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Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone (No rotor or adaptor)

Product code: 13041


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Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone (No rotor or adaptor)

Front, Left Hand (Post Mount)
Front, Right Hand (Post Mount)
Rear, Left Hand (Post Mount)
Rear, Right Hand (Post Mount)

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  • Super high quality and durability!
  • Dedicated Trials caliper.
  • Tech 3 lever offers plenty of adjustability.
- The super adjustable Hope Tech 3 lever has now been matched to the lightweight Trial Zone caliper to create the Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brake!
- Caliper and lever body are both CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminium.
- Independent Bite Point Control and Reach dials allow you to fully customise the feel and performance of the brake.
- Split bar clamp uses a pair of aluminium bolts - a third of the weight of their steel counterparts.
- Cam-based piston actuation improves power and durability of the brake.
- The lever blade uses an alloy pivot bolt, complete with top quality 'Permaglide' bushings to help stop play developing in the pivot area.
- Comfortably profiled lever blade has multiple holes drilled into it to improve grip on the lever in wet and muddy conditions (and also helps save a few extra grammes).
- Detailed machining work sees the inside of the reservoir recessed as much as possible to cut down on any excess material within the lever itself.
- Coloured reservoir caps and adjuster dials (sold separately) allow you to customise the look of your brake.
- Lever piston held in place using the same bolt/plate system as the original Tech Evo and Trial Zone levers, but with an integrated dust seal.
- New Post Mount caliper allows the brake to bolt directly to certain frames and forks (such as Atomz Quark or Koxx Sky 2 20"), or can be fitted to International Standard mounts using adaptors, sold separately here.
- Caliper features the same 25mm diameter pistons as the Mono and Tech Trial brakes for unrivalled performance
- New pad retention pin uses an allen key fitting and thread (plus R clip as before) for maximum security.
- Comes fitted with Hope Trial Zone/Mono Trial pads in the standard compound.
- Stealth black colour-way looks great when teamed with silver, laser-etched Trial Zone graphics.
- Available in Right or Left Hand option, front or rear length.
- Supplied with tough kevlar-reinforced hosing to keep the weight down.
- Hose length: Approximately 92cm front, 170cm rear (can be shortened easily if required).
- Weight (front brake with caliper mounting bolts, no rotor or adaptor): 262.9g. Typical total weight for a 160mm front brake including adaptor, rotor and all bolts: 395.3g.

We have made a disc brake guidance and information sheet which will be very useful if you are not experienced with disc brakes (or even if you are!). We strongly recommend having a look over it before fitting your new brake. This can be downloaded here.

Important: This item is sold without rotor or adaptor. Please see the Additional Information tab for details of which rotor and adaptor you will need.

Please note: As part of the installation process customers should check torque of all fittings on this brake. Leaks from fittings, especially the banjo, are rarely covered under warranty.

Additional Information

Please read down the list of brake options to the one you wish to use, then you can see which rotor and adaptor to purchase separately:

- 160mm front brake with:
Post Mount fork = 160mm rotor and no adaptor
IS fork = 160mm rotor and adaptor A (please note you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).
+20 fork = Not possible
+30 fork = Not possible

- 180mm front brake with:
IS fork = 180mm rotor and adaptor F
+20 fork = 180mm rotor and adaptor A (please note you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).
+30 fork: Not possible

- 200mm front brake with:
IS fork = 200mm rotor and adaptor B
+20 fork = 200mm rotor and adaptor F
+30 fork: Not possible

- 160mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 160mm rotor and no adaptor
IS frame = 160mm rotor and adaptor F
+20 frame = 160mm rotor and adaptor A (please note you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).
+40 frame = Not possible
+50 frame = Not possible

- 180mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 180mm rotor and +20PM adaptor (we do not sell this item)
IS frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor B
+20 frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor F
+40 frame = 180mm rotor and adaptor A (please note you will need to add 2.5mm of washers between the adaptor and the caliper).

- 200mm rear brake with:
Post Mount frame = 200mm rotor and +40PM adaptor (we do not sell this item)
IS frame = Not possible using items we sell, and not recommended as it is highly likely to break your frame
+20 frame = 200mm rotor and adaptor B
+40 frame = 200mm rotor and adaptor F



Hey guys... Does the hose on this brake work comfortably with the inspired headlock system? I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on my 2015 inspired flow and was wondering. also if you could recommend a good hydronic v brake that would be great as I'm really struggling to pick (for street) Cheers

Posted by Mark on 15/01/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/01/2016

Hi Mark - The hose from this brake should fit the headlock system fine as Hope's Kevlar hose is relatively narrow in diameter. In terms of a hydraulic rim brake for the rear, Magura's own brakes (in particular the latest HS33) are very good and should do the trick. You would need to use the Magura Evo 2 Adaptor Kit to fit it to your V-Brake posts though. Thanks, Mark


Hi guys, I'm interested in this brake and I was wondering since I need the hose routed through the steerer tube would it need a bleed and if so what fluid does it need? Also I've got a hope saw 180mm rotor laying here but I'm not 100% sure if it would fit it im assuming so... Cheers

Posted by Mark on 01/05/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/05/2016

Hi Mark - It's possible to do a steerer tube routing without needing to bleed the brake again, but it may need a small top-up. If so, you'd need to use DOT 5.1 Fluid. The Saw rotor will fit, but the bandwidth (the braking surface of the rotor) is relatively small compared to the pad size of the Trial Zone caliper, so we'd usually recommend using either the Mono Trial or Trial Zone (V1 or V2) to get more pad contact and therefore more power. Thanks, Mark

Frederic Wester

Hello: I'd like to upgrade the brakes on my Inspired Skye from the stock Elixr 5 brakes to Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brakes. Q1: Would you know if I need a new post adaptor(s) if I stay with 180mm discs? Q2: I'd like to install Hope discs as well; is there any change needed to change from the Elixr discs to hope discs? Q3: What would I need if I wanted to upgrade to a 203 mm front disc while I'm into it? Significant benefits? Thank You! -Frederic Wester

Posted by Frederic Wester on 01/06/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 01/06/2016

Hi Frederic - I'll try and answer in order! A1: If you keep the same 180mm rotor size, you can re-use the existing adaptors. A2: If you're changing rotors too, but sticking with 180mm rotors front and rear, then you can still re-use the adaptors so you wouldn't need to change anything else. A3: If you wanted to upgrade to a 203mm rotor on the front, you would need to use a Hope IS Frame/Fork To Post Mount Adaptor (Quick find code: 010773) in "Adaptor B" size. The benefits of larger rotors are an increase in power (with a slight decrease in how easy the brake is to modulate), but you do have the trade-off of carrying extra weight due to the larger rotor itself. If you've found that your current brakes have been about right so far, by switching to the Hope brakes you'll instantly get more power even if you retain the same rotor size. You could also get yet more power by getting some Jitsie or Trialtech disc brake pads for them too - we've found that these give almost the same improvement in performance as upsizing your rotor size because they're so good! Thanks, Mark


Hi there, me and my dad tried to bleed the front brake on my bike (which is this type) and we have tried to bleed it using the how to on youtube and it still pulls all the way in to the bar how can we get it to pull in normally and not brake my nuckles every time i brake? Cheers!

Posted by Ruaridh on 17/06/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 20/06/2016

Hi Ruaridh - Without seeing the brake it's hard to really know how to help, sorry. Which Youtube video were you following? The Hope ones tend to be pretty good. Alternatively, if you're struggling with the brake you're welcome to send it down to us and we can bleed it for you? Our disc brake bleed service is 12, plus return postage. Thanks, Mark

brogan bursill

hi, would this fit the rear of an echo lite mk5? if not is there anything you can but to make it fit?

Posted by brogan bursill on 24/06/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/06/2017

Hi Brogan - This should fit your Echo fine if you also purchase a Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptor too. You'd need the size shown for a "Rear 160mm rotor". Thanks, Mark

Tharun Shiv

Hello tartybikes! Im planning to get 200 mm rotors for this brake, which adaptors will i need to get to fit these on the rear mount!? Thank you, cheers!

Posted by Tharun Shiv on 24/12/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 26/12/2017

Hi Tharun - That depends which frame you're using. If you can let us know we'll do our best to help. Thanks, Mark

Tharun Shiv

Hey! I had asked a question about this brake and you asked me which frame im using, im using a polygon trid cr frame and it has IS IS mounts for the rear disc. Thanks!

Posted by Tharun Shiv on 26/12/2017

Reply from TartyBikes on 29/12/2017

Hi Tharun - In that case, you'd just need to go for the Hope IS Frame to Post Mount Caliper Adaptor (Product code: 10773), in whichever rotor size you'd like. The "Front __mm, Rear __mm" size is listed for each rotor type so you can just order whichever size you require. Thanks, Mark


Does this brake come with pads?

Posted by DM on 11/03/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 12/03/2018

Hi Douglas - This brake is supplied with Hope pads as standard. Thanks, Mark

Dean Foster

I have the hope trial zone brakes currently running HOPE TRIAL ZONE V2 rotors im looking for a good rear disc brake and was wondering if theres a difference between these and the trial zones or if you can suggest any other disc brakes for the rear.

Posted by Dean Foster on 03/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 03/04/2018

Hi Dean - The Tech 3 levers theoretically offer more power than the Trial Zone levers, plus the extra adjustment courtesy of the Bite Point Control and Reach dials is a nice touch! The calipers are the same though so there isn't a huge difference in performance. Aside from the Hope brakes, the Magura MT7 brakes offer a lot of power but they do have fewer spares available than the Hope brakes so there is that trade-off to consider. Thanks, Mark


Hi there, will it work on a inspired element 2014 is-Fork with a 185mm rotor? Can i reuse the mounted Adapter (bb5 is->pm) for the Hope Tech 3? Thanks in advance Jo

Posted by Jo on 05/04/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 05/04/2018

Hi Jo - This brake should work fine on the Flow fork, but the only thing to note is that the rotor supplied with the BB5 brake is too narrow to work properly with the Hope brakes. The Hope brakes require a deeper rotor - if you check out the Hope Trial Zone V2 rotors you'll see the braking surface is much larger than the Avid rotors. If you use the Avid rotor with the Hope brake, the braking power will be reduced, and over time the pistons will start to work at an angle. As an alternative, the Magura MT4 brakes would work with the adaptors and rotors you currently have so may be worth a look. If you decide to go for the Hope brakes, I'd recommend the Hope Trial Zone V2 rotor to go with them - ideally, you'd also need a new adaptor then too as the Hope rotors are 180mm not 185mm. The Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptor would do the job nicely. Thanks, Mark

Nigel Parker

If I get these breaks and have a 180mm rotor what size adapter do I need to get?

Posted by Nigel Parker on 18/09/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 18/09/2018

Hi Nigel!
That will depend on which frame and/or fork you're using. If you can let us know we'll do our best to help!
For most forks, you would need the Hope IS Frame/Fork to Post Mount Caliper Adaptor Adaptor F. If you've got an Inspired, you would also need the Adaptor F for the rear brake too as they have a +20mm mount. If you've got a 'normal' frame with a standard rear IS disc mount, you would need an Adaptor B.


On one of my recent rides I seem to have lost a screw on my tech 3 levers. Could you please tell me what it does and if it is important to replace? I think it is called a "Cam Grub Screw" or "Pivot Grub Screw", I have taken a photo of where the screw is meant to be: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wQIImNiurtlu5PnmE3ZZuchMs9kJhFiO/view?usp=sharing The Lever Pivot and the Lever Pivot Circlip seem to still hold everything in place without it. Thanks and this is an awesome brakeset by the way!

Posted by mwan on 07/10/2018

Reply from TartyBikes on 08/10/2018

Hi Marcus!
As you've noticed, the Lever Pivot Circlip should do the job for holding everything in place. If you get a chance it would be worth fitting a new grub screw in there just to be on the safe side, but it isn't absolutely essential.
The part number for that grub screw is HBSP230 in case you need it!

Sergey Askerov

Hi. What is the difference in the 'Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone' from the 'Hope Trial Zone'? I mean the difference in braking power?

Posted by Sergey Askerov on 03/02/2016

Reply from TartyBikes on 04/02/2016

Hi Sergey - The Tech 3 lever gives a little more power, but that also means that the lever feel isn't quite as 'firm' as the Trial Zone lever. The Tech 3 lever is more durable though - some riders find that they can damage the pushrod in the Trial Zone lever if they crash, but the Tech 3 lever has mechanisms in place to stop this from happening. The downside of this is that the Tech 3 levers are heavier overall. Thanks, Mark


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Absolutely worth it

Posted by Manny on 12/09/2017

Have had these brakes on my Echo Czar for a while now. I went with the 200mm V2 Trial Zone rotors because I wanted confidence in braking. I have had many other brakes in the past and these are absolutely awesome. I can slip the brakes for manuals and lock them like a vise for up to front. Never use two fingers on the lever. More than one of my friends have sent themselves over the bars jumping on my bike. Quality is second to none as with every Hope product I have bought yet. Adjustability is great with bite point and reach adjustment. To run my front brake through the steer tube I had to disconnect and re-bleed the front brake and even that was a breeze on this. No issues getting factory feeling lever back. Only true complaint is the holes in the lever blade took some getting used to. At first felt like grabbing a dull cheese grater, but don't even notice them now. Overall I have recommended these to people already and would absolutely buy again.

Reply from TartyBikes on 13/09/2017

Hi Manny - It's great to hear you like your Hope brakes. Thanks for the detailed review!

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