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BBB HydroStop

Product code: 11652


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BBB HydroStop

Innovative new pads from Dutch-based manufacturer BBB.

- Using all-new backings, the HydroStop pads from BBB offer an alternative take on the Magura pad backing!
- Unique backing shape allows the pad to slot onto the cylinder arms more effectively, reducing pad roll and therefore increasing wear life.
- Aluminium insert helps stiffen up the brake pad where the piston pin attaches.
- Soft compound makes these pads ideal for those using a smooth rim.
- 7mm of pad material gives a good compromise between wear life and brake feel.
- Grooves pre-cut into the pad material help channel water away from your rims.
- ONLY compatible with Magura slave cylinders, NOT with Echo slave cylinders.
- Sold as a pair of pads.

Recommended Use

Smooth rims, with or without tar in dry weather (best wear life).
Untested on ground rims to date.

Additional Information

Supplied as one pair (2 pads) as shown.

Please note that the use of tar, brake spray or other substances can have adverse effects on the life of brake pads and we are unable to accept responsibility for this.


Laurence Knight

What pad compound could you compare these to? Are they as soft as heatsink blues? Have any of you tarts tried this pad? Will there be refills available for this pad at some point? Would it be possible to put other pads refills in the alu' backing?

Posted by Laurence Knight on 21/09/2011

Reply from TartyBikes on 22/09/2011

Hi Laurence - There isn't really a pad compound that's that similar to these pads, so I can't really compare them to anything else out there. They're definitely softer than Heatsink blues according to our durometer/hardness tester. As a result, they're only really recommended for smooth rims as I don't think they'd last too long on a grind. Refills won't be available as the pads have a plastic backing with an aluminium insert rather than a full aluminium backing, with the pad material being moulded into the backing rather than cut and glued. It'd also be tricky to fit any other material into this backing due to it's unique shape. Thanks, Mark


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BBB tie fighter pads on smooth rim

Posted by Laurence on 27/09/2011

I used these pads for about three hours of riding maybe four? The plastic backing with an alu insert is a really good idea and works well to stiffen up the brake in my opinion. I used the pad on a smooth rim and had no luck with it, the bite was terrable and the hold was there but you had to pull the lever much harder than usual and even when you did that it still wan't amazing. I think these pads could be quite good on a light grind or with tar/monty brake spray but for me they just didn't want to work.

Reply from TartyBikes on 27/09/2011

Hi Laurence - Pads with stiffer backings usually need to have extra care taken over their setup to make them work their best. If your pads are set up at a slight angle with a full plastic backing, the backing can allow the pad to flex to meet the rim fully. If, however, you put it on at a slight angle with a stiffer backing the pad can't flex and meet the rim in the same way, reducing bite and hold. It may be worth giving them a go again and making sure that they're set up as square as possible with your rim as if they're slightly off they'll have impaired performance. We set up a pair on a bike here and they felt really good, so it's strange you've had such a different experience with them. As with most pads they can take a little while to bed in too, so changing them soon after putting them on might not help. It may also be worth sanding the face of the pad a little and giving them another go and seeing if they improve at all. Also, 3-4 hours of riding with a smooth rim won't be long enough to bed the pads in, which would explain the performance you experienced.


Work Effectively

Posted by Sam on 08/08/2013

Installed then as advised by you guys. Work great on first few rides even before they have worn in. No problems here. And for the price I got a great bargain. Thanks.


Good value

Posted by Trialser on 29/01/2016

I bought these pads as I needed something cheap to make my brakes work again as my old ones were badly worn. Wasn't expecting much, but they actually work really well on my non ground rims. I think the key is to just set them up straight. For what they cost I'd happily buy more.


After 2 months of riding

Posted by Adam on 07/04/2016

I've had these for nearly 2 months, I wanted to have tested these fully before review. Overall for a cheap pair of pads they're good but if your looking for a solid pair of pads i'd keep looking, while I can't argue with the stopping power fairly good, I feel that the bite just isn't there, I would also say they do feel soft compared to my stock Magura pads on the front. Whether this is down to having a smooth rim I don't know but if your looking for a cheap pair of pads even for your front wheel then go for these but if your looking a for a harder, sharper pair of pads I'd look further for these.

Reply from TartyBikes on 07/04/2016

Hi Adam - Thanks for taking the time to review the pads. It's good to get a little more feedback about their long term performance, and for a wider range of uses.

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