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Heatsink CNC Blues

Product code: 11634


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Heatsink CNC Blues

New Blue compound CNC-backed pads from Heatsink!

- Building on the success of the Heatsink CNC Yellow pads, the CNC Blue pads use a slightly softer material making them ideal for use with a smooth rim or light grind.
- Designed and manufactured in Cambridgeshire.
- Unique CNC pad backings improve brake stiffness.
- Fitted to the brake cylinder using an O ring, this ensures a snug fit.
- 8mm of pad material ensures a long-lasting pad.

Recommended Use

Sharp light grind, dry weather.
Smooth rim, dry weather, with or without tar.


Due to the very stiff backings, it is imperative that these pads are set up perfectly squarely.

Additional Information

Always ensure that the O-ring is lubricated before fitting the pads, this will allow it to fit over the pin on your brake cylinder more easily.

Supplied as one pair (2 pads) as shown.

Please note that the use of tar, brake spray or other substances can have adverse effects on the life of brake pads and we are unable to accept responsibility for this.


There are currently no questions relating to this product.


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Hs blues

Posted by Laurence on 15/02/2012

As soon as I put these pads on my bike they were good, but after a few days they went downhill and one even came out of its backing. These pads probably would be good with someone else I probably got a bad batch or something.

Reply from TartyBikes on 15/02/2012

Hi Laurence - As Heatsink pads are assembled by hand, it may be possible that there's just been a small mistake made when glueing them in which has led to them loosening up. In the unusual case of this happening it's possible to stick them back in just using good quality superglue - similar to when sticking pad refills into CNC backings - but if you're not confident doing this yourself you're welcome to get in touch with us and hopefully we can help out. Thanks for the review!


Wet Weather Warning

Posted by Mihai on 26/07/2012

Warning! When used in wet conditions they have close to zero bite. I would not even trust them for XC riding. Tottaly opposite in dry weather these pads are very sticky and loud on a very lightly grinded rim (worn out light grind). Compound is so soft that it'll start unglue itself from the backing (not a big problem as one can use a glue).

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/07/2012

Hello - Due to the nature of rim brakes, unless you have a ground rim (if the grind is worn down then it won't offer much of a performance increase) then wet weather riding will always result in a poor brake. The Blues - thanks to their softer compound - will usually fare better on a smoother rim finish than harder pads such as the Yellows, but as you've found they won't be great. Thanks for the review.

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