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Hope Trial Zone Brake (No rotor or adaptor)

Product code: 11812


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Hope Trial Zone Brake (No rotor or adaptor)

Front, Left Hand (Post Mount)
Front, Right Hand (Post Mount)
Rear, Left Hand (Post Mount)
Rear, Right Hand (Post Mount)

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Hope's latest trials brake, the Trial Zone, with a post mount caliper to fit a wide variety of setups.

  • Built from the ground up for Trials use!
  • Super high quality and durability.
- Designed around the Race lever and X2 caliper, but with a few subtle trials-specific tweaks.
- Caliper and lever body are both CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminium.
- Slim lever body helps keep weight down to a minimum and aids removal/fitting.
- Split bar clamp uses a pair of aluminium bolts - a third of the weight of their steel counterparts.
- An integrated M8 x 0.75 straight connector built in to the lever body helps save a substantial amount of weight compared to the traditional steel connectors required.
- Durable steel push rod helps maintain long-term performance and ensure the adjustment doesn't get rounded off.
- The lever blade uses an alloy pivot bolt, complete with top quality 'Permaglide' bushings to help stop play developing in the pivot area.
- Unlike the Race lever, the tip of the lever blade is drilled through to help shave off a few more grammes. The lever blade is beefed up a little compared to the Race lever to offer a stiffer lever feel.
- Detailed machining work sees the inside of the reservoir recessed as much as possible to cut down on any excess material within the lever itself.
- Uses the Hope Mini '07 Reservoir Caps, allowing you to customise the look of your brake lever.
- Lever piston held in place using the same bolt/plate system as the Tech and Race levers, but with an integrated dust seal.
- New Post Mount caliper allows the brake to bolt directly to certain frames and forks (such as Atomz Quark or Koxx Sky 2 20"), or can be fitted to International Standard mounts using adaptors, sold separately here.
- Caliper features the same 25mm diameter pistons as the Mono and Tech Trial brakes for unrivalled performance
- New pad retention pin uses an allen key fitting and thread (plus R clip as before) for maximum security.
- Comes fitted with Hope Trial Zone/Mono Trial pads in the standard compound.
- Stealth black colour-way looks great when teamed with silver, laser-etched Trial Zone graphics.
- Available in Right or Left Hand option, front or rear length.
- Supplied with tough kevlar-reinforced hosing to keep the weight down.
- Hose length: Approximately 92cm front, 170cm rear (can be shortened easily if required).
- Weight (front brake with caliper mounting bolts, no rotor or adaptor): 242.7g. Typical total weight for a 160mm front brake including adaptor, rotor and all bolts: 375g.

We have made a disc brake guidance and information sheet which will be very useful if you are not experienced with disc brakes (or even if you are!). We strongly recommend having a look over it before fitting your new brake. This can be downloaded here.

Important: This item is sold without rotor or adaptor. Please see the Additional Information tab for details of which rotor and adaptor you will need.

Please note: As part of the installation process customers should check torque of all fittings on this brake. Leaks from fittings, especially the banjo, are rarely covered under warranty.

Additional Information

Please read down the list of brake options to the one you wish to use, then you can see which rotor and adaptor to purchase separately:

- 160mm front brake with:
Post Mount fork = 160mm rotor and no adaptor
IS fork = 160mm rotor and adaptor A (please you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).
+20 fork = Not possible
+30 fork = Not possible

- 180mm front brake with:
IS fork = 180mm rotor and adaptor F
+20 fork = 180mm rotor and adaptor A (please you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).
+30 fork: Not possible

- 200mm front brake with:
IS fork = 200mm rotor and adaptor B
+20 fork = 200mm rotor and adaptor F
+30 fork: Not possible

- 160mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 160mm rotor and no adaptor
IS frame = 160mm rotor and adaptor F
+20 frame = 160mm rotor and adaptor A (please you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).
+40 frame = Not possible
+50 frame = Not possible

- 180mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 180mm rotor and +20PM adaptor (we do not sell this item)
IS frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor B
+20 frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor F
+40 frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor A (please you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).

- 200mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 200mm rotor and +40PM adaptor (we do not sell this item)
IS frame = Not possible using items we sell, and not recommended as it is highly likely to break your frame
+20 frame = 200mm rotor and adaptor B
+40 frame = 200mm rotor and adaptor F



Besides post-mount vs is-mount, is the Trial Zone brakeset an upgrade over the Mono Trial brakset (the gold one that comes with Monty XXV 20")? I am considering swapping my Mono Trial caliper with a Trial Zone caliper to fit a post mount frame or if I should upgrade the brakes entirely with Trial Zone levers.

Posted by mwan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Marcus - The Trial Zone caliper is marginally stiffer than the Mono Trial caliper, and the Trial Zone levers have a little more power. The difference between the levers is the bigger of the two, and the one you're most likely to feel, so if you just need to replace your existing levers then going for new levers but retaining your calipers would be a good solution. If the calipers are a little old, or in need of servicing, then it may end up being a little easier to go for complete new brakes as the cost of spares can quickly add up. Thanks, Mark


Hey is there any difference of braking power between these and the tech 3 trial zone brakes? If so which one has more power? -Thanks

Posted by Ian

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ian - Theoretically the Tech 3 levers have a little more power, according to Hope's calculations. Thanks, Mark

brogan bursill

what are the differences between this break and the HOPE TECH 3 TRIAL ZONE?

Posted by brogan bursill

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Brogan - The difference is purely in the lever. The Trial Zone lever is a simpler, lighter lever. The Tech 3 is a little heavier but has more adjustment thanks to the two separate bite point and reach dials on the lever blade itself. In terms of power, they are both the same. It's just a trade-off between weight and adjustment. Thanks, Mark


Hi i have these on my front and rear but i want a longer lever blade i also have bonz forks i bought the bike off of james sheridan but would like to renew rotas but not sure what i would need never used disks before but they are amazing any tips please.

Posted by Dean

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dean - There are a couple of different lever blades for these brakes, namely the Trialtech Sport Disc Brake Lever Blade and the Jitsie Lever Blades. The Jitsie blade shares similar dimensions to the standard blade, but the Trialtech blades are a touch longer so would give a little more power. If you're using a 20" bike, the rotors will almost always be 160mm. It's very rare to find rotors bigger than this on one! The Hope Trial Zone V2 rotors should work well for you. If they're just running the standard pads, the Trialtech or Jitsie Disc Pads would be a great upgrade too. Thanks, Mark

Fabio Barcelos

Hello, Thinking of upgrading the rear brake with this brake (or should I get a MT7 ?) I have a inspired fourplay pro 24" 2014 (Rear Brake: Avid Elixir 5 180mm Disc, Black). Please, Can you tell me which additional parts I should order ? Thanks, Fabio

Posted by Fabio Barcelos

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Fabio - If you're looking to upgrade your brakes, I would recommend the Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brakes over the standard Trial Zones. The Tech 3 levers are tougher overall, and offer a great range of adjustment. There are pros and cons between each brake, but I think that at the moment the Hope brakes might slightly edge out the Magura brakes due to there being a full range of spare parts available for the Hope brakes, meaning that further down the line if you need to service the brake or replace any parts you'd be able to do so. Magura don't stock spares for their disc brakes so if you had any issues, you would need to buy a new brake. The MT7s do have more power than the Hope brakes, but with good pads (such as the Trialtech or Jitsie pads) and a good rotor (such as the Hope Trial Zone V2) the Hopes still have plenty of power. You can re-use the existing adaptor from your Elixir brakes, but if you'd prefer to go for a completely new setup then the Hope IS Frame/Fork To Post Mount Caliper Adaptor (Quick find code: 010773) would work well with this setup. For 180mm rotors you'd need the Adaptor F for both front and rear (you could add exactly spacers on top to space it out for 185mm if you wanted to use your existing rotors, but due to the bigger pads used on the Trial Zone caliper I'd recommend using a Hope rotor as they have a deeper braking surface). For 200mm rotors you would need the Adaptor B front and rear. Thanks, Mark


Hello ! Can i use this brake for my new fork 26" ECHO SL carbon 2016 (postmount). And compatibility rotors, 160mm, 180mm ? Thanks ;)

Posted by j-m

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - We haven't had a chance to fit a brake to the new Echo forks yet, but I can't see any reason why this brake wouldn't fit. I believe the Echo forks have a standard post mount so they would require a 160mm rotor as standard, although you can use an adaptor to run 180mm if you would like. Thanks, Mark


Do the brake come bled or not

Posted by lennon

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Lennon - We supply our complete brakes fully bled. Thanks, Mark


Hello, I was just wondering how difficult it is to run the hose through a gusset though bolt top cap and what I would need to do it? Also what size of rotor would you recommend for street trials 180 or 200 on a 26" bike? How would these compare with the mt7 brakes? Thank you, Philip.

Posted by Philip

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Philip - thanks for your question. To run this brake through a Gusset Hollow Star Nut you would need to take out the lever-end of the hose and carefully pry off the olive and remove the shroud nut. The hole in the Hollow Star Nut is too narrow to allow any fittings to pass through, but if you are careful then you can re-use the olive. It is also possible to do this without the need to rebleed the system if you can avoid spilling any fluid. The choice between the 180mm and 200mm rotor is largely personal preference. The 180mm is enough for almost all riders, though many prefer the extra reassurance the 200mm delivers. The 180mm is lighter and slightly less likely to get hit on objects whilst still being more than powerful enough, where the 200mm offers more power. The MT7 is a 4-pot brake so will offer more modulation before locking the wheel down solid, and offers independent bite point and reach adjustment. The Trial Zone uses a single pair of pistons so does not have as much modulation, but it smaller, simpler and lighter as a result. The Trial Zone features a reach adjuster, but no bite point control. Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, I bought this brake a few months ago for use with a 2013 26" Echo Urban fork and was told a 180mm rotor was correct to run with no adapter. I came to fit this this morning but the rotor is binding on the top of the inside of the caliper. Do I need an adapter for this setup?

Posted by Owen

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Owen - to use this brake on those forks with a 180 adaptor you would need Hope IS fork to PM caliper Adaptor F. If you are having issues and would like help, please get in touch with details! Thanks, Flipp.

John Bjarnhage

Hey guys, i have a question for you! I own a Rockman Austin 2012 ordered from tarty. No changes has been made on the bike. I'am going to buy new brakes (hope trial zone) for both front and rear wheel, i will also buy the matching hope rotors. Now to my actual question what would i need to fit those brakes on my Rockman austin? Can i just bolt them right in without adoptors?

Posted by John Bjarnhage

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi John - thanks for your question. Assuming you have the disc brake model, you would need Hope Adaptor A for the front brake and Hope Adaptor F for the rear brake with 160mm rotors. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, Tartybikes I've currently got a inspired element with magura hs33 brakes at the back and avid at the front and would like to change that and would like to get either hope trail zone brakes or hope trail 3 E4 (the one with two calipers) and would like to know wich one is better and why (Why dose it have two calipers) Thanks morgan P.s. Thanks for letting us come to the training day it was amazing

Posted by Morgan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Morgan - thanks for your question. You could fit one of these brakes to the front, but you won't be able to fit a rear disc brake. The Element bikes feature a rim brake mount or disc brake mount, depending on the year, but not both. The Trial Zone is the better choice for most people in trials riding. The E4 has two sets of pistons to offer more modulation before locking the wheel up - great for mountain bikes, but less useful for trials. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp. P.S. Thanks for coming!

Alexander Gryanko

Is there any way to buy this breaks with 011824 #5 caliper(IS, 160 Rotor, Echo SL fork)? Or I should buy lever, nose, caliper separately?

Posted by Alexander Gryanko

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Alexander - thanks for your question. Unfortunately we cannot get these fitted with #5 calipers as standard, though using a post mount caliper with Hope Adaptor A (quick find code: 10773) will fit the same sized rotor and fork. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, just wondering if there are any hope floating rotors that you can run with these brakes? Thanks

Posted by Harry

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Harry - thanks for your question. There may be a few that will work, but we would not recommend them for trials usage. The most common issue is the braking surface being too shallow, so the pads hit on the rivets that hold the two parts of the rotor together. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Whould this fit a onza zoot 2013 dual disc? If yes, which adaptor/s would I need? Thanks Chris

Posted by Chris

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Chris - thanks for your question. These brakes would fit directly on to the bike using the existing adaptors, though if you wanted Hope adaptors you would require Adaptor A for the front and Adaptor F for the rear. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.

Alex Clare

I'm confused with all the IS Mount and Post mount stuff, I want this brake with an 180mm rotor which would mean I have to buy an Adapter F correct? But it states on the Echo Urban 2012 26" that it is a post mount fork? Does this mean I would not need an adapter? So confusing!! I'm probably reading it wrong somewhere

Posted by Alex Clare

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi - Yes, that's correct, if you want to fit a 180mm rotor to an International Standard fork you need Adaptor F. See the Additional Information tab for a full chart. Thanks.


Will you be getting the v4 calipers from hope or are they not as suited to trials? Thanks.

Posted by J

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi J - thanks for your question. We can order these in if you would like them, but they are not tailored toward trials riding. The Trial Zone caliper is designed specifically for trials usage, so is much more suited to that type of riding. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, thinking about buy one for my onza blade rear would this fit. Also does it come with Braided hose. Thanks, luke

Posted by Luke

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Luke - thanks for your question. This brake will fit on your frame, but the original hub that came with the bikes did not feature disc mounts so it would not fit on that. The brake is supplied with Kevlar hose, as that is how Hope now supply them to us. Hope that helps. Thanks, Flipp.


hi,what would i need for the left hand rear brake to fit my onza comp 2010 ? any adaptors and what size rotor?

Posted by Marcus

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi - You'd need a 160mm rotor and Adaptor F. Thanks.


Hi i was wondering if these would fit on the rear of my diamondback effect?

Posted by Scott

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Scott - This brake wouldn't fit unfortunately, you need a #3 caliper rather than the post mount style. Also, the brakes can be tricky to fit due to the lack of clearance in this area. It can be done with some patience though! You could also try an old IS mount Magura Louise or Marta. Cheers, Adam

johnny roberts

hi i use these brakes on both my echo team and my inspired element and love them recently just bought a enduro bike like chris akriggs one and was wondering if these would work on an enduro bike aswell as from his videos it looks like he has some on his but in team green colours

Posted by johnny roberts

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Johnny - thanks for your question. Yes, these will fit on any type of bike with disc mounts so will go on an enduro bike just fine. They might not feel quite as "grabby" as there is a lot more bike to stop, and they have a more upright riding position so you will have less weight over the front. They will certainly work well enough - just maybe not quite as well as on a trials bike (though this will largely depend on your setup). Hope that helps! Thanks, Flipp.


Hi! Would I have to run an adapter to run a 160mm rotor on Ozonys Curve V3 Frame 20 a rear? Thanks a lot for your answer.

Posted by Dima

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dima - thanks for your question. For use with a 160mm rotor, a Post Mount disc brake would mount directly to the frame with no need for an adaptor. Thanks, Flipp.

Max Newberry

Hi. Is there anyway of running a braided hose with this lever and calliper. I'm assuming the calliper connection just requires a larger banjo but the lever is a bit different and I was wondering weather an adapter of some sort existed. I have a braided hose, lever and calliper but am stuck using the standard hose at the moment as the braided hose is too large to fit the lever as it is. Thank you.

Posted by Max Newberry

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Max - thanks for your question. The braided hose is a larger diameter than the kevlar hose, which is why it won't fit on your brake. You would need a pair of 6mm shroud nuts, and a pair of olives. (2x Item 05 and 2x Item 06 from this product listing: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/disc_brake_spares/hope_hose_spares/c110p10808.html) All the other fittings are the same and can be re-used from your current setup. Thanks, Flipp.


Hi, I was wondering if I bought the front, Left hand do I get the caliper / adapter with? Do they fits to Echo Lite Dual Disc 2013?

Posted by jarand

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Jarand - these brakes are sold as only the brake itself (lever, hose, caliper, pads and mounting bolts). They are not supplied with rotors or adaptors. They will fit an Echo Lite with the correct adaptor, yes. Thanks, Flipp.

Josh Robz

Which adapters would I need to buy in order to fit these to Echo SL 20" forks and Echo Lite 2011 20" frame for a 160mm rotor?

Posted by Josh Robz

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Josh - for a 160mm front rotor on those forks (IS mount) you would need Adapter A, and for a 160mm rear rotor on that frame (IS mount) you would need Adaptor F. Thanks, Flipp.

Kelly McInnis

Hello. I have a Inspired Element 24 and want to upgrade potentially to these brakes up front. They would be replacing my Mechanical Avid BB5 calipers that run 180mm caliper. Will the IS adapter my avids use work for this caliper? Can I use the existing rotor? Or would I need anything else to make these fit? Thanks in advance

Posted by Kelly McInnis

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Kelly - these two brakes conform to the same standard, so you can just directly replace the brake and use the same adaptor and rotor. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello, I have the Inspired Fourplay Pro, and I was wondering if I purchased these brakes, would it be compatible with the Fourplay with the stock adapters/mount it already came with. If not do you know where i may be able to find which type would fit these brakes? Thanks.

Posted by Ben

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Ben - thanks for your question. You can use the adapters that came on your bike, though you will also have to use the washers. If you want to user your brake without the washers you need to buy a Hope adapter. Thanks, Flipp.


How can I buy this brake in 160 and postmount? I can't choose when I want to buy it. Thanks

Posted by Swenen

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Swenen - these brakes are designed to fit directly on to post-mount frames/forks, which are all designed for 160mm rotors unless your frame/fork manufacturer states it to be a different size (e.g. +20mm). Thanks, Flipp.

Daniel Nicolle

I currently have these brakes on my ne Rockman Flint 20 inch with both 160mm trial zone rotors. My front brake seems to not grab as well as my old avid mechanical disk brake on my old trials bike. Rotor is clean as well as the pads and It just doesn't seem right that these expensive brakes don't grab as strong as the avids. Thanks, Nathan

Posted by Daniel Nicolle

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Daniel - that sounds a lot like it needs setting up differently. This video by Hope should help with that if you're struggling: http://www.youtube.com/embed/akIWGqEE0PY If they're absolutely brand new, it's also worth noting that the Trial Zone rotors can sometimes take a while to bed in properly. Thanks, Flipp.

Daniel Nicolle

Hello! I know you can adjust the lever reach in these brakes, I just recently ordered them and got them for my sons new Rockman Rlint, but can you adjust how much the lever moves (bite point control) like in the Hope Tech Trial. His front hope Trial Zone was leaking by the caliper, had to tighten a few bolts by the banjo, and it doesn't leak now but it needs to either be bled or we need to change the bite point. Is this a manufacturer defect? Are we able to get the brake fluid that comes with them? These brakes were very expensive and we don't want his front brake to not work properly. Thanks very much, Dan

Posted by Daniel Nicolle

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Dan - thanks for your question. This lever does not feature an independent bite point control. A loose banjo bolt doesn't qualify as a manufacturing defect, and if not very much fluid came out then it shouldn't affect the brake too much anyway. They use an open hydraulic system, so fluid lost from the hose will be replaced by fluid in the reservoir, though if a larger amount of fluid was lost then we stock Dot 5.1 fluid which comes direct from Hope for their brakes. Hope also provide guides to bleeding their brakes on their site. The second link from the top is the one you want. Thanks, Flipp.


Hello, i was wondering if these brakes come ready to use or do they need to be bled and set up? Thanks

Posted by Chris

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Chris - These brakes are supplied bled and ready to use. Thanks, Mark


What adapters would I need to run these brakes front and rear on an Inspired fourplay with inspired team forks. Also what rotor size would you suggest? New to disk brakes only ever had hydraulic rims before. Thanks

Posted by Adam

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Adam - 180mm rotors front and rear tend to be the norm on Inspireds, although you could boost the size up to 200mm if you wanted. I believe that would void the warranty on the frame though, which may be worth considering! In terms of adaptors, conveniently you need the same size front and rear due to the IS mount on the fork and +20mm mount on the frame, meaning you'd need 2 x Adaptor F Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper adaptors (Quick find code: 010773). Thanks, Mark

Alejandro Gutierrez

Hi! I have a bionic Vr5 frame 20'. Does this brake fit to it? What else do I need to buy? I really want to buy this brake since mine is not working properly and I know about the quality of hope brakes for trial. Thanks a lot for your answer.

Posted by Alejandro Gutierrez

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Alejandro - I can't find any information on the Bionic VR5 frame online, but if it has a Post Mount brake mount this brake would bolt straight on fine. Alternatively, if it has an IS disc mount (which I think is more likely from seeing other Bionic frames), you would need the Adaptor F Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper adaptor (Quick Find Code: 010773). With either mount, you would need to buy a 160mm rotor too, as this is not supplied with the brake. Thanks, Mark


What brake fluid do these brakes come with? Just got mine today and it looks black because there was some ont the handle. With my rim brakes I currently run water to make them more quick to react but would you recommend putting water in these disk brakes? Thanks!

Posted by Nathan

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Nathan - The Hope brakes are bled with DOT 5.1 fluid as standard. Because of the way they're bled at the factory, there can sometimes be a little excess which will come out from underneath the reservoir cap when they're being stored or in transit (I think there's a sticker on the inside of the lid of the box which mentions this), so finding a little bit of fluid on the brakes when you take them out of the box is fairly normal. It won't have affected the bleed of the brake as it's basically just a little excess fluid rather than fluid from within the system. Using water would destroy the seals on the brake, and also wouldn't react well to the higher temperatures a disc brake will reach compared to a rim brake. Thanks, Mark

Bas Bielleman

Dear, What is the type nr of this hope brake? And what adaptor do I need for it to fit my Inspired with a team fork and 180mm disc? Cheers Bas

Posted by Bas Bielleman

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Bas - This is a Post Mount brake, which I believe Hope list as a "No. 9" caliper. You would need the "Type F" adaptor listed here: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/disc_brake_spares/hope_is_framefork_to_post_mount_caliper_adaptor/c110p10773.html Thanks, Mark


Hey guys, Would i have to run an adapter to run a 160mm rotor on a Koxx Sky 2 rear? thanks!

Posted by David

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi David - No adaptors required, you should be able to just bolt the caliper straight on and run a 160mm rotor with no problems. Thanks, Mark


does this brake fit the echo mk-2? I would probably need adaptor, but do they fit the echo mk-2?

Posted by echosl

Reply from TartyBikes

Hello - If you're referring to the 20" frame, then yes, these would fit fine with the relevant sized adaptor (e.g. a 160mm rear adaptor for a 160mm rotor and so on). They wouldn't fit on the 24" or 26" bikes though, unfortunately. If you're hoping to fit it on the front of any of Echo's bikes then with the correct adaptor they should fit fine. Thanks, Mark

octavio diaz

hi ! to use this breke in the echo lite '09 frame , need something more !? please answer me !

Posted by octavio diaz

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Octavio - You would need to buy the Adaptor F version of the Hope IS Frame/Post Brake Adaptor (http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/disc_brake_spares/hope_is_framefork_to_post_mount_caliper_adaptor/c110p10773.html). You would also need to buy a 160mm rotor. Thanks, Mark

connor fitch

hi, would this be able to be sold with a 160mm IS mount

Posted by connor fitch

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Connor - This brake is only available as a Post Mount option, although with the Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper and a 160mm rotor you could use this brake on a traditional IS mount. Thanks, Mark


Hi i noticed it says it uses same piston as mono and tech trials, but how come the bore cap looks smaller #?

Posted by Iain

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Iain - The pistons are the same size, but the bore cap is smaller. Thanks, Mark


Hi I am just wondering it thisbrake will work on echo urban fork at 160 mm

Posted by Josh

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Josh - As long as you use the relevant adaptor (You'd need a Type A adaptor, as found here: Quick find code: 010773) it should be no problem to use a 160mm rotor with Urban forks. Thanks, Mark


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Based on 3 customer ratings


Just perfect!

Posted by Simon

These brakes are so good, had them for 6 months now! Gives me such a boost in confidence as opposed to the Avid Elixirs that came as standard on the Inspired Fourplay. Can now do much bigger moves without worrying! Buy them if you want to step up your riding!


Awesome as always.

Posted by Tomas

There's a reason I got Hope brakes on my four bikes, they're awesome! Got two pairs of these on my street/trial bikes, they're super easy to maintain (mess free bleeding, etc.) and got great feel and ridiculous stopping power, what else do you need?

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Tomas - It's great to hear you're so happy with your brakes! I hope they will continue to perform well for you. Thanks for the review!


Best Hope Ever worth every penny

Posted by toby

Must be the best brake I've used, comes with pro pads as standard and its designed for use ONLY for trials so you no its going to perform perfectly for what a trials rider needs. As soon as i opened the box i was like WOW, all hopes products are made VERY well, and it works brilliantly, well worth the money, if your going to buy a new brake or thinking about it, BUY THIS ONE!

Reply from TartyBikes

Hi Toby - I'm glad you like the brake so much! They are pretty good - both Adam and Stan are using them at present and have found they work very well too. Thanks for the review!

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