trip down to the MBUK offices to treat them to a look at some of the great kit Simtra is starting to offer in the UK.

Over the past few months the Simtra bars and stems have gained some great praise from the MBUK test riders (issues 204 and 205) and we've started getting great feedback from customers and sponsored riders alike.

More recently (page 32 in MBUK's January issue, no. 207) the Psycho dirt bike we let them loose on received an absolute beauty of a review: "We felt instantly at home on the Psycho and were busting out tricks instantly. It's one of the new generation of street and dirt bikes, and its finishing and attention to detail thrust it up there with the best" were just a couple of the great comments.

We'll be getting a BnB street/park bike built up for some magazine and website reviews in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. Just a couple of final things to decide on the build spec, but it's shaping up to be a sweet machine!

13.09.06 - Welcome to Simtra Bikes UK
Thanks for visiting Simtra Bikes UK. We're the exclusive UK importers of Canada's finest Dirt, BSX and BikeTrials frames and components.

The products will soon be finding their way into selected cycle stores across the UK, but for the time being we've got a secure online shopping system integrated into this site.

Feel free to have a browse around, and if there's any questions you have don't hesitate to get in touch!

Simtra Bikes UK